Uncle jailed after allegedly stabbing nephew

Norwalk man charged with felonious assault after fight over matter that had been "brewing for some time."
Aaron Krause
Mar 4, 2013


A Norwalk man was arrested Friday in connection with a fight his nephew.

John W. Stewart, 43, of 40 Cline St., was arrested on a Norwalk Municipal Court warrant in connection with felonious assault. He was taken to the Huron County Jail to await a bond hearing.

Police responded to a disturbance Thursday night at a Cline Street residence reportedly involving Stewart and his nephew, Joshua E. Stewart, 27, of 127 Whittlesey Ave.

Joshua Stewart received a stab wound to his abdomen during the altercation. John Stewart sustained a laceration to his head. Both men were transported to Fisher-Titus Medical Center by North Central EMS.

We don't really know what started it," Detective Sgt. Seth Fry said, adding it has to do with a family matter. "I think this has been something that's been brewing for some time."

A report will be sent to the Norwalk Law Director's Office for the consideration of additional charges, Fry said.




Not saying right or wrong. But i grew up with these Stewart boys. All good fellows, but not afraid to take part in a problem if someone arises it. I simply feel Jon will get some time, but the cocky, thinks he's bad nephew, pushed and pushed till something had to be done. Not saying a knife was the answer at all, but sometimes you just get older and need an adjustment tool. Just saying.


...an empty paper towel tube to the head can very effectively get the message across...then when the assault charge comes, you'll probably get off with just a warning at your hearing... just a household tip

hor mone

I caint be on the Daily Show no more.


Hey Truckin... How can you say it's "not right or wrong" Stabbing anyone, let alone your own nephew in front of your OWN CHILDREN is definatly WRONG! This guy deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Just Sayin.

tell it how it is

He meant that he wasn't judging if the story was right or wrong, he was just telling people what he knew about the family. He didn't say the occurrence wasn't right or wrong, just that he wasn't going to debate it.

Brock Lee

if them really sorry jugde will them go


Pork is a good dude. I have to agree his nephew is a POS, that thinks he is hard, then gets punked out every time. He thought he could get away with it with his own uncle, but he was wrong. I don't agree with the kids being there, but we shouldn't give Pork time, we should give him a medal!!


@ HBK...Im just guessin you might be one of "Porks" heroin shooting, pill popping friends with a comment like that