Norwalk administration, city firefighters still trying to come to terms

Firefighters are working under the former contract, which expired Dec. 31.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 9, 2013


The city of Norwalk administration and local firefighters' union are hoping to put the wraps on a new contract soon.

The firefighters are working under the former contract, which expired Dec. 31.

A story about the negotiations was published in Saturday's Reflector. To read the story, pick up a copy of that issue or you can subscribe to the e-paper for less than $1 per week and read it now.



Take away the key's to the new fire truck that'll bring'em around!!


Every story on the register and reflector sights have to do with unions and wanting more money. Hard for people to say we are against teachers and fireman and policemen because we are not. the problem is if they make more we make less and in most cases they are already making more than most of us. And i sit here amazed that they are all the ones who had repeal sb5 signs in their yards. It was somewhat fixed and they chose this route instead. Cant feel sorry for them


Please provide me a link with all of these stories of "unions...wanting more money". The majority of the stories I've read deal with cuts, wage freezes, and attrition. And what "route" did "they" choose? SB5 was taken for what it was and that is over now, the people spoke on that issue.


hahaa what a freaking joke!!!


Whoa whoa whoa...the article makes no mention that the firefighters are asking for anything. You guys are assuming and when you assume you...well, nevermind.


Not going to assume anything here.
Other than thats probly what the local officer and firefighter were standing in Norwalks mall "wally world" yesterday discussing while waiting for the
All i'd like to know is why they chose this picture for the local government BULL?!
digging up dirt? suck...go dig up a bone!!


You will wish you had supported the firefighters when your house is on fire and there is only one firefighter left in the city to help you because of all the cutbacks. He'll be the one in the rain slicker, holding onto a fire extinguisher, and riding his bicycle to the scene while yelling, "Yooooooooh!"

As the saying goes, "You can't fix stupid."


are you a blonde?
my name is similar but spelled with an "e"
cuz i don't blow like an airhead...haaa
but really...who are you calling stupid?
your description of this firefighter reminds me of old Jake.
big tall guy that rode his bike...he lived in that area back in the day.
i support firefighters altho some of our city administrators and officials are corrupt and dirty.
they forget they put their pants on just like any other person in this city and sit back and judge people with the best of the arrogant best!
i could tell you a story or two but we all read enough here
it's more fun to just sit back and grin!
and because i know i'm a decent person.
i've had many family members in law enforcement..
and both my grandpas were volunteer firefighters in milan.
as far as this picture here...
hmmmm...just wondering why they chose it?
i was severely burnt and lost a dog in that fire along with much more.
wasn't so impressed with how everything was handled.
but hey enjoy the new fire truck!!
hope it helps to save many lives!
thank you for your service

Kottage Kat

I remember Jake
Grew up in that neighborhood


I remember Jake! And Darrel "The Can Man"! Anyone else?


crazy her! :)


The fire department may as well just write their own check because this administration doesn't have the guts to do anything but give in.


Best comment "Dusty"...still laughing!


Don't forget, "they" needed chrome rims. That also did not add more $$. eye roll


Perhaps instead of creating new private sector jobs like he promised in his campaign, ol' "jobs, jobs, jobs," Duncan will add that he "saved" public sector jobs to his list of accomplishments for 2013?

Taxes and fees need to increase or the quality of publicly provided services and benefits will need to decrease - TANSTAAFL.


Fulltime firefighters are draining cities dry everywhere. In Norwalk first a new fire truck, now I am sure they was more money and raises. At what point is this administration going to say NO - because it seems ever since they took over they have done nothing but spend money!! Every other city around seems to be making cuts, but we are spending more and more daily here in Norwalk. What happened to the words consolidation, working together, doing more with less?? Seriously people stop the bleeding in Norwalk!


I always heard a new fire tuck is the cheapest investment a fire house can make....compared to peoples wages and insurance and retirement and other stuff that gets replaced more often like air packs, hoses, etc.....I might be mistaken and if I am I'm sure you people will let me know....

swiss family

I think that Norwalk is blessed to have such dedicated guys in our fire department.They put everything they have into saving lives, property and even pets when possible.. without even knowing their yearly salaries, I would say that if we have the money for them, they certainly deserve it. I do, however, remember a few years back, a discussion about the pay for firefighters. and the issue at that time was the amount of overtime that some of the men were getting. I have to wonder if the solution to that problem was ever found. I do not understand how overtime is an issue, especially if we are fully staffed? I do understand that their employment structure is set up differently than most jobs, like working longer shifts as they do, and then having longer periods of "off" time to compensate for that, but with that set up, I still do not see where overtime comes into play, and if I remember correctly, at that time there was a lot of money being paid out for overtime hours.. I hope that this is no longer a possibility

Brock Lee

change it to volunteer fd


A vol. FD would cause property and causality ins. rates to increase.

Privatize it.


you're not only right about the rates Contango...
but the days of old,decent and simple are gone as well.
not all of us are to blame.
privitize it? you're talking liability and big $'s
hope this city and especially the firefighters