Trio of boys busted for egging local school building

Police solve case after identifying teens who purchased 10 dozen eggs at Walmart.
Cary Ashby
Feb 16, 2013


Some good detective work could lead to charges for three Monroeville boys caught on video egging the school building last weekend.

"It was some good work by my sergeant (Frank Gleason)," Monroeville Police Chief Gary Lyons said.

"He found the egg cartons at the school and it just so happens they sell them at Walmart. We also have a video of them at the school," Lyons said about the trio of boys who are 16 and 17.

The incident happened late last Saturday or early Sunday.

"They purchased 10 dozen eggs," said Lyons, who pointed out that amount of eggs is unusual.

"It's not something you usually see. It didn't take long to track (the eggs) down that they came from Walmart," the chief said.

Police forwarded a report to the Huron County Prosecutor's Office for the consideration of charges.



not the worst kind of crime by these kids compared to some kids the same age. wasteful though. make them volunteer a few of their weekends working in a soup kitchen feeding the hungry after they clean up the mess..


Tossed a few eggs back in my day. Hid in the cornfield across the road and watched the cops looking for us. Good ol' days.

swiss family

in Judge Ridges court, he says that throwing an egg is "criminal mischief... and if you are trying to see how severe a charge that is, he said that he could consider it "vandalism" be he said that Vandalism is a "FELONY" and you could go to prison for it.... what a joker he is...well worth the double dipping salary he is getting now.... even the Pope knew when it was time to stop....people say they can see people's aura's his is definately "MORON"... IS THAT HOW YOU SPELL THAT COLOR???LOL

jack langhals

Correct me if I am wrong,but aren't you usually criticizing the judges for being too lenient ?


Well, it is better than setting cats on fire.


Eggs can wreak havoc on a paint job!


...if the Good Lord didn't intend for boys to throw eggs He wouldn't have made them... we'll... sort of round...


Did they steal the eggs too or just waste money... It not only wreaks havoc on a paint job but if it hits the windshield and people forget and goes ahead & put the wipers on it smears the hell out if it... what a mess...

Now with these three idiots maybe people could toss eggs at them especially the rotten ones. :)


Who up there said its better than setting cats on fire???? I agree when throwing many eggs your pleasure last much longer than I small running fireball. Why does a cat on fire remind me of a redhead lady?

Most Wanted

Real "Crime Busters" on that one! Sounds like a Barney Fife kind of day Frank! Bet the schools and police department wish that was all they had to worry about was a bunch of kids throwing eggs. Just think what they could have been doing? They could have been out smoking dope...or worse drugs. Out driving drunk..getting in an accident and killing someone. Nope, just stupid boys being stupid boys. I would like to know if the school asked for this to be turned over to the prosecutors office or if the police turned this over on their own? Anyone know?

Brock Lee

sun come out an get a omlit

hor mone

I caint get eggcited.


Where are all the Right-To-Lifers with this? This is 10 dozen chickens people...they're not just 'eggs', they're baby chickens! Murderers!


LOL! Soo Funny!! I wished I woulda thought of that one.

Good one BaileyO!


Actually they were just eggs idiot. They must be fertilized in order to become baby chickens.... how long has your stupid as$ had an egg straight out of the carton under a heat lamp waiting for it to hatch?