First 'Kitchen Nightmares' episode featuring Mill Street Bistro airs

Did you watch last Friday's episode? If so, give us your thoughts.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Mar 4, 2013


The episode has generated quite a buzz. The second episode will air at 8 p.m. this Friday on FOX.

Here are links to a couple of reviews:

Kitchen Nightmares: “Where can I spit this out?”

and Kitchen Nightmares, “Mill Street Bistro, Part 1": obnoxious fine dining for hillbillies.

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Michael Saviador

sounds like you're pretty upset there wasper and want to give joe a black know where the restraunt is dont you>? oh thats right you cant come out from behind your computer.


Sounds like you are a little more upset than the comment to the are an idiot. Now they can take that one down too for hurting your feelings...


I'll wait to see the second show, but as of now I won't be going there. Joe has "no class".


One question...what's wrong with being a hillbilly? Lol! We watched the show & all I can say is wow. I have no problem paying $30-$35 for a dish IF it's worth it. Seems it's not worth it there. He'll be closed soon & I'm surprised he's not already from what I've heard & read.

Second Opinion

My daughter & family visited there AFTER the filming and said it was excellent, very good food and wasn't visited by Joe at all except a 'Hello and is everything alright".

They have been going just about every week now and told me yesterday that unless the food goes 'south to hillbilly level' they will continue to go. Thought that was pretty clever of her saying it that way..

So next week I'm trying it out and will report back.


There are quite a few outlets that seem to be rather astounded with this episode. Here is another review.


I went there and thought the food was great and fairly priced for the portion size. Our waitress was very pleasant and I would reccomend it to anyone.


I am curious to see how episode 2 turns out. I really hope that the arrogance was for the TV camera and that it turns around.


The best thing Joe had going for him was his elk chili. Everything else I ever had was mediocre at best, and overpriced for the size of the portions. I gave the place a chance, but quit going there a year ago. His rudeness, and attitude were unbearable. I ordered the perch once, and I complained of the taste. He told me I didn't know what perch was suppose to taste like. Definitely frozen, not fresh as he insisted it was. Joe needs to go back to the steel mills were he came from, maybe he can cook for their cafeteria. Glad he got called out. It's called Karma.


I LOVE that he said hillbillies. Have y'all ever read yer local news paper? Yer hillbillies wakeup!!! If you don't like the status sell yer foodstamps load the rugrats and the dogs into yer station wagon and move to sandusky where the grass is greener


Slim you're a HILLBILLY !! I know you think you're someone special in this town BUT YOU'RE NOT !!! Go get a life and stop commenting on other people unless you're willing to put tell these people your real name . HMMM nope didnt think so LOSER !!!

Yall Make Me Sick

He is rude & treats his workers like their dirt. This is crazy. I'm glad the lady had pictures to show Mr. Ramsey. This guy did make Norwalk look bad with his attitude he has. I can't till the next episode! To be continued!


Lol shut up u know what's up

Yall Make Me Sick

Shut up? How's that there fer ya Mr. Hillbilly? Y'all come back now ya here! You're lame. Go on with that crap!


Sick.. you are so right Slim is LAME !!


I watched the episode but I never actually heard Joe use the word 'hillbilly'. Maybe I missed it. I thought it just came from the former employee who also took the pictures of the nasty food. I am not in any way sticking up for the guy, just asking. Regardless of the whole 'hillbilly' thing, I thought Joe came across as arrogant, treated his employees like dirt and is deceiving his customers about the freshness and origins of the sub-par dishes he is serving. I won't eat there. Yuck!! I am looking forward to part 2!

Guy on a Buffalo

Best quote of the night:

Ramsey - (to Joe) "You are a small man with a fake bistro."

I think I'll have that made into a bumper sticker!

Estrella Damm

Fresh Catch of the Day!!!


@slimwhite56-Sandusky? Who the hell would want to move to that town. Everybody is fleeing that dump.

tell it how it is

So many people have said, mainly on facebook, that they won't go there because of Joe's attitude. The bad part is, that's NOT how he really acts. My family knows him very well, and we've been to his restaurant many times. He's actually a pretty good and nice guy.
Everything was dramatized for the show, like they usually do on Kitchen Nightmares. Most of what was seen wasn't was simply for the show. But now he gets bad publicity and it's going to hurt his business.

He really never should have done the show. He just thought it'd be some free publicity.


Do nice guys kick out customers if they complain? I don't think so. He is finished in this town.


I have been to the restaurant at least a dozen times. I am always unimpressed by the food. I have never ordered the same thing twice. The food is always what I would expect from a 'hole in the wall' bar, not a "fine dining" restaurant. On top of being mediocre food, it is extremely overpriced. Also Joe's stories always annoy me. They're always quite obviously fabricated or exaggerated. He has a passion for what he does, but is just not very good at it, largely due to not taking advice from others. The place hasn't changed a bit from what I can tell except now the plates are served on these wooden board things.


If you have never been impressed by the food, why keep going? If go 3 or 4 times and the food is still awful, then why waste your time?


My dad drags me there. -___-


I have known him for 30 + years, yes this is the real Joe, only a bit more mild mannered than his usual egotistical self. I will say, if you are his friend, that's good because he can sure use the support right now. Furthermore, he has hurt his own business. Let us count the ways...his food is no more fresh than McDonald's, he treats the people that put money in his pocket as dumb nothings, he treats his employee's like garbage he scraped off his high priced shoes, and....he trashes the community that COULD support his business but they are not good enough. Maybe he should move his business to the islands where his customer's might live up to his expectations. Not good business any way you look at it. He did this to himself, now he has to live with it.


tell it how it is- locals were there and they had complaints i seen alot of these people, went to school with them, seen them in town. Those were not people put there just for the show...they were not planted..they were real locals with real complaints and with every dish that comes back he's basically calling them and chef ramsay liars "Doesnt happen ever but its happening tonight" he said. The man is fake, the comments by his workers were not for show, the complaints werent for show, and the words he speaks show how arrogant he is..the show isnt scripted..those are his words and his arrogance

tell it how it is

Most of the people there were not locals. Many people around here were told they weren't allowed to make a reservation there during the show because they knew the restaurant.
Ramsey did bring in the majority of his own people. Any locals that were there had never been to the place before, so they didn't know if it was different then usual or not.

Yes, it was all for show. Sorry to break it to you.

Jonathan Christman

You are not correct. I was thre for the intitial critique. That is me and my family in the bacground behind Chef Ramsay (my fat butt is in the green shirt). There were 3 families in there for that seating. One of the other families at that seating lives right here in Norwalk, he works at FTMC. The other family was from just outside of Medina, they said they knew Joe. I also know of other families who ate there before the critique as well as some who ate after the menu change. People were required to contact the production company to make the reservations to prevent the owner from loading the house more than it would be normally and to accomodate the production schedule. And I have eaten there many times prior to the show as have the others who I know got reservations.

Estrella Damm

Yes, we were there and we recognized at least half the people there.