Boy bitten by pitbull in Norwalk

Bystander helps get the dog away from boy; Victim sent to hospital.
Joe Centers
Feb 13, 2013


A 13-year-old boy was bitten by a pitbull Tuesday afternoon on West Seminary Street.

The boy was taken by ambulance to Fisher-Titus Medical Center but Norwalk Police Capt. Eric Hipp (pictured with the dog) said the bite did not appear to be serious.

The dog broke out of his collar and bit the boy, according to a witness, who helped get the dog away from the boy.

Hipp said the dog will be quarantined for 10 days by its owner, who lives at 37 W. Seminary St. The dog was up to date with its shots.

The boy is home from the hospital and doing fine, according to the Norwalk Police Department.



So, because I own a Pit Bull, I must have bad grammer? What does that have to do with anything? I have a pittie and a rottie! Talk about stereotyping! WOW. You might as well said, if you are a certain color you must own a POODLE! LOL


"ladydye_5"..I rest my case! Spell check next time please.


What is misspelled? My name? Pretty sure those are words and they are spelled correctly. Oh, you must be PC person and I spelled a name different than the average bear!


Mines Grammer Is Fyne to right

hor mone

I caint bite no more.


The kid guilty the dog innocent,sounds like 2013 to me.


Oh God there is a pitbull! NR good job on yelling FIRE in a theater yet again! Is there Any way that a news reporter can get the WHOLE story before reporting? A pitbull is the story in Norwalk right! Not my dog of choice (Chocolate Lab) but I am a firm believer in a dog like a person is a product of its environment!
(Let's just get it out the way yes there are some bad eggs. Some are better or worse then their raising.)

Mr. Touchdown

Kill em all! The problem with pitbulls is that they were bred to fight &'s in their blood!...Just like a retriever has an instinct to retrieve. And for every responsible pitbull owner their are 50 irresponsible pitbull owners.Definitely capable of more damage than a regular dog. They are too dangerous for your typical dog owner. Just like owning a bird dog & trying to teach it not to hunt birds. Dog of choice for all these freakin drug houses.


I have no drugs in my house. The CHOICE I made was to adopt my pittie because she was the only one NOT barking at the dog pound.


I have learned through the years that arguing with people like this won't change a thing. We will never be able to change their simple minds. It amazes me how many people LOVE my dog until I say he's a pit's like he's the plague or something! I didn't like pits either until I worked at a vet's office. After that I realized that most of them are very sweet & loyal (more so than those little ankle biters). We had to muzzle more dachshunds, chihuahuas and yorkies than pits. Everyone is entitled to their opinion...even if it's an uneducated one. Do I sound like your "typical" pit owner? Actually yes I do because many people other than drug dealers own them.


I have no bias against of for any breed of dog. Any dog with teeth is capable of biting. This dog may have been teased, he may have been beaten, but the reason for why he bit is irrelevant. If a dog bites a person, especially a child, he should be done. I owned the sweetest puppy in the world, he was a retriever/lab mix, and his name was romeo. I LOVED this dog as much as any owner could love a dog. One day, seemingly for no reason, he bit my one year old son. I had extensive testing at the vet to find out he had severe hip dysplasia and was probably in pain and that is why he bit my son, but I still had him euthanized. Some people might find that cruel, but a dog is a dog and a person is more important. I miss him dearly, but I do not regret my decision. Nobody saw my dog in the paper, because he wasnt a pit bull. The dog that bites the most people every year is actually a german shepard and you never hear about that. As unfair as it is to put this in the paper and further the sterotype about this breed, this individual dog should be euthanized. Best of luck to everyone involved.


I would've done the same in your situation. German shepards are mean lol! I had one try to bite my face off! That never happened with a pit. I eventually overcame my fear of shepards & was able to work on them again but I'd never own one.


A German Shepherd is no worse than any other breed.
It's all in how they are trained & treated.
I have had the honor of raising German Shepherds * Doberman's for the last 30+ years. And never have they ever biten anyone.

Lloyd Christmas

All of you people lumping Pits into the "vicious dog" category need to do some educating for yourselves. I do not own a Pit. I actually have a Rott who is the biggest baby you'd ever meet. Loves kids, loves people, strangers, etc... its not how their blood stream is... its how their OWNER is. Half the people who have kids shouldnt have them because they're half raised little, ignorant twerps just like their parents are. Is it the kids fault? NO!

Its the parents fault because thats how they were raised. They werent taught any better. If you treat a dog like trash expect it to act like it. If I kicked you would you be mad? Yeah, and you'd kick back. If you kick a dog whats it do? Most of the time run away until its had enough and then it does the only thing it can. BITE!

If you're slapped around and talked down to you'd probably be angry right? Same with a dog.



WTF is a Blood Stream?

Brock Lee

note to self get a fense

Kottage Kat

Have 2 vicious attack Katz just like dey mamma.
Seriously this is going to argued till there a snow ball fight in front of Satans house.
you don't have to be right, be happy.


thanks too :)


i read in the port clinton news herald that a pit bull bit two workers at island safe harbor animal sanctuary. the dog had been assessed for two weeks & seemed to have no aggression issues. in this case common sense prevailed and the dog was shot by law enforcement officers.


Fine the owner, since the owner taught the dog to bite.


Will said Lloyd Christmas. He doesn't have a clue. If it was any other kind of dog, there would be no story at all. Just because it's a pitbull, they are going to make a big deal out of it. And for the record, there are no bad dogs, just bad owners!


For all of you ignorant morons that are saying that all pits need to die and that its in their blood to attack need to do a little research, and when you're done doing the research, then you should be put down also. I raise rescued pit bulls and i garuntee the pits that i have rescue are better than any other dog i have owned. And they are way more well behaved than alot of other types of dogs i have seen. My chihuahua would attack somebody before my pit bull would ever even think about attacking somebody. So before you start saying all that idiotic sh*t. DO SOME RESEARCH!!


And its not always the dog. Its how you train your dog. ANY dog could be vicious and attack. At any point in time. If you train your dog right, you wouldnt have that problem!


I'm not gonna say that the kid didn't provoke it but that dog could have attacked just because it could. My cousin was simply walking home when a pit bull tried to attack her, but her brother jumped in the way and got bit on the shoulder pretty bad. Not all pit bulls are attack dogs but there not all peaceful. I think no matter what if you have an outside dog they should have a fence around the yard. My neighbors have 5 large dogs including pit bulls and rottweilers and I am very thankful they have a fence.