Drunk man charged after entering stranger's house after 10 p.m.

Suspect says he was concerned about freezing and wanted to get out of the cold.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 2, 2013


A Columbus man faces a pair of charges after wandering into a Sherman-Norwich Road home late Thursday.

Brandon K. Marcum, 29, was charged with disorderly conduct by intoxication and trespassing after the incident, which took place at 10:12 p.m.

"The subject entered the residence where a woman was sitting in the living room and her husband was in the basement," Huron County Sheriff's Major Greg Englund said.

Englund said the woman was startled upon seeing the strange man.

"The husband came upstairs and ordered the guy to the ground, where he remained until officers arrived," Englund said.

Englund said it appears the man meant no harm.

"He was highly-intoxicated and at some party down the road," he said. "Either an argument or a fight occurred and he left the residence on foot, only wearing pants and a T-shirt."

Englund said with the weather the man was concerned about freezing and wanted to get inside and out of the cold.

"So, he walks in and startles them," he said. "There was no evidence he was breaking in."



David Deerest.

Beavis...that's the dumbest thing you've ever done.




Now that is sad!!
But glad he didn't freeze.
Ya know,this really could have had a bad ending.
I bet that lady was obviously startled to say the least.
I'm glad her husband was home.
If it had been me...
This guy would have seen crazy startled in 10 different ways!!


...does it add to the charges if he barfs on your rug?


he!! yes it will...lol...eeew


Does say he is from out of town. Wonder if he just got turned around and being drunk thought her was at the right house.....

jack langhals

He should be going in the wrong barracks !If they drafted some of these nuts for a couple years,they might grow up.


Frodo Baggins? You are a long way from the Shire.

Common Sense is GONE

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