Cops find money in suspected robber's truck

Money was stolen from East Side Fuel.
Cary Ashby
Feb 22, 2013


Police have recovered a large sum of money from the vehicle reportedly driven by an accused robber.

"The money was inside one of the jackets," Norwalk Police Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton said. "But the money was all from East Side Fuel."

The jacket in question was the one witnesses reported seeing Robert L. Jackson Jr. wearing at the scene of the robbery Saturday morning at the Firelands Federal Credit Union branch in Monroeville. Four clerks and a manager were working, but no customers were present during the offense reported about 11 a.m.

Fulton said there was money in PNC Bank deposit bags wrapped in one plastic East Side bag in a jacket in the truck.

"The bags were still intact. ... I think some of the money was missing," the detective said. "There were three deposits in the bags.

"He had one of the (East Side) clerks tear open each of the (deposit) bags to make sure there was money inside," Fulton said. "That's how it appeared on the (surveillance) video."

Fulton said a sizable amount of money was stolen from East Side on Monday. Police recovered money from the truck -- all from the gas station -- the next day while using a search warrant.

It's unknown how much money was stolen from Firelands. Monroeville Police Chief Gary Lyons hasn't disclosed the amount and he couldn't be reached for comment Wednesday.

Jackson, 52, of 1153 Peru Olena Road, is charged with robbery and theft in connection with the Firelands incident.

He also faces one count of aggravated robbery stemming from a Monday morning incident at East Side Fuel in Norwalk. Three clerks were working when the suspected crime was reported about 10 a.m.

"There were several customers in and out of there (at the time). I think there was one at the counter," Fulton said.

About the Monroeville robbery, Norwalk Assistant Law Director Scott Christophel said none of the Firelands clerks reported seeing a gun or hearing Jackson threaten to brandish one. But Christophel said the suspect "displayed the handle of the weapon" at East Side.

Police used a warrant Tuesday morning to search the green 1998 Ford Ranger pickup truck, which is registered to Jackson, a former Monroeville resident. Officers estimated they searched the truck -- reportedly seen at the Norwalk crime scene, but not in Monroeville -- for 3 1/2 hours.

Officers seized the following evidence: A small, blue plastic bag with suspected crack cocaine paraphernalia, two jackets, a fleece-like jacket, a sweater, cell phone, box of Swiss Rolls and a pack of cigarettes.

"They had that stuff laying on the counter," Fulton said about the Swiss Rolls and cigarettes.

Authorities arrested Jackson without incident about 9:30 p.m. Monday near the intersection of U.S. 20 and Ohio 58 in Oberlin.

After Norwalk police dispatchers kept track of the suspect's cell phone use, authorities had the Oberlin Police Department and troopers with the state Highway Patrol poised to arrest Jackson.

During the manhunt, the Huron County Sheriff's Office searched the area. Norwalk Police Chief Dave Light has said a Cleveland police officer assisted by "going to every location they could get a (cell phone) ping."

When asked about the Cleveland connection, Fulton said police suspect Jackson went to the city to buy crack cocaine and marijuana.

"Crack cocaine and marijuana were recovered on him at the time of his arrest," said Fulton, who also said police found more than $2,000 on Jackson.

Fulton and Detective Sgt. Seth Fry responded to the Marathon gas station in Oberlin, where they took custody of Jackson. The detectives then transported him to the Norwalk police station. Fulton suspected Jackson "was coming down from being under the influence" of some type of drug.

"He did not say very much before he invoked his right to an attorney," Fulton said. "He was quiet; he didn't say much of anything."



3 hots and a cot, and he doesn't have to spend a dime.

That's all he wanted.

Whiskey Tango F...

constant supply of drugs from what we hear and from other overdoses and stories

Bleeding Turnips

How dumb are the Norwalk Police and the Reflector for publishing the amount of money stolen? Every crack head druggy will now be robbing gas stations thinking they can get tens of thousands of dollars! Then when the clerk in a well managed location only has $100 that they can access, the robber will harm them because obviously there are thousands onsite. Wow, brilliant move.


NR would you look into a like button on here?


Norwalk Police and Reflector are always trying to sensationalize stories and make it seem like a bigger deal then they are. Don't believe everything you read on here haven't you all learned that by now. Misquotes, retractions and mistakes a plenty by both departments. I hope they realize they are putting lives in danger by printing this crap


I agree with you bleeding turnips, but I also ask WHY to the gas station, WHY would you have THAT MUCH cash on hand?

Bleeding Turnips

True OhioHoosier76, still shouldn't have been published. Two errors


I heard they were made to open the safe at gunpoint. who cares if it's a $1.00 or $2,000 dollars the lives of those people are worth more than a couple thousand dollars. The young man who works there was probably scared to death and did anything and everything he was told to do.

Bleeding Turnips

Most attendants can't open the safe. By showing how much money could be available, more peoples safety is at risk. I never said the attendant shouldn't have given the money, the Reflector shouldn't have posted it.


Bleeding Turnips, apparently this creep picked the one that could open the safe cuz your right most can't.


I'm hoping WASP71 and HS Sports Fan get into another pissing/ name calling match like they did on the last artice about this guy. It was amusing to read. You two crack me up


Gotta have something amusing to read! Haven't really found anything to piss about lately tho! (to be continued...)


Oh--and who won the match??? I never got to see the score card! Hope it was me..I had $10 on me....


It was all you Wasp :)


WOOOHOOO! I won $10!! Wait...hold on...I have to pay myself..DA*NIT! I knew I shoulda played the over/under! But thanks DiamondGirl. I knew I liked you/your comments for a reason! SSHHHH...We won't tell him tho:)


i thought red was jump suit color for felons.