Norwalk woman arrested on heroin charge

Car stopped for equipment violation; search reveals heroin in passenger's seat
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Feb 9, 2013


A woman is behind bars in Huron County, charged with a heroin crime.

Amber Boldman, 23, of 4696 Plank Road, was a passenger in a car pulled over by Huron County Sheriff's Deputy Joshua Kaufman at 8 p.m. Friday on Ohio 601.

Kaufman stopped the silver Pontiac for an equipment violation.

During the course of interviewing the vehicle's occupants, deputies learned there was an arrest warrant for Boldman in Erie County.

So Boldman was taken into custody, and a search of the vehicle revealed suspected heroin in the passenger's seat where she had been sitting, deputies said.

Boldman then was taken to the local jail and held on felony drug charge.

In January 2012, an Erie County grand jury indicted Boldman on one count of heroin possession. She lived in Sandusky at the time.



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