Norwalk man faces heroin charge in Erie County

Suspect previously was convicted of being a heroin dealer in Huron County.
Cary Ashby
Feb 14, 2013


An Erie County grand jury has indicted a convicted heroin dealer.

Justin A. Willard, 27, of 3111 Tomahawk Drive, was indicted on possession of heroin in connection with a Jan 6 incident. Sandusky police investigated the traffic stop.

Willard, in early November 2011, was released from the Huron County Jail after serving 112 days for a local trafficking in heroin conviction.

Not quite a year later, he was "discharged" from probation and had his civil rights restored to him, according to Huron County Common Pleas Court records. Willard was ordered to pay about $1,061 in the remaining fines and court costs.


Whiskey Tango F...

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Whiskey Tango F...

this time we'll try super duper rehab and extra super secret probation! For god's sake we can't lock him up, how would he provide our children with illegal drugs if he were incarcerated?


thing may work out a little different for him up here in erie county.


the pic really adds alot to the story.
this boy went to school with my son.
he looks like a real life zombie now...cheek bones all sunk in.
wow...such a terrible drug and addiction
only 3 things can happen...
this kid is down to 1.5 things left...
get better...or...put the other foot in the grave!


I just wanna add for the record that i know Justin personally and i will not sit here and sugar coat it; yes he messed up BADLY but he recently served time in Erie Co. Jail and was released clean as a whistle as far as the drugs go. He is truely trying to turn his life around; doesnt Norwalk PD have anything better to do with their lives than make quotas for the month by trying to lock someone up from a case that happened over TW0 YEARS AG0.? Seriously; figure it out. I feel as though everyone including the Norwalk PD need to start making sure their hands are clean before pointing the finger at someone else because i know some pretty crooked mother f*****s around here. #JUSTSAYiN.!!!!

onegirlarmy the looks from some other stories and your comments
it's quite evident you are very young and seem to stick up for him and like people in similar news of our local junkies.
not pointing fingers...not judging...just observations.

R U Kidding me

I know him and he was released on the narc program he will buy and sell for the police now with more indictments coming. Hey you gotta use what you got