Commissioners, sheriff close on solution to cruiser situation

County officials reviewing proposal made by sheriff
Scott Seitz2
Feb 12, 2013


The opportunity is there for the Huron County commissioners to improve the cruiser situation at the sheriff's office.

At a commissioners' meeting last week, Sheriff Dane Howard, along with Major Greg Englund and Auditor Roland Tkach, presented a plan where for about $48,000 a year for four years, six new cruisers can be obtained through a lease program.

Howard told the board nine cruisers have more than 170,000 miles on them, with a number more than 200,000. The new vehicles would be Ford Explorers.

Commissioner Gary Bauer said after the meeting the board would review this proposal for a couple weeks.

A story about this subject was published in Monday's Reflector. To read the story, pick up a copy of that issue or subscribe to the e-paper for less than $1 per week and read it now.



48K a year for six new cruisers......sounds like they sat down and came up with a good plan. This is chump change and as much use as these cruisers get used chasing down the drugs in Huron County, Im glad they came up with a solution.

Swamp Fox

$48,000 x 4 years=$192,000 divided by six cruiser=$32,000 per cruiser. Doesn't sound like much of a bargain when you read other cities and counties are purchasing cruisers for $24,000-$25,000 per unit.... Its only taxpayer money...... I am sure we will need new light bars and other new equipment in addition to the stated cost...


Agree leasing is potentially the most expensive way to do it, but, IMO it's a matter of cash flow.

What do ya wanna do; raise taxes to help fund the upfront costs? Good luck with that!

If you can't afford to buy a house, you rent right?


I agree there would only be 2 reasons to Lease vehicles 1) Write off...Well they don't need that. 2) Cash poor and can't afford the cash layout.


3 reasons to lease vehicles #3 is to keep up with the Smiths and Jones. If its a lease you have to give it back some time. Then you need a new one. Any one ever do a fleet lease? How many miles a year will thay be able to put on the s.u.v.'s? And how much $ will be needed when that number gets passed up? And will thay be 4x4 or 2x4 that will change the m.p.g.. Oh that's right just go to the gas station and swipe the gas card. Sorry I forgot!

Swamp Fox

You do away with non patrol officers taking home cars, and purchase two new cruisers each and every year until the fleet is upgraded, and then replace cars at 100K in the future.....


Why do they need replaced at 100k? My car has 150k and is running fine. If you keep the oil changed, check fluids, etc., there is no reason a car can't last for 225k-250k. 20 years ago you would've done this, but now I don't think it is needed. I'm not a mechanic by no means, but a lot of friends are and they say the same thing. Dunlap will vote yes for the cars and any new money anyways. He's buddy-buddy with the sheriff anyways.


Fundraisers? Lottery? Let's get creative here. Maybe some people would help in some capacity.

It's a Jeep thing

Over priced Ford SUV cruisers. Just purchase a few kias and slap a light bar on them...


At least Explores are made in the U.S.ofA. keeping Americans working.


I thought they just bought some cruisers last year, I believe it was four?

Too many employees, transport and admin, taking cruisers home which ads mileage and fuel costs, no excuse for that.

Once again smoke and mirrors, this department has never had a higher budget in its history while at the same time looking at other county departments' funds for their own.


we are over taxed already. Their cars are still running. Live within your means like the rest of us are forced too.


Clarence3: I totally agree with you. Get ready Huron County; it's coming with good ol Tommy Boy Dunlap. You watch, Englund is pushing for new cruisers of course cause he wants a shiny new cruiser to go along with his shinny new shoes. Sorry Greg, but it's true and you know it. Pretty soon Howard is going to want to buy a cruiser for everyone of the employees @ HCSO. Bottom line is, every employee owns a vehicle so why can't all of them drive their OPV including Howard. That would eliminate he gas crisis @ the S.O..

The commissioners need to put a stop of the transport deputies taking those cruisers home as their OPV. One cruiser is in Norwalk and the other goes to Bellevue. Under retired Sheriff Richard M. Sutherland, Dick utilized a van as a transport vehicle. So why can't Howard request a van and put those two cruisers on the road. So Howard, stop whining about your cruiser crisis or let Jamie run the S.O..


Hum I just realized HCSO has 4 extra cruisers sitting on 25 from the following deputies who recently retired: TAP MC DB and GE-aka(shinny shoes). So why does Howard need 4 more cruiser? By the way, when is Ted coming back? Pretty soon I hope.


Make that 5 Todd Corbin has been on administrative leave for the past 2-3 months so that's another one just setting. Unless he back but I haven't seen or heard him. Some how the Reflector missed that story.


I believe he is back, although that is another bridge that has been burned. Parted ways big time. Oh if you only knew the background story on this one!

swiss family

I don't understand how so many local car dealerships are able to have car giveaways, or even car raffles, unless it is good for the dealership as an advertising expense, or as a write off of some kind, so why , with all of the car dealerships within the county, can't some of them donate new cars, and the county will pay to customize them with all of the bells and whistles,, and lights, and in turn the dealership gets their name posted on the vehicle in smaller lettering that the Sheriff logo???? I also wonder why Huron County and Norwalk do not take advantage of the Govdeals website, where other schools, Police and Sheriff departments and even hospitals put their older supplies up for auction and sell the stuff that they no longer need and turn the stuffed storage areas intro usable would be surprised what an old lawn mower, or a traffic light, or sheriffs uniform or even hat goes for on there....I did read that they were going to do this... but time is a waistin!!!!


The sheriff needs to ask the NPD about the government deals. NPD got a gas hog Hummer. Just for the cost to go get it then pay someone to strip it and paint it then put all the NPD goodies on it.

Swamp Fox

swissey, with you vast wealth why don't you donate a car to the sheriffs department with your name , "compliments of", along with one of your gems of wisdom.....


@ swiss:

Nah, ya got it all backwards.

When in season, the HCC just needs to go out to the money tree orchard on Egypt Rd. and pick a few bushel baskets of currency off the Benjamin bushes.


They got to have a lot full of impounds back there. Aren't they charging for storage for those cars where's that money? 15 bucks a day at 30 days is $450 time 10 cars is $4500 a month.


That's right Dusty. That makes 5 cruisers available. How funny Corbins incident involving inappropriate incident with his MP 5 didn't make the head line news with Norwalk Reflector.

Another hush hush thing like Harris shooting incident during qualifications. Has the commissioners received the results back from head shrink in reference their union rep? Scary


You are so correct. The SO continually sends out press releases with the same three names: Querin, Harris, and Duncun. They do not, however, issue releases on the MP5, Harris incident, or the other vehicles quietly being repaired from prior accidents.

On a positive note, it seems Corbin has finally seen the light.


There's two good front page story's right there! If we know this how is it the Reflector didn't know it? I think the sheriff's office is spoon feeding them news. You know, only giving them what they want them to have. Sometimes I think there a little to frindly with the Sheriff's office.


Dont disrespect officer Corbin. One hair on his head is more of a man than all of you posters combined.


Nobody is disrepecting Corbin. Please read again. Corbin and Howard are no longer thisclose as the BUS ran over Corbin and Corbin has finally seen that he has been used.


Its a scam, someone's gotta be getting a kick back from this. The math is so far off its ridiculous ....Whatever commissioner voted for this should not e elected, this is just bad bad all the way around.. Shame on the Huron County commissioner's


It wouldn't take me two weeks to do the math on this one. Those three commissioner's better come up with something better than this idea.


Instead of sitting on here spouting off comments, why don't you just go to a Commissioners meeting? Talk to them face to face.. Maybe you don't have the guts..