Edison to place five-year levy on May ballot

Owner of $100,000 home would pay additional $20.16 each month
Aaron Krause
Feb 2, 2013


Edison school board members this week voted unanimously to place a 5-year, 7.9 mill emergency operating levy on the May ballot. They made that decision after weighing what they believe voters will pass against the financial needs of the district.

The levy would cost the owner of a $100,000 home an additional $20.16 a month and bring in $1,761,222 each year for five years.

A story about the levy was published in Thursday's Reflector.

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Yeah, I wouldn't hold their breath

Second Opinion

Until there are major changes in the teachers salaries and retirement program I don't see any levy passing anytime soon.

tell it how it is

What is wrong with the teachers salaries? That they're too low? Yes.

HS Sports Fan

What about all the fringe benifits. At the next event get a program and look at it, incase you been snoozing. If it's not anyone elses school, why would they vote for it? Try combining with another school and maybe you'll appreciate how good you got it. See if that stuff will work for you at the other school.

Second Opinion

Matter of opinion, and the election will reveal the outcome. And the last several failed levies indicate that the teachers and staff ARE paid enough. If they don't like what their making and when the levy fails again they are certainly free to seek employment elsewhere.

The sarge

About the only financial need they need is to up the teachers salaries im guessing. Its about time the teachers live on what they make or go elsewhere. I am tired of seeing these levies be put in place each May. By the way, what does it cost to put a levy on? It should ,like the rest,fail bay a landslide. I can only hope anyways.

tell it how it is

The teachers don't make enough. However, I highly doubt that's what ANY of the money is for, seeing as the school doesn't think they need anymore, either.
They do live on what they make, and several also go elsewhere. Actually look into it.


Can you please name teachers that have left this district for TEACHING positions that pay more elsewhere? I'd be interested in that, maybe that's what people need to know if that's really accurate.
Please don't list the few that left for promotions in other districts. Teaching position to teaching position (apples to apples).


If you think they don't make enough then all of them CAN go elsewhere. Paychecks and all of the benefits are too much. Stop whining and either leave or cut back just like the rest of us are doing. Roth needs to stop telling half truths and post salaries and retirement benefits on the school website. Your all supposed to be so highly educated.. Even the so called common person can see the numbers don't add up.



Kottage Kat

What part of NO keeps confusing them

Sitting In The ...

They seem to believe if they keeping putting it on the ballot eventually it will pass.....this is their brilliant plan....?


I suggest that everyone goes over to the Register's site and reads the comments about this article. You'll be glad you did.


Instead of cutting now this buys them time and that is all. It will fail worse than last time at 7.9 mils. SAD


Did they take "Paying" staff for taking tickets, running the scoreboard etc. OUT OF THE CONTRACT? How about paying for their OWN RETIREMENT PLAN, or THEIR OWN INSURANCE BENEFITS?

It's really a pretty sweet deal at Edison if you're a staff member:

1. Median wage is in the $50K, most are way above, but this is the median.

2. You pay less than 10% of your medical insurance.

3. You only have to pay .7% into your retirement, community picks up the 9.3% for you and the state mandated amount.

4. You can be on the clock and bring your child or children to work with you to sporting events, plays, concerts etc. and NOT PAY FOR THEM TO GET IN. (I saw this first hand)

5. You can sell tickets, run the scoreboard (other supplemental contract items) AND GET PAID FOR IT, above and beyond your regular pay. I wonder if they get STRS for this supplemental contract work???? Good question? I'm sure you won't get a straight answer on that.

6. AND AN ADDED BONUS: If you're IN THE "CLIQUE" your kid will go from 8th grade ball to playing VARSITY while SOPHOMORES, JUNIORS AND SENIORS are not on varsity or SIT THE BENCH.


I am NOT FROM EDISON, but did go to a few games to see the two freshman who START on VARSITY play- I was in complete and utter awe. Why would anyone do that to two young men? They may be good at basketball, but by NO MEANS are either of them ready to play at the VARSITY level. Does it mean that much to have 4 varsity letters when your season record is 3 or 4 wins? Not to mention the Seniors that are sitting the bench while 2 freshman START and Juniors and Sophomores don't get the opportunity to play at all on Varsity when in fact they should be in order to gain some experience?

You folks there at Edison need to take a look at what is going on around you, you are ruining good athletes. Not only those you are not playing, but the ones that are quitting because of the favoritism that goes on, and the playing up of young men who are not ready but because their parents are the principle and head football coach/teacher (or so I've heard).

Several things occur when the above happens: Two young men are separated from playing ball with their classmates, they are stepping on the toes of upper class men, parents become frustrated and segregated, coaches have to hear it from parents, the school needs a levy and the community is divided and NO ONE WINS! Surely, the administration has learned from this horrific season of basketball and will be much wiser not to make the same mistake when baseball and football season roll around.

Is this why the head basketball coach quit, I think Robinson was his name? Because he was smart enough to know that playing freshman over seniors, juniors and even sophomores was not a SMART move?

Your sports programs are not working there, who is or is anyone, doing an evaluation on these coaches every year? If so, maybe that persons effectiveness needs to be re-evaluated too.

Your district as a whole seems to fair very well in the academic world, which means you have an awesome teaching staff, parental guidance, caretakers etc. why is it that you can't get this same support at levy time? Doesn't seem so hard to figure out what's broken.

I would find it hard to vote for your levy if I had a child in your district and the facts above were things I had to deal with on a daily, yearly basis. Maybe you need to start at home, build the unity of your community, treat staff and your tax paying citizens and their children equally and maybe then you will be able to pass a levy. Seems like common sense to me.

Outside looking in....


Its no wonder they love their cushy jobs. They keep hiring their wives, cousins, brothers e.t.c. just to keep those perks in the family.


20 dollars per month is $240 extra per year. To answer the question previously they do get more than 22% pensionadded on--just like they do when they are teaching 9.5% locally paid and 12.5 percent from the state.


Ref: Jacwildcat- that $20 a month, $240 a year is on EVERY $100K a persons property is worth. So for instance, if a persons house is worth $400k as many in Edison Ridge or Twin Oaks are (or were), their taxes will go up $80 a month $960 a year. One can say that if a person lives in a home that nice, they can afford a $1000k a year increase, but many haven't seen raises in years, increases in insurance and many other things, and some have lost their jobs totally, some people are barely hanging on to their families home now.


add in having 3 kids that you take to 5 football games at 25 a pop. then basketball 2-3 times a week at 25 a pop. that money goes to the schools. we already pay to play.


Once again, not right that the staff doesn't have to pay to get into a home game or for their kids to get in. Wonder why the voters there don't want to give you MORE???? OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!


Serious, after reading your posts here and on the Register website, I'm trying to figure out what goes through your mind. Let's think about this for a minute. You are saying teachers make too much money, $50,000 is just too much. Then you come on here and say that people with $400,000 homes are unable to pay $1,000 extra. You clearly want teachers to live within their means, so why not hold these people accountable? What if they lived in a $200,000 home instead of a $400,000 home. Look what that would give them: and extra $200,000 if they do lose their job to hold them over until they find another one. You're speaking with no base; other than your personal vendetta against teachers. Foolish.

Second Opinion

Many teachers make much more than $50,000 AND their benefits are the best in the nation. The REST of the real world is going to face a massive tax increase for Obama's 'free' healthcare, WHICH THE TEACHERS WILL NOT HAVE TO PAY INTO ! The IRS stated that a family of five making a combined income of $100k could be taxed upwards of $20,000, which you teachers won't have to pay.

What portion do the teachers pay into their medical and retirement?


YOU added the innuendo, NOT me. I NEVER said the teachers make to much, nor do I have a personal vendetta against any of them for the record and I only responded to a comment using a GENERAL EXAMPLE of a $400k home... If you had any common sense, you would have understood the context of the material and furthermore, people purchase homes and get loans based on what they CAN afford at the time, times have changed and SEVERAL people have LOST THEIR JOBS PERMANENTLY and are barely able to maintain as it is, let alone taking on another $1000k. GET IT??? Who's FOOLISH? Not wasting anymore time on your foolishness.


Whats the odds of this one passing after repeated failures?

Kottage Kat

Zero 2none
My vote is the same as the last time
A resounding NO


Seriously! They have a bus that comes back here to pick up 3 children. This is separate of the bus for the regular kids. They have a bus that picks up kids that don't know how to behave and ride with other kids, in my day they were suspended or the parents were told to bring them if they couldn't behave, why do we coddle these kids? So that is 3 different types of buses that come back here. Now granted the one bus is for special needs kids so that maybe special funding I am not sure. But I do believe the kids that can't behave on the regular buses don't need their own bus, they need some discipline. Absolutely no from me. Learn to manage your money, be frugal and quit threatening the parents if they vote no. Show me a budget like I have to do at home. We work our hineys off and we are paying taxes out the yazoo. But we keep cutting so we can make ends meet and live a comfortable life.