Charge reduced to misdemeanor for woman accused of trying to burn down family trailer with sleeping kids inside

Suspect initially charged with first-degree felony; resident was able to put the fire out by using a child's coat.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Feb 4, 2013


A Huron County grand jury has decided that felony charges are not warranted against a woman accused of trying to burn down a family trailer with sleeping kids inside.

On Friday, grand jurors handed down one first-degree misdemeanor count of criminal damaging against Amy S. Pridemore, 40, of 2787 S. Ohio 99, Willard. The case was transferred to municipal court for possible prosecution.

The indictment says Pridemore is accused of causing serious harm to people and serious damage to property "recklessly by means of fire" in connection with a Jan. 10 incident.

Pridemore initially was charged with aggravated arson, a first-degree felony, after authorities said she attempted to burn down the family trailer.

"The complainant called and said there was a female there who appeared to be under the influence of something," Huron County Sheriff's Major Greg Englund said.

Deputies were called to the scene at 1:09 a.m.

"The female had set fire to the kitchen and the complainant was able to put the fire out by using a child's coat," Englund said.

Pridemore is the mother of two children who were sleeping in the trailer at the time of the incident. Another male subject also was sleeping in the trailer at the same time, Englund added.

"The woman did live there, but there was an argument after the male told her he was moving out with the two children," Englund said.

"The woman pulled out a disposable lighter and set some things on fire in the kitchen and made the statement, 'if she couldn't live there, no one was going to live there,'" Englund said.

"Sgt. Todd Wagner and Deputy Ted Evans located the female in the back bedroom and arrested her without incident," he said. "The Norwalk Law Director's office charged her with aggravated arson because there were people in the home."






You have to be kidding? What the! I think the State AG needs to investigate huron county court system!.

swiss family

I couldn't agree with you more.... the Ohio Attorney General has a website, and on that website you can complain and make a statemente that something is wrong, seriously wrong with what our officials are calling Justice here!!!! I think if everyone who is outraged and has had more than enough of seeing potential Kid Killers like this woman, and Heroin Dealers, and all kinds of other criminals have their serious crimes reduced down to some trivial crime with barely any punishment, we might make a difference, we might be able to get the Attorney General to have his staff look into these "unusual" tactics and do something about it...the more people who complain the better chance that they will look into it and hopefully restore Justice and Righteousness back in our community


What is the real disgrace is the people of the county said it was unwarranted felony.You had better drug test the grand jury.

Come to Huron county where the law is applied softly and not at all if you snitch out.


WOW....let me play the "what if" game....What would she be charged with IF the house had burnt down? I am sorry she wanted them dead...she lit a fire in a house with CHILDREN in it! Why was it not ATTEMPTED MURDER? It is no wonder the world is going to H$!! in a hand basket, there are no consequences anymore. Arson? Murder? Drugs? Robbery? Identity theft? No worries, you can plead it down.


You can't indictment them if you dont have the proof. Someone dropped the ball here.

yogi bear

Need a new broom to sweep out the prosecutor's office.


So she had a bad day. The story itself has two big holes. "The woman did live there, but there was an argument after the male told her HE WAS MOVING OUT with the two children," Then it goes on to say that she was gonna burn down the trailer saying "if she couldn't live there, no one was going to live there". Too bad she didn't have a single doobie or a little gun. Now she'd be in serious trouble.


seriously? she tries to burn down a trailer and kill the kids inside, but it's only a misdemeanor? that is horrible. they'll regret it when she tries it again with someone else's kids and she succeeds. that shows you how moronic people are!


We do what to people that purposly try to kill other people and their children? Oh let me answer this yeah NOTHING!!!! This is crazy and we need to examine our judicial system.

Lillie Chaos

There has got to be more to this story. If there are guidelines and restrictions the general public needs to understand.


Are you F√¢€|^& kidding! She tries to burn down a trailer with her own children inside and you drop it from a 1st degree felony to a 1st degree misdemeanor! How the hell does that happen???!!!! This is total crap!!!! She must have been really super duper sorry or snitched hard for that one! I can't believe the grand jury didn't indict her for this! I am disgusted with Norwalk's entire judicial system! Ridiculous absolutely absurd!!!!


someone please say those kids aren't still in her custody or atleast limited time left in her care.

Brock Lee



Lets let he go and see what she does next mentality?


well they say don't kill someone in texas cus they kill you......come to huron co. you can do anything wth


Welcome to our judicial system. Huron County's MAIN PROBLEM!