Move over Chumlee, Norwalk gets first pawn shop

There is no Chumlee and the Old Man isn't hanging around behind the counter, but Norwalk has its first pawn shop.
Jul 14, 2011


There is no Chumlee and the Old Man isn't hanging around behind the counter, but Norwalk has its first pawn shop.

Cashland Financial Services at 214 Milan Ave., Suite A, held a grand opening Friday.

"Basically, you bring in your items," said store manager Christina Gabriel, a 1999 graduate of Monroeville High School. "We look it up, see if it works and try to make a deal."

Gabriel said you can either sell the item outright, or pawn it. If you pawn it, you have 30 days to return and buy it back. The cost is 5 percent plus a 4 percent service charge.

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Ahh, at last. The next to the last sign of a depression economy arrives. The ability to sell for pennies on the dollar items which you're still paying 22% interest for on your Visa, all so you can try to get rid of your last valuable possessions in a desperate attempt to stay afloat. So now we have all but one of the signs. Jobs have all but closed shop and moved. Unemployment and welfare rates have skyrocketed. Homes are being foreclosed on and abandoned. And now we got the pawn shops starting to crop up. Desperate times are close at hand. Now we only have to wait to see the final stage, the rampant transient / homeless will begin to show up in our abandoned structures next. That's when you know it's all over.

When inner-city level depression hit small-town America, it's time to buy guns, ammo, canned goods, and bottled water. Or you wonderful people will be beating on the door of us "conspiracy nuts" beggin for food next!

On a side note, I hope they buy and sell guns. A pawn shop that doesn't deal in firearms is utterly useless.

Good luck, fellow slaves!

We're all gonna need it.

6079 Smith W

@ letmepicyou: Good observation. Another "sign" is when churches and other not-for-profits take over commercial space in a downtown area.


Yes, well, this is a source of vast untapped potential income for municipalities if you ask me. Time to start taxing churches.

6079 Smith W

@ letmepicyou: Whatdoyasay we just figure out ways to make people more personally responsible for themselves and their own and less reliant on the spoils produced from state sponsored theft for their sustenance?


Oh, I agree, but first you have to create an environment where people can thrive again on their own. I would say claiming all the people who have worked places like, Mid Ohio Wines, Motor Panels (or whatever it was called when it closed), Industrial Power Coating, et al, are somehow not "personally responsible for themselves" to be rather insulting to them. Our country has been gutted. Unemployment rate (the REAL unemployment rate) is somewhere around 22%. That's 1 in 5. Maybe it's time to realize that dependence on the government is something that has been orchestrated and planned. There was a time in this pathetic town's life that I made a decent living doing what I do, but my income has slowly dwindled in the past few years. So much so that I've gone back to school to begin taking classes again with the intention of getting my degree so I can pack up and move out of this town before it's too late. Hopefully, I can get my degree and get someplace where jobs still exist before it's too late to move.

And it's NOT just me.

I do taxes for a few of my buddies, and I'll tell you this, I have watched first hand EACH of their incomes dwindle bit by bit, month after month, year after year. The one guy just had a kid recently, and where his job once provided amply, HE'S now looking at going on assistance, even though he works a steady job.

This ain't just "lazy people", that is a propaganda divisionary line that is being cleaved between the people of this country. The middle class is being OBLITERATED. Soon it will be the very rich and the very poor.

And it's all by design.


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6079 Smith W

Watch it. If it's successful, Norwalk is a large enough community that it can support another one.+++++++ Over the past few decades people have been buying "stuff" that depreciates in value as opposed to investable assets that tend to appreciate. It’s not surprising that one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. has been storage facilities. We've been buyin' so much crap that we've run out of space in our houses and are willing to pay someone to hold it for us.


Agreed...if you've got so much stuff that you can't fit it in your house, you've got too much stuff! Granted, there's a reason for storage facilities...and it's not so you can have so much stuff that you can furnish four houses and a small apartment.

6079 Smith W

@ letmepicyou: I graduated from college in the mid-70s and left town after a few months. I only came back two yrs. ago from out-of-state for personal family reasons, but will be on my way again when circumstances allow. I've got my eye on East TX. As I often write - the best and the brightest are and have been fleeing. Welcome to the Diaspora. ++++++By design? Not likely, simple incompetence is the overwhelming variable. Be careful not to confuse correlation for causality.


The very idea that the banks lobbied for the repeal of "Glass-Stegall" should tell you that this WAS intentional. This has been the intention since the Federal Reserve was established in 1913.

6079 Smith W

@ letmepicyou: The financial meltdown which exploded in '08 associated with GS? Correlation and incompetence. The Fed was created to eliminate economic depressions after the Panic of 1907 - how's it doin'? Belief in some kind of puppet master Illuminati is ludicrous. Better study some Austrian economics and get back to me.


Yes, it was directly related to the repeal of Glass-Steagall. The fed was created to CAUSE economic depressions, NOT to prevent them !

you've got to be out of your MIND.

You should read the HISTORY of the central bank in America, and tell me what Andrew Jackson's final words were on his death bed.

These very words you type...they sicken and frighten me. No educated American should honestly believe this nonsense.

I don't care what you THINK you know, LEARN something...

Here's a great book

6079 Smith W

@ letmepicyou: Try gettin' outside of OH and little ol' Norwalk - see the world. So other than b*tch and moan what are you gonna do about the hobgoblins of Wall St.? Trust me bunkie, I've got financial systems and procedures in place to protect me and my own; if I go down, a whole lot more people will be in far worse shape. For one: Got gold?+++++Very familiar with the book. You may "think" that you understand History, but it would appear that you've arrived at some very wrongheaded conclusions. Regardless, information is useless unless you can act on it - I have. Have a toke on me in your conspiratorial fantasyland.


Ahh, lets see...I've been to: Canada (Toronto, Niagara, Victoria BC), Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong (before the chinese took it back), Singapore, hmm, anyplace I forgot? Maybe. Where should I go to qualify as having "seen the world" ?

And if you want to stock up on something, may I suggest guns, ammo, canned goods, and water?


And besides all that, can you illustrate intelligently where I've come to "wrongheaded conclusions" ? Like, point out a particularly heinous faux pas I've committed?

Kind of like what the rest of the folks here post. All kinds of posts on how wrong I am and what a nut I am, not a single one illustrating it or proving it.

Kottage Kat

You really want that, eh. Please, you don't have to beg me to tell


This is a BAD idea. There is selling items to a trade shop, and then there is a Pawn shop. This is just going to compound an issue. *shakes head* Good luck to you all trudgeing through the mess of Norwalk.

6079 Smith W

@ letmepicyou: Concluding that the Fed was created to cause economic depressions is not only "wrongheaded" but ludicrous. Were central banks like the ECB and others also created to ferment economic depressions?+++++You “traveled the world” and came back to Norwalk? When I told local friends that I was returning they incredulously asked, "Why?"+++++++ Here’s a book for you, I donated a copy to the Norwalk Library last yr.:

Kottage Kat

@ 6079Smith W, I have never been all that involved in the financial world, reading your posts has fostered an interest. Please take what LMPU says with a grain of salt, he is a legend in his own mind. I am writing down the titles of the books you post, would it be possible to have the author also. I will be downloading those avaiable in e-reader format to my e-reader for further study, Thank you. Kat with a K


You see, anything she sees regarding me interacting with anyone else, she has to step in and start flappin her jaw as though she's some kind of authority on s***.

In reality, she's gettin a tad lonely, the years are gettin on, and I think she's seeing fewer years ahead then behind, so it's time to get her last licks in, or something. There has to be a psychological reason, or she wouldn't cling to me like wet saran wrap.

6079 Smith W

Duplicate post.

6079 Smith W

@KK: Just checked, the book's on the shelf at the library: "This time is different : eight centuries of financial folly" Reinhart, Carmen M., Call Number: 338.542 REI



Look, man. I got a video here for you to watch. It'll consume a scant 30 minutes of your life. It'll explain to you EXACTLY what's going on, and it's EXTREMELY easy to understand, and it's EXTREMELY entertaining. Guess what? It's a CARTOON! And very expertly produced, animated, and voice acted.

Just...give it a try.

Just ONCE.

6079 Smith W

@ letmepicyou: One can never be too careful right? For added peace-of-mind, you might want to consider relocating to Switzerland; for some reason known only to them, they're big into fallout shelters:

6079 Smith W

@ letmepicyou: Watched about 3 mins of the nonsense. You can't start a fire in the furnace without first puttin' fuel in it. Gettin' something for nothing will only work for so long. Losers have put their faith in the “free lunch” since the beginning of time. If you believe yourself to be a victim - you are. +++++++Norwalk and OH to me has become an economic wasteland and there ain’t one d*mn thing that I can do about it except go elsewhere when it’s apropos. Here's another author that you need to check out:


It is rare I offer someone 100% agreement on anything, but I will agree 100% that Norwalk HAS become an "economic wasteland". You're so right it's almost enough to make a grown man cry.

The only thing I disagree with is that there is nothing that can be done. If I thought that I wouldn't be here saying the things I say. There is always another choice to be made, another path to take. Only some paths lead to civil war and great losses for Americans and for the world. This is obviously the hardest, most dangerous and blood soaked path we could take.

But sometimes, as grown-ups, we must take it upon ourselves to realize that, sometimes the hard, bloody path is the one we must choose.

And sometimes revolution is the best, sometimes ONLY, answer left.

6079 Smith W

@ letmepicyou: Revolution? Extremely doubtful. For the avg. obese American that would only occur if it can be phoned in from a couch while eating potato chips and watching “Idol.”+++++Nope; as it stands through it’s excessive overspending and borrowing, the U.S. will follow all of history’s great nations and empires like Rome, Spain, France, the U.K, the Soviet Union, et al into economic and political oblivion.++++++
As for Norwalk and OH; I refuse to uselessly attempt to grow flowers in a desert and will move me and mine along when the time comes.+++++++++ A song about revolution from the 70s that you may find of interest:


Just another low dollar Norwalk institution,why should we be excited ....

dustcloud97's picture

Some of you people REALLY make me sick. I sit here and read your entire diatribes about the economy and how this business is a bad thing. I can tell you right now I have and will continue to use their services, and I am an honest, law abiding citizen who at times does need help in terms of being able to come by some extra money and what better way to do it than by pawning or selling stuff I already have that I don't use?

Furthermore, the people who work at Cashland do not deserve your negativity toward them or the business they are in. They are doing what they have to do to earn an honest day's living and they, like many people in retail or other business such as, take crap from people like the ones who are complaining saying this is a bad thing. And they do it and don't even bother to get pissy or snappy with any of you.

For shame people, seriously for shame.