Local police investigate counterfeit money cases

Fake money has passed initial inspection with detection pens.
Cary Ashby
Feb 7, 2013


The Willard Police Department is investigating its third report of a business receiving counterfeit currency in $5 and $20 denominations recently.

Chief Mark Holden encourages residents to "please proceed cautiously when accepting money."

"The bills have been marked with detection pens and have passed initial inspection," he said about the bogus bills. "Please refer to the security strips and other detection methods as counterfeit detection pens are proving unreliable."

Anyone who has received counterfeit bills or has information about this crime is encouraged to call the Willard Police Department at (419) 933-2561.



How are we supposed to tell if it's real or not, if the "authorities" can't??


Umm the "aithorities" can tell and so can you....read the article moron, don't just rely on the pen test, look for the water mark and security strip. Find another place to try and put down the cops....


Just know that if you turn in fake bills to the bank or police all you get is:
1. Thank you!
2. Where did it come from?


Counterfeit fives? IMO, the production costs (paper, ink, time, etc) would potentially out way the benefits.

When the Federal Reserve prints fiat currency which tends to reduce its value, it's called "quantitative easing."

When individuals do it it's called counterfeiting.

Not much difference really.



This link explains why the pens don't work and gives other measures.