Norwalk considering zoning change

One subdivision is classified as business.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 22, 2013


Norwalk city council is considering rezoning the entire Westwind subdivision.

Eleven years ago, when the subdivision was first established, it was zoned business (B-4).

First-ward Councilwoman Deb Lucal has sponsored legislation that, if adopted, would begin the zoning-change process to residential.

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swiss family

I am confused... I read on the zoning laws that it is legal to have a home that babysits in a residential area.. and it is adjusted by how many kids are there.. I am wondering about the zoning on west Washington seems to be a residential neighborhood, and I see lately that someone now has a sign in their front yard, saying that they are running a massage... spa?? or parlor... can you do that in a residential neighborhood?? do you need a special permit, does the spa have to have separate bathrooms, or a separate entrance??? I am not too sure I would be happy if my neighbor opened something like that next to me, or on my street...does anyone know???