Pregnant woman indicted on heroin charge

Local woman and her boyfriend were arrested after sheriff's detectives seized "a significant amount of heroin paraphernalia" during traffic stop; she admitted to using heroin three days prior to arrest, deputies say.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Feb 26, 2013


A Huron County grand jury has indicted a pregnant woman on a heroin charge.

Jamie L. Brady, 20, of 4150 River Road, was indicted Friday on possession of heroin in connection with a Jan. 15 incident. The indictment alleges she used a 1996 GMC Sonoma to commit the suspected offense.

Earlier this month, she received a new trial date on a tampering with evidence allegation. Brady is set for trial March 26 in Huron County Common Pleas Court. She is charged with tampering with evidence in connection with a Sept. 24 incident. If convicted, Brady faces nine months to three years in prison.

However, at that hearing, Judge Jim Conway said the defendant will be interviewed and screened to see if she's a good candidate for the drug court program or if she could receive intervention in lieu of a conviction.

Brady, who is about 13 weeks pregnant, was in court for Conway to hear defense attorney Ben Chapman's motion to suppress evidence. The hearing was postponed, but the court didn't schedule a new date.

As for the most recent charge, Brady and her boyfriend, Phillip J. Faulkner, 22, of Willard, were arrested Jan. 15. Huron County sheriff's detectives said they seized "a significant amount of heroin paraphernalia," including spoons and syringes with suspected heroin residue, after a police dog indicated on the truck during a sweep around the vehicle.

"Jamie made admissions she last used heroin (Jan. 12) and Phillip used that morning," Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said after the arrests.

Before the arrests, Querin and Detective John Harris were patrolling the Snyder Road area near Monroeville, where there had been a recent break-in, when they saw a vehicle registered to Brady. She was driving and Faulkner was the passenger.

Brady's tampering charge reportedly relates to deputies investigating some stolen all-terrain vehicles (ATV). Deputies arrested her Sept. 26 at a Greenfield Township residence.

Last month, Faulkner pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence. In exchange, the state dismissed one count of breaking and entering stemming from the same investigation involving Brady and wouldn't pursue the heroin-related charges.

Faulkner is now serving a 17-month prison term at the Lorain Correctional Institution for painting an ATV, which as stolen from a rural Monroeville residence. Attorneys had recommended that after serving 60 days, Faulkner would be released early into a community-based corrections facility, a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education.


swiss family

am I reading that right?? she is 13 Weeks pregnant... and admitted to using heroin 3 days before her arrest, and the Judge is looking to see if she qualifies for the drug treatment program??????


lets hope she stays clean or someone protects this baby.
and i suggest they test the baby at birth.


I have a massive collection of John Stamos memorabilia that is unreal. Just throwing that out there.

believe it

Deport Faulkner to Africa(he's obviously no use to society) and make sure Jamie doesn't use anymore heroin while the baby is developing and as soon as it's born should be taken away from her. She obviously won't be able to care for it someday. Sad.


Why Africa? What if he is a U.S. citizen?

believe it

I just chose Africa...hell, send him to any country other than the US...I just wanna see him out of the country, he's no use here...I know he's a US citizen, i'm just saying that he provides us with nothing. Loser.

Edwin Ison

Africa is a country?

believe it

Haha, oops...continent, whatever...just send him out of the US!

Jack Frost

Faulkner is a known trafficker in drugs and gets a 60 day sentence and throws his pregnant girlfriend under the bus. Then he goes to a CBCF where drugs are readily available. His heroin, and and gets 60 days. And she faces 9 months to 3 years. Gotta love the Huron County court system. He wasn't out of prison for a year. Can we say repeat offender

Mr. Touchdown

Community-based corrections facility for her too...Elected officials not doing their freakin jobs! What a joke! It's time to get Conway & Leffler out of there! What good are the police if the court won't punish the scum in our area...
All the welfare, food stamps , legal services, Medicaid...& this trash continues to steal ,do drugs ,& have babies!


Sounds like yet another "Mother of the Year Award" nomination...competition is getting tough around here

Jack Frost

FYI, No CBCF for pregnant offenders,And FYI, she is not on welfare, has her own insurance, not medicaid, not getting food stamps. Tested clean upon her arrest on the 15th. Reflector is getting more like the Sandusky Enquirer everyday. Go ahead and beleive everything you read, all you guys are a bunch of sheep. Pathetic.

Jack Frost

MR Touchdown, you don't have a clue, not one penny has come out of Huron County, has her own lawyer, not a public defender. No aid from the state or county. And the baby will be born healthy, sees her doctor, private insurance. Has never stolen a thing, that was her boyfriend, ex convict and his family. Also the family of her boyfriend..Parents charged with cultivating weed, sister charged with trafficking.

tell it how it is

You're obviously one of the enablers..
So what if she's not one of the people living off the gov't? She admitted to using heroin while she knew she was pregnant! She does not deserve that baby! Going to regular doctor appointments means nothing if she doesn't take care of herself and the baby. Everything going into her body also goes into child's! She's just disgusting and a waste of motherhood. There's so many women out there who would give anything to be a mother but can't, for whatever reason, and then TRASH like this can go get knocked up and screw up the baby. It's a very depressing situation.

I, also, personally know Jamie and can say the worse punishment she can get the better. Time for her to stop living in la-la land.


if you know me personally, then come to my house and say this shit. I didn't know I was pregnant either.

Mr. Touchdown

You make this girl sound like she's an angel Jack! I guess I also didn't have a clue that you can admit to doing heroine on the 12th & pass a drug test 3 days later on the 15th. Sounds like she's going to get intervention which means she will get all drug charges dropped after completing drug classes etc. Someone is gonna owe Conway & Leffler a big thank you for sure! In reality I believe she should get double the charges for doing the drugs & for also subjecting her unborn child to heroine! And as far as Faulkner in the world can you steal 4 wheelers & only get charged with repainting them / tampering? That just blows my mind!


How can you say a baby will be born healthy when it hasn't been born yet. You do know using drugs like heroin severely increases ones chances of having a baby that has some really bad issues. She admitted to using heroin and got caught......yeah, real stand up individual.


Make your baby Being present while others are smoking dope. you may still get in secondhand smoke. The father of the baby[hope its not Faukner] should be clean too. A healthy baby is a true blessing. Dont mess w/ this precious soul. you are responsible for the health and well being of this innocent soul. Grow up, having a job does not over rule your actions.


Well it appears this media smear campaign has work for the prosecutors office. "Pregnant woman uses Heroin". This is actually old news, around 2 maybe 3 weeks old, but let me guess shes up for Jury selection or even closer to a plea or trial, so now "they", the media and the Prosecutors office resurrect this photo and story to make this woman look like sh*t all over again, and gain a verdict based on public discrimination. Sad for the unborn, but just as evil for the "mind control, deciding the fate of another before the evidence is presented, newspapers in bed with the police and prosecutors to make phony crimes stick based on what the sheeople are fed", and it gets worse month by month. The stories get more outlandish, and the sheeople eat it up like mindless zombies. She'll be convicted, because thats what they want. Thats why this story was revisited.

Mr. Touchdown

I believe it was revisited because she was indicted by the Huron County Grand Jury on Friday. I think it's pretty sad that being ridiculed in the Norwalk Reflector is actually worse punishment than the slap on the wrist that Conway & Leffler hand out regularly!


You ever think that there is no such thing as a slap on the wrist, but rather the law enforcement agencies and prosecutors office invent crime? In addition, according to statistics gathered by individuals that monitor public responses on sites such as this have gathered, compared, and can agree that "Life" and or the "Death" penalty seem to be the average and majority appropriate sentence for all those that comment. "Those that comment" being the public, and the Jury of ones peers. Believe it or not, their are people that are paying attention to social commenting and conviction rates in geographical locations, and to which medium contributes (in theory) to that conviction.


I can tell by your silence, your either rolling your eyes or thinking about what I said. Check this out. On another news media site there is an article about a school that is punishing children, YES! Children, for not accepting their "trans-gendered" classmates. This means that minor boys and girls can use the restroom (restroom being the focus of this OTHER news media site) of the sex they feel they are. example, girls feel like being boys, or boys feel like being girls, the school board claims these children can use the opposite sex bathroom, and if the opposite sex students protest, they are punished. So this is what we have. Minor girls relieving in front of minor boys, and minor boys relieving in front of minor girls. Whats the point you ask? Every one of these children are guilty and must register under current and recent sex offender laws. This is just one out-of-this world problem with this "trans-gender" rule, but it is a perfect example of how ridiculous this day-and-age has come. I could keep on typing example after example, but I would run out of space. Look around, don't believe everything your hear or read, and become a voice of reason in a chaotic age.