Edison levy passage would eliminate 'pay to participate'

District also would consider adding more teachers.
Aaron Krause
Feb 25, 2013


Edison board of education members said if the May levy passes, they would eliminate "pay to participate" and re-evaluate elementary school enrollment to determine if more teachers are needed.

"Pay to participate" refers to fees families must fork over for their youngsters to partake in sports and other extra-curricular activities.

District treasurer Anne Arnold said the district has taken in an average of $75,000 to $80,000 a year from pay-to-participate fees.

"I always felt ours as a little high," board president Carla Rospert said, referring to Edison's pay-to-participate fees.

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At this point, they could promise singing leprechauns but it won't help them pass the levy

Kottage Kat


thank you


Actually, I think pay to play is a great thing. It filters out all the parents that just want their kids to play as if the team is a babysitter keeping the kids out of their hair. Also, it filters out all the kids who just want to socialize. If your school doesn't have pay to play, they need to have cuts. It's the American way.


yeah, but I think that the whole point of extra curricular activities is to get kids to participate and try new things. When you have to tell your kids that they can't participate because you can't afford to pay-it is a heartbreaking thing. Eliminating Pay for Play would be a great thing for the parents and students-but I wouldn't put it past the Edison Board of Education & Administration to Promise to eliminate Pay for Play to pass the levy, then renig on the deal-since you can't unpass a levy.


VOTE NO...NO...NO...NO!!!!!


@WHOPPER...nicely said!


It seems like groundhog day, last week we read about Norwalk and Edison levies in the NR, Perkins and Edison levies in the SR and high gas prices in both. Well, a week later we start off with the same. Do you know why? We lack leadership in DC and the only way to keep the sheeple distracted from the real news is to continue to divide and conquer. The only thing missing is an armed robbery of a local gas station...give it time some local heroin addict wish show his a$$ soon. Unless we grow our economy there is no way any levy is going to pass. I want to say "YES," but until I know I will still have a job one or two years from now and might actually get a raise I will have to vote with my pocketbook and right now I am stretched too thin.

Truth or Fiction

Hello everyone. It's me again. It's a ping pong game. Back and forth we go talking about the same subject just a different day or in this case a different paper owned by the same company. So let's frame the argument for those in Norwalk that do not read the Sandusky Register:
- Edison passed its last levy for 3.9 mills in May of 2005
- Edison does not have an income tax to fund its school district like Norwalk, Monroeville, Bellevue, or Western Reserve districts.
- Edison has the lowest property millage tax rate in Erie County
- The district has lost $7.5 million in State funding over those 8-years
- The district has cut $3.2 million over those 8-years to stay afloat.
- The district will receive no new money (like Norwalk or Sandusky) from the State.
- The district has three school buildings with one principal for each and a combined AD/Asst. Principal for the HS.
- The district has increased class sizes by decreasing its employment.
- Reduced bussing routes
- Initiated pay-to-participate
- Teachers have contributed to the cost cutting and savings to the district saving the district $300k plus dollars.
- Teacher pay rates are one of the lowest in the county.
- The district educates each student at a lower cost than any other district in the county.
- The district (with the parent contribution) has held the highest academic achievement rating for seven continuous years.
- The district is out of money beginning FY 2014 (that begins on 7/1/13).
- They don't have a new stadium.
- They don't have new artificial turf at their stadium with a waterpark, amusement park, or hospital's name on it (and yes it does bug me about Perkins)
- The cost to a $100k home valuation should the levy pass would be $20.16 per month or better put a 1/2 tank of gas.

You cannot cut your way out of this when the State has pulled $7.5 million in funding over those eight years. The continued burden of unfunded education and student care mandates just exacerbates the deficit.

The district is out of money and out of time.

tell it how it is

Do you realize that on here AND the SR, you're pretty much the only person using facts?

I like you. You think and actually pay attention. Must say I very much wish there were more people like you.

Now The Rest of...

Truth of Fiction "I have no dog in this race" I think not either a board member, spouse or teacher, once again smoke & mirrors from the board...

Kottage Kat

Have yet to figure why he has dominated the S R article on this subject
Asked With no answer
Might I suggest that yo
u read his posts on the SR perhaps you will also wonder his purpose for posting.
It is his right to do so, if he does not live in the BM district why

Kottage Kat

Norwalk pulled their levy
Too bad BM isn't that smart
Intimidation does not a levy pass
My the busing fiasco worked WELL
BM giveth then taketh away
How many times before they get the hint????? Folks cannot afford this

Kottage Kat

Wish BM used the same wisdom and concern for their community that Norwalk has.

Chef Mike

The cost to someone with a $100k home would only be blah blah blah. I'm so sick of that tactic. And how many times has that gone up, over and over and over again?



there you can see what teachers and admin are making. For Edison, 2011, there is a wide gap (some low, some VERY high with multiple positions) but the teachers unions need more money. Gotta pass that levy and bring in more dues payers.

But it's all for the kids.

Now The Rest of...

Truth of Fiction, "Hello its me again" with my administration talking points. Only 4 posts on the Perkins levy from 223, yet 12 in 99 for Edison, yet "you have no dog in the race?"

"School officials say they want to further consider proposed cuts and possible additional state revenue before deciding how much they need to ask from voters". No unfortunately its not Edison its Norwalk.


Counting peoples posts? Can u say "stalker". More levies to come. We're just gettin started. Vote no to everything. We got a war to fund.

R U Kidding me

awsome I will let someone that has kids that play not have to play.For the five hundred dollars my property tax will go up. I pay way more then I can afford to pay now. Whats gonna happen when I retire. I will have to sell everything I own, please vote no on this I as a hard working middle class american can't afford anymore

Truth or Fiction

You really seem concerned about racing dogs instead of focussing on the issue. Read the article on Norwalk Schools. The reason they are pulling the levy is because they got $860,000(+) of new money from the State. Your Edison district got none. Sandusky passed their levy and they get money from the State too! Don't get me wrong. I am glad they are getting additional funds but what about the other schools? Also, the article infurs that they will still need to put a levy on the ballot in November, so Norwalk is not out of the woods.

As far as Perkins goes, I am having a hard time with the current state of affairs. Moving funds, building stadiums, It is hard to say anything positive and add to the mix a massive township levy, it gets ugly. My father used to say; "If you don't have anything good to say, say nothing." Maybe that is why I have remained quiet on the Perkins' dilema.

Now that I justified myself to you NOW, maybe you can get back to the TRUTH rather than FICTION. Address the facts. Offer realistic solutions. Contact your State representative regarding school funding. Ask why money has been taken from some districts while others continue to get new funds.

Most of these posts are centered on self and not community. Many who post, I am sure benefit from government programs which are funded by tax dollars.

Now The Rest of...

We always get the official Edison BOE response from "I don't have a dog in this race" Truth or Fiction.

Nothing has been taken away or given to any school yet, its a PROPOSED budget subject to legislative approval which is one reason Norwalk is waiting for the final budget, as any intelligent board would do, which eliminates Edison BOE who would rather make promises that will increase their future debt .

Truth or Fiction

Interesting conclusion. Follow your point of logic. It states that Norwalk is dropping its levy because it is not sure that it will receive $863,000 from the governor's budget; considering that the governor, the house and the senate in Ohio are under Republican party control. If I were a betting man and I am not, I would say the money is in the bag and Norwalk's superintendent knows it. As for Edison, Margaretta, Huron, Vermilion, Perkins - there is no money coming!

Question? What is your solution for Edison Local Schools? Truth and Facts please. Leave the anger, fear, and fiction at home.

swiss family

I do not have a "dog in this fight" on the surface, but it is not too far fetched to see that what one community does around here , the others will soon follow. I would suggest that you look for the Edison, , or Berlin Milan school districts web page, and write down the names of all of the school employees.. from the Super, to the Janitors, and Librarians and cafeteria workers and all of the teaches , principals , vice everything.. etc... then go to the ... buckeyeinstitute.org.. website and look up every school employees salary... You are paying that... that is your money that they are using... look at the salaries.. are they wasting your money??/ are they "top heavy" like Norwalk schools are?? do you trust them with more of your money?? I think you will have your eyes opened wide when you see how much of your money and our money they are using, on administrative costs, and not on the students...then vote with the information you have gathered...I have a list of ALL of Norwalk s employees... and I am loaded with information .. I am glad for their sake that they reconsidered placing it on the ballot.. but I will keep my information .. I am sure I will need it soon when they try it again

Truth or Fiction

Swiss Family-
As in my previous posts - please go to salary.com. Look up the starting pay for an engineer fresh out of college with no experience in the Sandusky area. I did - it's $52,673 annually. Starting pay for a four year degreed teacher is $34,000. Maybe you would like to look at an RN Nurse in a nursing home - it's $48,718 annually. How about an entry level accountant fresh out of college, yep you guessed it - $39,000 to $42,000 annual starting pay.

Now since you want to compare teachers who have 20+ years of experience and a masters degree let's see what like professions are paid in the Sandusky area. A mechanical engineer with 10 years of experience $83,649. A plant accountant with 10 years of experience $60,000. A manufacturing manager - $80,000.

Let's look at the superintendent. You know the person responsible for 100+ employees and budgets running from $15 million to $20 million annually. Compare it with a Plant Manager - that's right $122,486 annually.

How about an auto mechanic, level I - he/she earns $36,715 per year. An experienced auto mechanic III can earn between $49,000 and $61,000 annually. A journeyman electrician - $54,000 annually.

So tell me, what is a teacher worth? You know the person responsible for 20+ children each day. I want to know your price and please don't say minimum wage after they have spent thousands of dollars to obtain their degrees.


Your facts are correct as far as starting salary. Now please go to monster.com or the SR and NR. How many of these highly paid jobs are in the help wanted section? The answer is zero. Only jobs in this area seem to be service related, transportation and paper routes. My point is the average salary has gone down over the past 5 years or so and people just can't afford to be taxed more. I want to vote yes, but until I know I myself will have job security I will not. I had to take a pay decrease 4 years ago (I am salary) and had no "vote" and I had to adjust my finances to keep my household running. Until I see real improvement in the economy, I will not be able to support this levy.

swiss family

Truth.... you are barking up the wrong tree.. I am NOT complaining about any teachers salary...but I will point out, that when you mention all of the professions that you have..ALL of them work 50 weeks a year.. 5 days a week with some sick days and Holidays off... Locally teachers work 184.... a year has 365 days and half of a year has 182.8... so basically a teacher works a day and a half over a half a year... correct???

Now we come to where my problem with the school administration is...if you get out your school employee chart.. we have a Superintendent, then a Vice Superintendent, then each local school building has a Principal, and an Assistant Principal..then we have Athletic Directors, Guidance Counselors, Deans of students, Secretaries, and Office help... all of this BEFORE we even get to the teachers...Just the Super, and Vice super, and all of the Principals, salaries when totaled up.. comes to $689,966.00!!!!!!!!! yes you rad that correctly... that is OVER A HALF A MILLION DOLLARS.. and that is with ONLY the Super, Vice Super, and a Principal for each of the 6 buildings...Honestly that is where my biggest problems lie..then there are other classified positions that pay quite well, but it is confusing what they are.. What is a "Inclusion Specialist??"and how many of them do we need?? what exactly is "Support Services"??? they are not secretaries, not cafeteria workers.. what exactly are they and why so many????

What is an "Intervention Specialist??"and on who's behalf are they intervening???what about the "Aides???" what are they used for and why are there so many of them???What are we paying nearly $50,000.00 for "Title services???" How much do you think the school Librarian should be paid???does $66,000.00 seem excessive to you???It does to me...

Right now I am not complaining about any teachers pay.. I am however questioning some of the positions that we pay a lot of money out for.. and are not real clear as to what they do.. I am also saying that when looking at the high wage for each Principal.. couldn't they be doing more for their money?? and do we really need a Principal at EVERY building??? with today's technology, couldn't we get along with cutting that number in half, and saving a lot of salary paid out.. and have one person cover a couple of buildings??

It would be ideal to have a Principal in every building.. if we had an over abundance of money available.. but we don't.. We did get the chance to see first hand that a tragic and scary problem occurred, a child was struck by a car... and there was NO Principal there.. the Superintendent got there shortly... but it shows that we will get by without having a highly paid Principal in every building, and with cell phones and computers, they will be in CONSTANT touch with them and will be there shortly..

So you see right now I am not complaining about the teachers pay.. I am however curious about the nearly MILLION dollars that is spent on a Superintendent, a Vice Superintendent, ^ Principals, and the Intervention Specialists, Aides< "Helpers" and "Title Search"???We are TOP HEAVY in my opinion and I will leave it at that at this point...


I am all for people giving their opinion. Even if it is only 10 people over and over. But, you are so set on voting no and you ask questions like "what is an intervention specialist" and "what are the aides for" and "why are we paying fifty thousand for Title services". Don't you think you should find that stuff out before you get on here and act like you know what you are talking about? Unreal. Voters should have to take an IQ test before they are handed a ballot.

swiss family

you might not be aware of the FACTS.. but today it is FEBRUARY... the election is in MAY... I have had the pleasure to get a response from someone who actually knows something about teachers, and schools, and work days etc... so maybe this escaped you but I Asked him questions , so I might, and possibly EVERYONE ELSE might get some much needed answers to determine how, and why they are voting the way that they choose....I would have to go back and re-read my posts, but I do NOT think that I have said that I am voting one way or another, you made an assumption.... now I ask you the same question you asked of me..."don't you think you should find that stuff out before you get on here and act like you know what you are talking about??????

Now The Rest of...

What "I don't have a dog in this race" aka Edison BOE response won't tell you. The standard teachers contract is for 184 days x 8 hours per day equal 1472 hours per year. The standard full time employee standard employment hours is 2080, 30% more than a teacher. If a starting teacher is paid lets say $30,000 that is really actually $39,000 if working the standard 2080 schedule. Teachers also receive a guaranteed pension that is largely funded by their employer and funded health insurance, with their financial contributions much less than the private sector rate. Many experts has quoted the public sector benefits as a minimum of 30-35% higher than the private sector, all which if tax free. Making the first year teacher's compensation package very close to $50,000, this doesn't include any extra compensation for coaching, clubs etc. which also increase their pensions, not to mention the huge bump in salary starting in year 5. The teachers union love to use the first year salary but always fail to show the total package. Many other professions that was quoted also pay for their own professional expenses, supplies, equipment etc., unlike teachers who are funded by the taxpayers. What other profession receives automatic raises every year, step raise for just showing up? The Edison BOE will tell you the step raise have been frozen for two years, but the first year salary has been increased starting next year which raise all salaries, and after two years the automatic step increase will return, more smoke & mirrors from the administration.

Truth or Fiction

I can agree with your point. It is not beneficial to have layers of administration that take rather than give to the educational process. One possible point of clarification. An inclusion specialist or aide may be required by State and/or Federal mandate but not funded. That is one of my major arguments. If the Fed or State are going to require that you keep an aide or a nurse with that student then they need to fund it rather than leaving it up to the school district to find the money!

Truth or Fiction

I'm running as fast as I can but that beagle is just too fast for me. Using the websites many so often reference, Edison has 187 school days with an eight hour school day. So let's do the math.

When one determines the hourly rate for an annual income in manufacturing, the standard is to divide that yearly rate by 2080 hours (representing an annual 40-hour work week less two weeks for vacation and 10 holidays plus sick time).

Teachers on the other hand have class prep work that must be completed prior to each class. So let's give them an hour before class to get ready and an hour after class to meet with students and parents. The formula now is 187 days x 10 hours per day = 1,870 hours.

I have neglected to include grading and recording of grades as well as comments to parents. A low estimate would be an additional 2 hours per day. The formula is now 187 days x 12 hours = 2,244 hours worked in a year.

Sorry, your point is more FICTION that TRUTH.

swiss family

sorry but I disagree... you can NOT just magically add 2 hours per day to a teachers day... what kind of math are you using??? I believe that EVERY job or profession has duties that must be done outside of business hours.. so why not add 2 hours to every profession??? the Truth is that teachers in their first year do actually put in lots more hours to gather and create visual and interesting themes to make their bulletin boards,and wall and classrooms more colorful, interesting and conducive to learning... BUT year after year, they mostly just recycle what they have done the first or second year...so.. to me it is not worth allowing an extra 2 hours a day UNLESS you are willing to add driving time onto every other profession...

I would also like to point out that teachers are lucky enough to get "tenure" after so many years with the "company" Other professions, are usually not so "fire proof" If they get older and outdated, and produce less, they are let go.. NOT true with teachers...I say stick with what is in their "contract" 184 days X 7.5 to 8.00 hours.. equals a half a year's work.. with a regular pen and calculator... unlike the magical pen you are using..