Potential for more than one snowstorm

Major storm may come together to bring wind-whipped snow to the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes region early this week.
Feb 17, 2013


AccuWeather.com reports the parade of storms across the U.S. is expected to continue next week with the potential for more than one round of snow for some major Midwestern cities this week, including Chicago and Detroit.

Farther south, severe weather will be a threat for some communities.

Major Storm Potential Early This Week

A major storm may come together to bring wind-whipped snow to the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes region early this week.

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio may get travel-disrupting snow from the storm during the Monday-Tuesday time frame.

There is potential for snow to fall in Chicago, Green Bay, Indianapolis and Detroit. Gusty winds up to 40 mph could reduce visibility further and add to travel impacts from the storm.

On the back edge of the storm, some snow may even reach areas farther south such as St. Louis and Cincinnati.

By Tuesday night and Wednesday, the storm may swing across Canada, bringing snow from the northern mid-Atlantic and much of New England to Quebec. Again, gusty winds may accompany the round of snow, adding to travel disruptions.

Strong to severe storms may also be a threat along the southern edge of the storm; however, a limiting factor will be cold air that will surge south over this weekend. The cold air will flush out moisture that has been in place recently to fuel severe thunderstorms.

"The Gulf Coast is most likely to regenerate conditions favorable for severe weather," AccuWeather Expert Senior Meteorologist Dan Kottlowski said.

Southeastern Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and perhaps Tennessee may be in the path of damaging thunderstorms on Tuesday.

Potential for Major Snowstorm Later in the Week

An even bigger storm may strengthen across the Plains on Thursday with heavy snow falling on the northern edge.

Potentially heavy and windswept snow may be in store for portions of the central Plains, including Nebraska and Kansas, to Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan by late Thursday into Friday.

Chicago and Detroit may both be in line for a second round of snow. Significant travel delays could result with ripple-effect delays across the nation.

The storm could also move on to spread snow and a wintry mix into the mid-Atlantic and New England by Friday and Saturday.

Where milder, humid air returns south of the storm, severe thunderstorms may be fueled. The area of risk late next week includes Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story was written by Alex Sosnowski, expert senior meteorologist for AccuWeather.com.


Cliff Cannon

Here's hoping and praying the high plains get's some very much needed snow. Then,with any luck this extremely wimpy winter will bring us some snow this week.


uuuh...why Cliff why??...lol

Cliff Cannon

@ onegirlarmy: " Why CliFF Why "? Well the drought on the high plains speaks for itself. However,I doubt you asked about that.

Simply put winter is my favorite season ---by far. Cold weather makes one hearty,normally healthy, and fills them with the best tasting air they'll ever get.

Then snow simply tops the cake. And who doesn't like to play in snow ? Also is there any day more beautiful than the day after a snowstorm ? Further,wearing sunglasses so the snow doesn't blind you,reminds one of just how pristine ---as well as of the lurking dangers of winter,doesn't it ?

I could drone on and on ( you know I could,right ? :) about how fresh winter makes one feel. But...... So have a great day " onegirlarmy" and join me in prayer for a decent blizzard. ( That's one more positive: you always remember where you were when blizzards hit )

2cents's picture

More snow, more plowing, check out this thing I saw at the Cleveland Home & Garden show last weekend. www.slopbuster.com


I don't see how this would keep the plows from knocking the box off like they do a lot of times.


I am not holding my breath. The "storms" they forecast never amount to much. Now a days, they make a big deal out fo 2-3 inches. Everyone gets in a tizzy and rushes out to stock up. And if you read the story....not much of our area is in this "storm path"


The woolybear worked for me. 4more weeks of winter. Winter termed by me is 31 degress or colder - excluding snow. The nut trees never lie either.

Brock Lee

i hate winter


i hear that...
bad case of cabin fever!!!
can't wait till we start seeing dead skunks on side of the road.


Cabin fever?! Go outside. Pretty simple.

Just sayin'.