Girl, 15, taken from underage drinking party with possible alcohol poisoning

Norwalk police bring teenagers to station for breathalyzer tests after booze and marijuana-related items found at Chatham Street residence.
Cary Ashby
Feb 25, 2013


Paramedics transported a 15-year-old girl with suspected alcohol poisoning from an underage party to the hospital this weekend. Police brought eight other juveniles to the station to take a breathalyzer.

"Some of them were drunk. Some were not," Norwalk Police Chief Dave Light said. "A lot of admissions were made here."

Officers on the second shift responded to a Chatham Street apartment for an underage party at 9:05 p.m. Friday. Light said a caller reported seeing teenagers dropped off at the residence.

After a few minutes of knocking at the door, someone let officers inside.

Light said police detected "a strong smell of marijuana" coming from inside, saw a marijuana pipe on a coffee table in plain view and three bottles of vodka "close to the teenagers." One of the bottles was nearly empty.

Officers also heard people vomiting. Light said police found a 15-year-old girl in the bathroom vomiting.

"She showed signs of alcohol poisoning," the chief said. "Somebody could die from something like that."

North Central EMS transported the girl to Fisher-Titus Medical Center. Her condition was unknown as of press time.

Police took eight juveniles into protective custody, three of whom officers determined were under the influence of alcohol.

"Eight of the juveniles were brought to the station. We had them take a breathalyzer," Light said.

The teens who took the breath test had blood-alcohol content levels of .032 percent, .046 percent and .08 percent, he said.

The nine juveniles at the party ranged in age from 14 to 17.

When police asked the teenagers if they knew who the apartment owner was, Light said only one girl did.

"One girl had all those kids here. All the rest didn't know who lived there," the chief said. "Apparently a parent was gone (from) there."

Charles A. Sidoti, 20, of 95 N. Prospect St., was charged with underage consumption. Police said he appeared to be under the influence of marijuana.

"The 20-year-old (man) admitted to taking a couple shots. He told us it wasn't illegal to be high," Light said.

Police seized a prescription bottle with a torn label that contained three different types of pills and a film container with traces of suspected marijuana as evidence. Officers forwarded a report to the Huron County Prosecutor's Office and Huron County Juvenile Court.

"We are going to actively pursue the underage parties when we get information on them," Light said. "Spring break is coming. Prom is coming."



For your information, "White" is a racially biased word now. We prefer to be called "Anglo-Americans" ;)


And just to think, when my parents were kids, and when I was a kid this age, we all went to a party at some time in our underage lives that had beer and we tried it. Some didn't like it, some got drunk and sick.

Im not suggesting anyone allow their underage kid to drink. All I am saying is every generation has kids that do the exact same thing. Lets just hope she learned from it. As for the parents, you can't blame them unless this is happening all the time.


I couldn't agree more. It's a rite of passage. I tried Grocery-store proof Southern Comfort. It was horrible, but my friends liked it, so I drank some. Sick as a dog next day, and over 25 years later, haven't touched it since. Live and learn, THAT never made the headlines.


I grew up going to bars with my parents on Sunday- we played pinball while they drank. There even used to be a law that your parent could serve you after the bartender served them(still on the books?)All in all I would NEVER do what my parents did. It's not ok to allow them to drink, do drugs(pot included) or anything else we did. Different times people.

Sitting In The ...

Rookies....You know they were yelling loud or jamming music at 150 decibels and obviously we know who drank the majority of the vodka since they were hugging the
porcelain God. At this point I'm just happy to see articles not involving some loser stealing stuff to feed their heroin addiction.


This article makes me laugh, actually. Anyone else made the connection these are the same people that got busted last March or April for underage parties? I guess they didn't learn their lesson the first time. Smart people.. the "host" even got put into foster care after her last party. The intelligence of these people makes me laugh. In about ten years they'll be the people we see over and over again on the Reflector homepage for drug and drinking busts. Most people learn their lesson after they get busted. Guess the alcohol killed too many brain cells this time.