No decision yet on cruisers

Sheriff wants to lease six cruisers at a total of $48,000 per year over four years.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 16, 2013


The Huron County commissioners handled a number of items this week. But they did not OK the sheriff's proposal involving lease-purchase option for cruisers.

The proposal included leasing six cruisers at a total of $48,000 per year over four years.

"I think it we start with six and then do two each year, that will keep it rolling," Commissioner Tom Dunlap said. "We're so far behind on this we need six at this point to boost it."

Dunlap asked fellow commissioners if any progress had been made involving Sheriff Dane Howard's proposal.

Fellow commissioner Gary Bauer said: "It's still in the sheriff's hands to get us some finite information."

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Simple solution:

Sell the Airport to Summit Racing. Take all the money give it to Sheriff Dane and his department for new cruisers, payroll, equipment and training. And let him clean up county. He can base his air operations out of Willard airport, That's where their going to be spending most of their time is in Southern Huron county


That's the best idea I have heard in a long time. Solves many of the counties bad issues.


i might vote on that one grandpa4life.


Leasing is the most expense way to own a vehicle. Ask any worthwhile financial planner.

However, when it's a matter of cash flow it makes sense.

When ya can't buy a house, ya rent right?

Now The Rest of...

Sometime you buy only what ever you can afford and stay within budget. The only take home cars should be for patrol officer, and detectives otherwise take all other cars away from administrative types and transfer them to patrol duties. With these cars added to patrol division purchasing two new cars every year would keep the inventory of available cars sufficient and within budget. Not difficult to understand.


Why buy Ford Fix Or Repair Daily

hit the road jack

Give'em six to start with,then by fair time we'll have enough vehicles for a county demolition derby!


I think grandpa4life has the right idea_ wanna run for office? any office?


Thank You:: But NO, I am way to out spoken for politics, I only see things two ways Right and Wrong


You are half right Granpa, but you are not right


although grandpa4life has a good idea its still not a cure for sheriff howards out of control spending habits

Brock Lee



Thanks for the donuts Tommy Boy. Waah where are my jelly filled ones?