Driver dies after Toyota Prius is slammed by semi truck

Troopers say car pulled into path of semi, leading to fatal collision.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Feb 4, 2013


The Fremont post of the state Highway Patrol is currently investigating a two-vehicle fatal crash that occurred Sunday on Ohio 53 within the intersection of County Road 6 (south of the City of Tiffin) in Seneca Township. 

Kevin L. Shanks, 53, of Tiffin, was driving a 2008 Toyota Prius west on County Road 6 at 4:45 p.m. when he failed to yield from the stop sign at the Ohio 53 intersection, troopers said. His Prius was struck by a southbound 1999 Peterbilt tractor/trailer combination being driven by Keith Doliboa, 61, of Eaton, and then traveled off the west edge of the roadway, hitting a sign and tree. The semi, meanwhile, stopped in the roadway.

Shanks died from his injuries at the scene, troopers said.

Neither Doliboa nor his passenger, Donna M. Back, 48, of Camden, were injured. 

Seat belts were in use by all involved in the crash. 

Troopers were assisted by the Seneca County Sheriff’s Department, New Riegel EMS, McCutchenville Fire, Ohio Department of Transportation and Peacock’s Towing.

The crash remains under investigation.



Bad deal... but WHY Headline as such: Slammed by semi?????? well ya, pulled out in front of??? Headline just cracks me up, the twist on words to sell papers.


I am wondering about the specific car/truck descriptions lately. The drug bust the other day was a (dont remember the year) chevy cavalier...this is a 2008 toyota prius, and a 1999 peterbilt....but wow does it really matter? Would the story be different if it said car SLAMMED by semi? People need to start and PAY ATTENTION!


Yah it does make a difference to me and many others in the transportation industry. Always a twist. "Them evil dangerous cowboy truckers". % are so great that the trucker did not cause a many of accidents. But with the public views one of the most highly subjective employments. Take for instance i bet you didn't know. It is illegal for a commercial driver to chat on a cell phone while driving. Now this trucker (right or wrong) may have engaged in a phone conversation 20 minutes prior to this accident. But with current laws and Lawyers on the sniff trail. Driver could easily be sought for wrongful death due to a law violation, to a fact he broke the law in mere minutes before collision therefore my not have been at full attention. Therefore accident may have been avoided. Driver and family and company lose everything. You people don't understand it could be a clear sunny day. A driver by no fault of his own involved in accident, could have a taillight. or a wiper out after the fact and because that would deem a DOT inoperative vehicle, had that truck been placed out of service the accident would not have happened. BOOM drivers fault....and DO NOT for a minute think i am drawing stories. FACTS.. and it does happen.


I have a bit better understanding of the "trucker" life than you know. And yes I know all about some of the "obscene" rules and laws of the road. My point is does it really matter if we know the exact year and make/model of the car? Trust me I know that most truckers get the short end of the stick.


prayers to all involved and for the families.

Brock Lee

sad maybey his brakes broke


Yes, the headline is ridiculous and obviously meant to grab your attention, that's what the media does best. The facts of the matter are: It was a traffic light- not a four way stop, Kevin was driving a make and model that is known to have many recall issues, thus it's relevant, perhaps that model of Peterbuilt has issues as well, I do not know, and lastly, the accident is still under investigation.
Kevin was my brother, a gentle giant of a man who's motto in all aspects of life was 'safety first' and he was about to become a grandfather for the first time.
Thank you onegirlarmy and Brock Lee, you obviously understand that this is a tragedy that was poorly reported, involves and affects many people, including the driver of the tractor trailer, and not a conspiracy against the trucking industry.