Concealed carry report shows record number of licenses issued in 2012

Huron County sees 222 new licenses issued.
Scott Seitz2
Mar 2, 2013


Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has issued a report indicating that more than 78,000 concealed carry licenses were issued in Ohio in 2012, the largest number since licenses were first issued in 2004.

According to statistics reported to the attorney general's office, county sheriffs in Ohio issued 64,650 new licenses and 12,160 renewal licenses in 2012, or 78,810 total licenses. The number of new licenses is also the largest in a single year since licenses were first issued in 2004.

In Huron County last year, 222 new licenses were issued and 58 renewed.

"As a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, I am pleased to see more Ohioans than ever before are exercising their rights under Ohio's concealed carry law," DeWine said. "I look forward to continuing to work with Ohio's county sheriffs to provide information to Ohioans on this law's usage."

The attorney general's office compiles an annual report as required by law about the number of licenses issued each year. Each sheriff must report concealed handgun license statistics quarterly to the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission within the Ohio Attorney General's Office.



maybe the remake of Red Dawn and the sand hook shooting were a ploy by the federal government to arm ourselves in case of national invasion. =)

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swiss cheese kat

A national invasion of liberal idiots.


agree with you kat... the next liberal presidential candidate will probably choose Al Franken for a running mate... and win


I like seeing these numbers increase. We need more legally armed citizens.

Brock Lee

got gun


Look what this idiot Democrat is trying to do in Florida......
A Florida legislator wants anyone trying to buy ammunition to complete an anger management program first, in what critics say is the latest example of local lawmakers reaching for constitutionally-dubious solutions to the problem of gun violence.
The bill filed Saturday by state Sen. Audrey Gibson, D-Jacksonville, would require a three-day waiting period for the sale of any firearm and the sale of ammunition to anyone who has not completed anger management courses. The proposal would require ammo buyers to take the anger management courses every 10 years.
“This is not about guns," Gibson said. "This is about ammunition and not only for the safety of the general community, but also for the safety of law enforcement.”
Gibson said she’s concerned with citizens stockpiling ammunition, potentially creating dangerous situations should those individuals ever come in contact with law enforcement agencies or criminals.

So having a stockpile of ammunition against criminals is now an offense in this lady's eyes. God, who puts these people in charge of this nation. Bet this lady has never fired a gun in here life.

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