Crash kills 2 in Huron County

Local couple lose their lives in two-vehicle accident in Fitchville Twp.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Feb 2, 2013


The state Highway Patrol’s Norwalk post is investigating a two-vehicle fatal crash that occurred at 2:18 p.m. Saturday on Ohio 162 just west of Town Line Road 79 in Fitchville Township, west of New London.

Karlie Conaway, 15, of Greenwich, was driving a 2000 Dodge Dakota pickup west on Ohio 162 when she lost control, traveled left of center and collided with an eastbound 1998 Ford Ranger pickup being driven by Troy Green, 40, of New London, troopers said.

All occupants were trapped in the vehicle and had to be extracted by rescue personnel from the New London Fire Department.

Conaway sustained serious injuries and was transported to Fisher-Titus Medical Center. The front-seat passenger, Rodney Williams, 69, and rear-seat passenger, Betty Williams, 66, both of North Fairfield, were pronounced dead at the scene. Conaway and Rodney Williams were both wearing their safety belts, but Betty Williams was not belted in, troopers said. Their vehicle was towed from the scene by Jensen’s Towing.

Green received serious injuries and was transported to Fisher-Titus. He was wearing his safety belt and his vehicle also was towed from the scene by Jensen’s Towing.

Ohio 162 was closed until just before 6 p.m.

No charges have been filed, and there is no indication of alcohol or drug involvement, troopers said. The crash remains under investigation.

Assistance at the scene was provided by the New London Fire Department, New London EMS, New London Police Department, ODOT, Jensen’s Towing and A&M Towing.



Our prayers to the family. This is a horrible tragedy. Ignore the idiots and their comments.


Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.
Abraham Lincoln


NOT Abe Lincoln.. Mark Twain.


I guess I NEED to clarify my direction of this quote, it was to the comments about the towing companies used. This accident weighed heavy on my mind yesterday. I just can't imagine what this family will have to endure, what ALL parties will have to endure. Months of physical AND emotional re-hab. I hope this young lady doesn't give up on driving.

FYI: Both Lincoln & Twain are credited with this quote..I happen to choose Lincoln.


wow...just wow!!


This is a horrible tragedy, no one is dismissing that fact. However, there is a lesson to be learned here. Young drivers should NOT have been on the road in the conditions they were in yesterday. Even I, with decades of driving experience, stayed off the road yesterday because there was no place so important to be to put my kids at risk.

BlueAngel are 100% right...thats all I was saying in my previous oldest daughter is 30 years old and she refused to go out in this.. there were more than 2 inches of snow on the roads at that time of day. My prayers to everyone in volved...and to the the family member that is angry about the comments... stop threatening on here... if you do not like what is said then don't read them!!


I grew up knowing Rod and Betty. I also knew Karlie's aunts and uncles. This whole family has been dealt a horrible blow, and all they need right now is prayers and good thoughts.
RIP Rod and Betty.. God speed a fast recovery for Karlie and Troy.


Thanks you guys for the kind thoughts and prayers the people who are saying negative things are people that were never graced with the presents of Rod or Betty and frankly by there comments there didn't deserve to be touched by there grace of presence!!! Our family is going to stick together on this tragic advent. Forget all these social gurus that think spreading there stupidly is going to make them look cooler, but we are a close knit family and will stand strong through all of this horrible advent.


I would like to say that I am truly sorry for that two people lost their life's and their family's and our prayers are with all involved I didn't mean to sound cold in my comment we have several friends that own towing company's and A&M has done nothing but bash allot of them and pull allot of distasteful stunts to get calls so when i seen they were at this accident and they were not even the towing company called and they seem to just pop up or come across another accident it struck a nerve again our thoughts are with all involved


Thank you for thoughts and prayers. We all greatly appreciate them through this time of sorrow. I respect everyone's comments and they are entitled to them but those sticks and stones are nothing near the pain & sorrow karlie is feeling. As for the lawyers and such, we all will cross that bridge when we get there. It will be nothing compared to the emotions and process we are going through now. Grandma and grandpa were amazing people and a true picture of love, marriage, family and faith. They taught us well and as a family and with God we will get through this.



Cliff Cannon

I apologize double post.

Cliff Cannon

@kay05-22 May I say to your comment: " Grandma and Grandpa were amazing people and a true picture of love,marriage,family and faith. They taught us well and as a family and with God we will get through this."

Kindly thank your grandparents,for them being amazing teachers of what "life " is really all about. No doubt, despite your family's unspeakable loss. Thanks to your Grandparents,your family shall thankfully perservere in this terrible hour.

Live and learn

Knuckedragger I'm pretty sure you have no idea what your talking about. She is 15 she already has to deal with this forever you don't think she already feels bad enough an yes every teenager should have to drive in the snow to lean how to drive rather then gettin out there at 16 and doing this on her own I don't believe this could have been anymore prevented on any other day everything happens for a reason could have easily been turned around from personal experience j wish I would of been made to drive through all snow when I had my permit instead I was thrown out in it by my self and I didn't know how to drive in this weather at all anything can happen. Karlee Tristan and the rest of the family please don't let any of these idiots get you down your so close to my heart through this I can't imagine the pain especially karlee is going through. Please stay strong


If you only knew...


to all the people who are just on here to say stuff about the young ladys age and about the tow companys grow up and try something like we are sorry for your lose and our prayers and thoughts go out to the familys of the lost ones and hope for a speedy recovery karlie!!!!am truely sorry to hear of this and my thoughts and prayers for the families and karlie!!


Unless the Grandparents were her "legal gaurdians", she shouldn't have been driving! From the Ohio Digest of Motor Vehicle Laws, "Applicants under 16 years of age must practice driving with a licensed parent or legal guardian that occupies the seat next to them. If 16 years of age or
older, they may practice driving with a licensed driver 21 years of age or older occupying the seat next to them".


Thoughts and prayers going out to all those involved. My deepest sympathies to the Williams and Conway Families. For those of you who feel bashing a 15 1/2 year is the thing to do....remember she is going to have to live with this for the rest of her life. For those of you saying "oh I never drove in inclimate weather with 6 months of driving experience"....we all know that is a crock as well. You are not pulling the wool over anyone's eyes....sorry. We all have to learn sometime and this time there was a horrible tragedy. Now you feel the need to bad mouth someone to make yourselves feel better. Well have at it, it's the "comment" section. I just hope and pray that none of you ever have to go through what this family is going through. We all know what they say about karma. As for knuckled dragger..... You must be a very sad individual to sit there and say these things. Either you are ignorant and like to sound intelligent or you are just a very depressed person who has no friends and hates the world. Anyway good luck to you and God Bless:)




I just want to say to the family to please don't be mad at her. Support her all you can, and make sure she doesn't turn to drugs or alcohol. She will have such a hard time living with the fact that this tragedy happened. Just make sure you tell her a million times that you love her and you'll be there for her. I would get her counseling, too. I don't know her, but I just wanted to make sure you guys know she'll need some help and support. And if you ever argue, don't bring that up.


Thank you so much for the advice and thoughts. It will be a long hard road and as a family karlie will have much support along with any professional help she may need. Thank you once again.


my grandparents were in a car accident back in October I know what your family's going threw growing up in the same town as them. Remember take it one day at a time you will have lots of tears and laughs remembering all the memories. Lots of trips to the hospital(s) it will take time. Don't beat yourselves up over it nothing can prevent it now its done and over just remember all the memories. My heart goes out to all of you please let my family know if there's anything we can do.


I feel your loss and your pain my heart goes out to your family so much. Ill keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. god bless your family.


Karlie, may you recover from your injuries, all of them.
Troy, I wish you the same.
I know neither of you but wish to add to this conversation.

Having many years experience driving in all weather conditions I have some thoughts for all to consider:
There are many ways that Karlie may have been forced into the other lane at the wrong time, her lack of experience would have made most of those worse but even those who have plenty of experience have found themselves in the same situation.
A couple years ago I hit a small drift at just the wrong time that almost had me hit an oncoming car, a bit of ice on the road there and it would have been a full head on crash.
Yesterday I drove to Sandusky and back (nearly 80 miles). It was not a day for the inexperienced or the TIMID/SCARED drivers to be out, yet as always too many where.
As a driver you have to make decisions and react to changes quickly- BE DECISIVE!
Go to EMPTY parking lots in winter and test your car and yourself in slippery conditions- KNOW WHAT TO DO AND HOW YOUR CAR RESPONDS! (even those who have a lot of miles but a new to them car)
If you are not comfortable driving in bad weather- STAY OFF THE ROADS! (you become a moving hazard to others)
Just because you may have 4wheel/all wheel drive doesn't mean you can get though anything- YOU STILL ONLY HAVE THE SAME BRAKES AS ANYONE ELSE! (4 wheelers just get further in before getting stuck)
Any time of the year- HAVE YOUR LIGHTS PROPERLY ADJUSTED! (if you are blinding the drivers coming at you, you may get hit by them)
If you are always having others flash their high beams at you either yours are on or you lights NEED adjusted (if you added weight to the trunk it WILL make your lights shine higher).
Drive to the conditions- THAT DOESN'T MEAN JUST GOING SLOW! (last night got in back of a line doing 15mph into Norwalk on 250 WHAY TO SLOW the one who was leading that should have stayed off the road)
When you hit a whiteout- SLOW DOWN BUT DO NOT STOP, repeat DO NOT STOP! (if you can not see what is ahead of you neither can the DRIVERS BEHIND YOU!)
Always respond to what your car is starting to do- DO NOT WAIT TIL YOU ARE IN A SPIN(or anything else) TO REACT TO WHAT IT HAS DONE!
Finally a couple more things at this time, when driving- DRIVE THE CAR AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROAD!


People should stop because Karlie doesnt deserve to be bashed for this. She's a teenage girl. We all make mistakes in our lives and we learn from them. Karlie is a really nice person and really kind hearted.


I've read through every post, and not a single one has bashed or even blamed her for what happened. She is a child who was under the care and obeservation of two adults. It is not her fault. Unfortunately people are misconstruing my comment about not allowing someone so inexperienced drive in a snowstorm with blaming her for what happened.


@knuckleDragger...You are right again!!


I agree with the parking lot but lets all remember that what we use to do and the way we were thought are not as easy to do. If you get caught in a parking lot doing this now a days you get a ticket for reckless operation the things my dad used to teach me are now no longer a way to teach someone but a way to get in trouble and it is sad . I am lucky i bought a old pick up truck put a five point harness in it took it to my friends house and when it was dry or muddy mad the kids drive through a coarse we made in the woods when the clay was wet it was like ice and snow they found out real fast how easy it was to lose control of it and wreck it the truck took a beating but they did learn it takes a split second to lose control and never take road conditions for granted oh and they did wear helmets was an odd way of teaching them but it was effective and controlled and they learned to respect the car. One thing we all have to remember is that Karlie will carry this with her for the rest of her life every time she gets behind the wheel this will run through her mind and it a shame that if she sees all the comments about attorneys cut her some slack shes scared enough and is going through a ton of emotions hell i put a car in the ditch my first winter driving and i grew up running stuff around on a farm and i had my licence for almost a year it happens they are called accidents


Karlie got a very hard edged education and will have more then physical healing to go through.
Even the best driver gets surprised at times and that could have happen to them as well.
I hope she has good insurance with a reputable company who'll not add to her problems.
As to finding an empty parking lot, how many closed businesses are there? do not go into Walmart or any other parking lot of an open business, one with a bunch of cars parked in it, Most cops would just give you a warning and tell you to be careful if they stop you provided you explain without acting like they are just being a$$es. They want drivers who are safe on the road. It also makes a difference how you are going about the practice, in other words don't be just racing around and doing donuts. Often when I was going into work in my teens(OK early 20s too) I'd pull into the neighboring parking lot and spin the car left then right as I was still going in the same direction that I was heading as I turned into the lot.
That taught me how to initiate a spin and to recover from one as well.