Thunder in the Streets to return in August

Bill Bader Jr. fills in details of Norwalk event.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 4, 2013


Thunder in the Streets is returning to Uptown Norwalk.

The announcement was made during the state of the city address, and Bill Bader Jr., president of Summit Motorsports Park, filled in the details Thursday.

A story about the event was published Friday in the Reflector. To read more, pick up a copy of that issue or subscribe to the e-paper for less than $1 per week and read it now.



WHAAA!!!...that picture is priceless. :)


Nice touch NR:

So just add the return of "Thunder in the Streets" to the list of ol' "jobs, jobs, jobs," Duncan's administrative "highlights" eh?

So does anyone have the 2012 net job figure? Guess if you don't track it, it don't matter.

It's a Jeep thing

This is great. I'm a racing fan, and this is great for businesses uptown. Can't wait.


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I think its a "starrrrrttttt your engineeesssss".

Brock Lee

no it give me your money


nobody forces you to go to these events. I for one enjoy a race or two each summer.

Brock Lee

i doent go cuz i doent got money for the ticket cost to much


I doughnt go cuz I caint put together a sentence.


I thought he was going to pick up his toys and leave if he didn't get his way.........


As is said: Money talks, bull (bleep) walks.

"Somebody" talked to "someone."


Just how much is lining some one's pockets?