Some Super Bowl ads score, some fumble

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Feb 4, 2013


When it comes to telling a good story about a brand, Volkswagen and Best Buy had the most effective ads so far this Super Bowl, experts said — but that quirky one with security footage of people being, gasp, nice to others was the runaway heartstrings tugger.

“The Volkswagen ad says, ‘When things are built right, you have no need to worry,’” said Small Army CEO Jeff Freedman, about the controversial commercial that features buttoned-down office workers who start speaking like Rastafarians after cruising in a VW.

Freedman also applauded a cute Best Buy ad, featuring Burlington-bred comedian Amy Poehler as a baffled but determined shopper.

“It worked because it said, ‘Best Buy is there for the answers you need,’ ” he said.

But Melissa Lea, president of Blitz Media, a full-service media agency, said her Super Bowl favorite was Coca Cola’s “Security” ad, which shows security camera footage of people being really, really nice to each other.

“With everything that’s going on now, the security and watching people and the lack of privacy, it managed to capture the good in all that, as opposed to the evil,” she said.

Freedman gave the thumbs-down to GoDaddy, the website creator that has spent nearly $8 million on ads before halftime.

The company always aims to shock with its ads.

This year, it was more of the same, with gorgeous supermodel Bar Refaeli making out with a nerd to make a point about the company’s desire to be both smart and sexy. “If I am going to have my website built,” Freedman said, “I’m going somewhere competent, and I’m not getting competent from GoDaddy.”

Freedman also said the Hyundai ads — he had counted five so far — didn’t work so well, either.

“They were entertaining, but they didn’t tell me anything new,” he said.

Dennis Franczak, CEO at Boston-based FUSEideas, said, “The Hyundai spot with the kids was hilarious, and you could really get the message, that Hyundai is a lifestyle vehicle.”

Franczak also liked the Audi’s “Brace” ad about a young man going to his prom on his own.

“It was funny, but it also delivered the message that you are a little empowered when you drive an Audi,” he said.

But Franczak said the Jeep ad was the “universal dud” in his home: “You could totally tell they were trying to put the Jeep as the hero, not the troops, so it felt really insincere.”


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USO/Jeep ad brought tears to my eyes as my son is Deployed.


The M&M "I would do anything for love"..


The "go-daddy" ad with the hottie and the nerd kissing was DISGUSTING. Trust me I am no prude but it was just gross. The close up and the sound effects....ICK


i agree was gross!!


The Clydesdale ad was the best!

Brock Lee

like taco bell


i liked both as well...taco bell hillarious!!!

jack langhals

The Clydesdale are always the best.It's the only one you can identify with.Joke of the week.Car parked in Miss.License plate frame say's, I miss Chicago.That nite the boys stole the wheels,tires,cd player and busted the windshield.left a note.Welcome Home !Oh,half time stunk as usual !

Cliff Cannon

Wow ! So much to choose from. I agree with many here, there were some seriously disgusting ones. Loved taco bell as well as dorito's in general. Still, Paul Harvey being, well Paul Harvey, about farmers takes my cake.

P.S. I missed the Jeep/USO ---darn it !


@ CC:

IMO, no "standouts" this yr.

Jeep/USO commercial? That's why "Gawd" created Youtube. :)

Got a bit of an "issue" with companies wrapping themselves in the flag for commercial purposes.

If you don't have it yet, ya need to get sound - lotsa great old concerts and acts on Youtube.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : Good morning. Yea, I agree no real stand out's this year.Of course,given the level that we've come to expect.....

As to your " ' issue ' with companies wrapping themselves in the flag for commercial purposes." I certainly agree,yet disagree. My point is that long ago and where it started,I do not know. Virtually,very country's flag became shall we call it a " religious symbol " and as such has been used wisely, abusively, as well as commericially ever since. So, I expect as well as accept that use.

Now for the fun one. My daughter read my comment about " Jeep/USO " and like you reminded me of my lack of computer savvy.However,what I really meant was I hadn't seen it.....yet.

I found that commercial to be excellant ! ( even better than Paul Harvey's 'farmer' ) I also,found it to be more sentimental or empathetic than 'flag waving'. Personally, I disagree with the anthropologists who say that what seperates man from the animals is his ability to communicate.

To me what seperates man, is his ability to feel sentimentality, as well as to empathize with his fellow being's. For without those traits,mankind would be extremely cold or even worse--- " Darwinian " and who would want to live in that world ?

So gratefully, " Teachersaid " could have a teary moment for a deployed son. And all of us,with children completely understood, as well felt those same tears.


Paul Harvey and the Ram