Bridge above Ohio 61 'does not pose any immediate danger to the public'

State route was closed for several hours after concrete falls from overpass.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 16, 2013


Ohio 61 south between South Norwalk and Johnson roads reopened early Friday after being closed for several hours due to concrete chunks falling from the U.S. 20 overpass on to the roadway.

"A motorist reported concrete on the road and called the Highway Patrol," said Christine Myers, spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Transportation, District 3.

Myers said the call came in about 7:30 or 8 p.m. Thursday.

The road was open by 1:10 a.m. Friday.

"We sent crews out last night (Thursday into Friday) and all areas of loose concrete were addressed," Myers said.

"The bridge does not pose any immediate danger to the public," she added.

Myers said that bridge and a second one in that area will be addressed in mid-April as part of this year's resurfacing program.

Myers said loose pieces of concrete were "scaling" off the bridge due to deterioration from the weather.

"There was no vehicle damage or injuries," she said.

"The scaling does not affect the integrity of the bridge," Myers said. "It's more of a cosmetic thing."

Myers said ODOT bridge inspectors were on-scene again Friday just to double-check everything was OK with the bridge.

"They are reinspecting it one more time," she said.

ODOT is scheduled to resurface a number of the state routes in the Norwalk area this summer.



Note the indeterminate word: "Immediate."

Gotta love bureaucrat-speak. Gives ya peace of mind doesn’t it?

swiss family

I have a hard time believing it when you can see where a chunk of the structure fell off, onto the highway below, and just by looking at it the Ohio Dept of Transportation declares that it is safe...??????what exactly were the tests they did to determine that not only the overhead structure was safe, but that it was safe to drive below it, although a chunk of concrete, that was capable of killing anyone that happened to be under the bridge at the time???? I would suggest that anyone who cherishes their lives and safety, steer clear of there, and anyone looking to cash in with either death or destruction done to you or your vehicle, continue to drive under it and over it constantly.... Really... what tests were done to convince them that the structure is safe now?? right after a large chunk of it fell to the highway below????

Kottage Kat

: )

Brock Lee

note to self go other way


ODOT does an annual inspection of every bridge in Ohio. During those inspections, they look for any cracks and measure them. They then compare those measurements with the previous year or years. There are other checks they do as well. As long as they didn't find any large deviation from previous inspections I would think it's pretty safe.

swiss family

so if what you say is correct.... and they were keeping an eye on all of the bridges... how do you explain this chunk of concrete falling into traffic from what was deemed to be a safe bridge???? now I feel really safe knowing that the same people who were making sure the overhead bridge where the chunk fell from are also the ones saying it is completely safe now..... can you imagine the lawsuit if another chunk falls from the now safe bridge and kills someone?????