Blizzard looms for Amarillo, Wichita, Kansas City

Residents should not be surprised to hear thunder or see lightning as this blizzard unleashes the worst of its fury.
Feb 24, 2013 reports communities from the Texas panhandle to Missouri are bracing for an immobilizing blizzard to kickoff the workweek on Monday.

Evolving from the snowstorm delivering a fresh 6-10 inches to Denver to close out the weekend, the blizzard will take shape from the Texas panhandle to southwestern Kansas tonight.

The blizzard will then spread to central Kansas and places north and west of Oklahoma City on Monday before unleashing its fury on eastern Kansas, western Missouri and northeastern Oklahoma Monday night.

The communities in the blizzard's path include Amarillo, Texas, Gage, Enid and Tulsa, Okla., Wichita, Chanute and Dodge City, Kan., and Kansas City, Mo.

Windswept snow will develop in Oklahoma City later Monday with the all-out blizzard conditions expected not far to the city's north and west.

During the height of the storm, snowfall rates of 2 inches per hour will first develop in Gage, Okla., on Monday before slamming Wichita, Kan., and Enid, Okla., Monday afternoon and evening, then Chanute, Kan., and Kansas City, Mo., late Monday night.

Residents should also not be surprised to hear thunder or see lightning when the blizzard is unleashing the worst of its fury.

Those rates will push snowfall totals toward or past a foot, clogging streets and interstates. Wind gusts between 35 and 50 mph severely blowing and drifting the snow around will create dangerously low visibility and are sure to bring travel to a standstill.Motorists should prepare for lengthy road closures, including on Interstates 35, 40, 44 and 70, with flight cancellations and severe disruptions to daily routines a high probability.

"This blizzard is following a storm which just dumped a whopping 14.2 inches of snow on Wichita and 11.0 inches on Kansas City," stated Meteorologist Brian Edwards.

While creating nightmares for travelers and residents, the previous snowstorm and impending blizzard are not entirely bad news.

"The snow will slowly melt and seep into the ground in the coming days and weeks," according to Expert Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski, providing much-needed moisture to the drought-stricken region.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story was written by Kristina Pydynowski, Senior Meteorologist for


Estrella Damm

Ohhh nooos! How does this effect Huron County ReFAILector?


I'm glad theres other stuff here to read about besides crime. Estrella it affects people here because we're not the only people in the world. I care what happens outside of Huron County. Maybe some of us have relatives out there. I like my local news. That's why I get the paper at my home every day. And I like this website because theres a lot more here about people in other places. And who know? Maybe that storm is coming our way...

Sitting In The ...

Shannon, you're correct it will definitely affect our area on Tuesday. Here a link to NWS forecast for Norwalk and if you're from somewhere else simply enter your zip code and the information will be provided. Everyone have a great week here the link:


Shannon2- your correct. I have come to the conclusion that alot of people on this site do not like any of the police officers whether NPD, OHP or HCSD, they complain how bad this town is, they complain if the paper does or doesn't report something. Pathetic. They just don't seem to like anything yet they continue to come back to this site to complain. Wow. Will wonders never cease.


Well it affects me. I just took a look at the paper an boom.. where did this come from. I delivar in Joplin in the morning. I could swear there was no storm report when i booked the load to get out of town for a few days. Oh well. I thought i was getting away from snow for a few days.. Clear and warm thru Illinois though.

Sitting In The ...

How are the rebuilding efforts going there?...that poor town.


How does it affect Huron Co.? Food prices.

Kansas and the surrounding areas are the center of the drought. They can use the moisture.

Keep safe truckin'.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : Ditto

P.S. " Truckin " If I-44 doesn't shake your teeth loose,like it used to. And if your so inclined,after battling the weather. The Kentucky Fried Chicken in Lebanon not only has ( had ? ) a buFFet,but they are one of the few to put pot pies on it as well ! Good luck to you.


I myself moved from MO. back about 10 yrs ago, know what ya mean, after some yrs of local driving now i must say when i decide to get away for a few days, the roads are absolutely wonderful down 44 now, as far as KFC. Nah! i used to eat at waffle house sometimes in Lebanan, but got a big bodybuilding contest in April. My diet has been pretty strict and limited for the passed several weeks, only 40 more days..... not gonna blow it. fish, chix, hb eggs. sometimes i get a treat.. an apple then more tuna, chix & hb eggs....

Cliff Cannon

@ Truckin : " Sitting in the...." asked THE question in my viewpoint in this article: " How's Joplin doing ?" Hopefully,you can send us some good news about that stricken city.

Weather reads like if you hustle,today you'll be able to escape the brunt of the blizzard.So here's hoping.

You lived in Mo ? That's cool,for I found that state as diverse,as well as, as beautiful as any state in the union. Do wish,44 would've been smoothed out in my time.Because I really enjoyed going to Oklahoma,yet didn't want to ride on 44 very often.So....

Good luck with your body building contest. Although, I must admit that given the chance to load up on pot-pie would be temptation enough for me to " blow it " :)

Stay safe.


To all JOPLIN is fine. From the interstate i see no damage although i am on the south side and i believe the north was stuck more so. The Home depot looks like nothing ever happened like in previous news. People say all fine, only the typical people who wish to ALWAYS whine, and want other people's money to spend instead of there own. TO CLIFF, yes i lived in Joplin back around 1990-1992 CFI truckin days and then Springfield area next 10-12. The area was great while i was running my own authority and swinging coast to coast. Lived like a king on a poor mans salary. But i will tell you thru the 90's there was ALOT of complaining of locals of land/house rising prices and the liberal point of view politics, restricting people from doing things they have done for centuries. Example 1993 I purchased 10 acres for 10,000 in 1993, popped a wayne home on it, well septic, 5 yrs later split the land, sold house on 4 acres, and got 9,000 each per both 3 acre parcel left. That was within a 5 yr period. Good for me but not for the local 30-50 a yr local maximum yrly income. Housing boomed basically from those in New York/California who were actually bidding and purchasing land/houses for MORE than the asking price. Which put locals in a bad spot since there income did not rise up, but those coming from elsewhere, high income states with home worth/sold 1000sft for a 1/2 million+, could now get out of high tax states get a house with 30 acres for around 100,ooo. But like the talk shows reflect, brought there liberal ideas and politics along with them/control the locals with the mass migration. and now I wouldn't live in Mo. for nothing. As bad as OHIO and the only reason i am there is family for my youngin's. Later

Cliff Cannon

@ truckin: Thanks for the Joplin update. Must add,we had a furniture dealer in downtown Joplin and I always liked that town. As well as felt bad, that the downtown had been hollowed out by the usual 'suspects' ( Big box stores,etc)

As to the 'boom' years for Mo. real estate. Like you, I got to take advantage of it. As our dealers in Carthage,Springfield,Branson,Bentonville,Fayetteville & Ft. Smith amongst others kept that very beautiful area hopping for us. Thanks again for the upbeat report on Joplin.

Stay safe

P.S. You ran coast to coast. That's cool. Glad,I did it. Wouldn't want to do it now,would you ?

Cliff Cannon

@ truckin: Now,I know how Dad felt,when I didn't keep him updated in blizzards.So how you doing ?

Estrella Damm

Cnn, Foxnews, TMZ, Deadspin, Weatherunderground, The Weather Channel all are better outlets for national news or weather.


If they are better, why did you read this story and complain about it?

Estrella Damm

Hey Guise! It's gonna rain tonight in Myrtle Beach and New Orleans! Take cover ya'll!

Estrella Damm

It will be 25 a breezy in Houghton Michigan on Wednesday.

Cliff Cannon

@ Estrella Damn : That's interesting,about Houghton's weather. Did you know that they get so much snow,that it is possible to see snow there as late as July ?

It's true. Being in the path of Lake Superior's " snow belt " they get so much snow,that have to pile it in land fills or valley's ( any where they can,really ) So after a 'normal ' winter. There is still snow left in those spots ,often as late as July.Cool,huh ?

Estrella Damm

Hurricane Rusty will hit Australia Monday morning.


Thanks for showing your ignorance, Estrella. You made your point quite nicely. Did you even read everyone else's comments here? Why not go to those other websites and share your negativity there. It's news here, and you just can't handle being wrong. Have a nice night.


me like Shannon2 ! :)
Safe travel yall!

Sitting In The ...

I'm happy to see the Reflector stories regarding the weather.I applaud their effort in alerting the community when bad weather is anticipated. You seem annoyed they don't have the forecast for under your bridge.

Kottage Kat

Stay safe.
I am friends with your dads neighbor
We talked at Bible school last summer@ MBC


? ok