Child pornography suspect arrested

Suspect faces eight charges of pandering obscenity involving a minor.
Feb 15, 2013


Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has announced the arrest of a Chillicothe man on child pornography charges and warned people in that community that some victims may be local children.

Agents with the Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) arrested William Noble, 48, on Tuesday, after serving a search warrant at his home on North Pohlman Road in Chillicothe.

As part of DeWine’s Crimes Against Children Initiative, BCI began investigating Noble after obtaining evidence that he disseminated and/or possessed child pornography in September.

“Agents confiscated several computers and other media devices from the suspect’s home, and those will all be thoroughly analyzed,” DeWine said. “An initial review of the evidence leads us to believe that this man may have been in possession of hundreds of photographs and videos.”

DeWine said investigators also have reason to believe that some of the evidence may contain images of local children taken without their knowledge.

“We are asking parents in Chillicothe to talk with their children and find out if they have had any contact with this suspect,” DeWine said.

Noble is currently in the Ross County Jail on eight charges of pandering obscenity involving a minor. Officers with the Chillicothe Police Department are assisting with the investigation.

DeWine said anyone with additional information on this case can call the Bureau of Criminal Investigation at 855-BCI-OHIO or the Chillicothe Police Department at (740) 773-1191.



NR I'm sure there was a sex offender arrested in Toledo also. Please keep us up to date on each and every sex case in Ohio! Thanks.

swiss family

OVER_LOAD.. I would imagine that if you or any member of your family would admit that they have been personally affected by sexual abuse of minors, I doubt that you would feel that out of town happenings such as this would be a waste of time..We have found out recently that there were many men of the cloth locally who took their younger "friends" to the cabin or cottage up by nthe lake area, such as Marble by all rights it would only be the news in that newspaper when the news broke, but as I have already said it involved local boys and local "men" of the cloth...people can not be too aware of this activity... so if you believe that no one in your family has been sexually abused. it must be comfortable with your head firmly up you.... well lets say "firmly in place" for the rest of us were need to be reminded that the dangers and monsters are everywhere


There are bad things going on EVERY SINGLE DAY! But I don't and won't let the media put fear in me and my family. You do the best you can and let God do his work. Expect the worst and hope for the best. I don't know any one that ask the kids when thay get home... How was your day? Did you get molested? No that's good!
Any way how many kids read the paper and say oh mommy that reminds me this man touched me. That's not how it goes down. You read your kid somethings a parent knows. And the truth will come out.

swiss family

I would really worry if you were a neighbor and your basic parenting style was ."expect the worse and hope for the best"!! and I would not want my kids anywhere around your kids if you do not "want to scare them" by what is in the media everyday.. the truth is that a good parent teaches their kids that bad things do go on every day, and when you have the oppertunity to see a catastrophe in the newspaper , such as this, it would mbe a good time to have a discussion about how your kids should handle the situation, and that they should never be afraid to tell you anything no matter how "bad" it seems at the time... Many children are told. by their molesters that telling anyone would put their family in harms way and that they would probably be sent away from their families if they told what happened... you say that you "will not let the media put fear in you or your family" well maybe you should read other cases and see that the molester is putting plenty of fear into your children, .. do you really want to lose that fight?? with your kids futures on the line, maybe check out the child suicide rate for the kids who were too ashamed to tell their parents what the coach, doctor, organist or Priest did to might just save some lives


Swiss do you need to tell us something? This is a safe place we are all "hiding behind names " here is the Teddy Bear where did the bad man you know.....


Wow I think you should splatter all sex offenders all over every newspaper and napkin in the states tho the napkin would be weird... but swiss you know of the cabin and why? I don't like you and now I know why... what cloth is it u speak of cause if its the one I'm thinkin of ur a weak person that needs some right to the wrong in yer life


Ill cud a chimo in the neck piece.!!! Both you are molesters


i'm not scared...
just well informed!
i'm not shaken...
just well protected!
trust in God
smile and be greatful everyday!

swiss family

"onegirl" if you are implying that you and your loved ones are not in any danger of the world outside because of your love and trust in God, then I feel sad for your loved ones.. I am sorry but you have to see that many times really bad things happen to really good people. I find it hard to believe that they had done anything to be "unprotected" by Gods grace... and I fear that your supreme devotion and your sense of denial will shelter your kids in such a way, that if they were ever molested, they would not tell you about it, because it would seem that you would somehow blame them, the victims, because in your logic, they must have asked for it, otherwise God would have protected them.. that is really sad..and as soon as any pedophile sees that you would blame the victims, then it is almost a free pass for them to specifically target your kids, because you have set them up as perfect targets....I wish you could see that God does protect his flock.. But, he also allows bad things happen to good people,and that does not mean that they were not protected, but I think that God expects the parents to do their job of protecting the kids as well...


not implying anything other than i am stronger than this pos and i do not stand alone.
i just choose not to let it run my life but just a little on the edge...which is how i choose.
in no way am i in denial.
you don't have to preach to me how bad things happen to good people.
i have been humbled more than once.
i'm no spring chicken,my kids are grown and i have grandkids.
one of which was shaken by a monster when he was 5 mos old.
we will be celebrating his 2nd birthday this april 8th.
if you don't think i know Gods grace...tell that to my grandson!
i'm always cautious and no one will target my kids!
however, i may suggest you seek counseling or become a counselor..
if you let it effect you so much that you worry your life into oblivion.
i smile because my kids smile.
i smile because we have today.
if anyone ever tries to hurt my family...
i am not responsible for your punishment.
just sayin
good day

swiss family

have you ever had a serious talk with your kids and directly ask them if they were ever sexually touched in an inappropriate way????? you may think you know the answer, but I am not so sure....and as overly Pious as you seem and seem to be protected by Gods grace, I doubt that your kids , if they were ever molested could ever tell you, for fear that you might tell them that it was their fault.. because somehow they were not protected by Gods grace...oh and let me explain FACTS to you... you say no one had better touch your kids, but if any kids that they associated with were being molested.. then those kids, who do not know that it is wrong, were probably touching your up on sexual abuse.. .


haa...fact is i have talked to my kids.
fact is my kids know right from wrong.
fact is i know all about sexual abuse!
fact is my kids have also shared stories with me about other kids who have been abused.
i give it to God so i don't hurt someone and myself in the process.
you think you know me ...but you don't!!!
maybe your kids don't talk to you because of your obsessive rants!
and because YOU probly blame them.
you can doubt me all you want...we all can't be as perfect as swiss!
Gods will is bigger than YOU!
may i still suggest you seek couseling.
have a nice day!

Kottage Kat

God's grace is sufficiant for ME, I singularly depend on that. What others choose as their path is theirs.
I simply walk by faith, on my path.
I am not in denial I just BELIEVE


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who cares?


THE MOUSTACHE!!! Not everyone with a moustache is a child molester. But every molester has one!


looks like he could be Dane Howards brother.

Brock Lee

sick of hearing dewine dewine dewind

hor mone

I caint believe my mustache looks that ****** up.