Grain silos slated for demolition Monday

Norwalk street to be closed for more than a month.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 1, 2013


The two remaining grain silos located in the area of Hester, Ohio and State streets, are slated for demolition beginning Monday.

This demolition will take place at the site of a separate grain silo collapse, which occurred on Nov. 30, 2010.

As part of the demolition process, Ohio Street will be closed from State Street to Hester Street from Monday through March 10.

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The Shamrock and now the silos.

Lotsa razing goin' on around Monroe and Hester.


Good observation Winnie.


Also remember the Midway Parts bldg. Zippy.

Just a public service for the slow-witted. Glad I could help ya! :)

swiss family

I was thinking... before they tear those silo's down.. what if we did something to put Norwalk on the map??? something like people saying they have seen a sea monster over by Cedar point???? what if, before they knock them down, we wait a month or so and have people report to the newspaper and any TV station that will come,, and tell them that they have seen a lot of UFO activity around that area....get it on record, then fill both silo's up with Jello.... one red, and the other maybe green.... so when they carefully take down the outer structure, (well at least as much as possible without the jello coming out.. then get one of the Norwalk science teachers to put it together and think that the connection between the aliens and the gelatinous substance are related.... News about Norwalk would spread quickly... then have someone bravely taste the gel... of course sending them to the Hospital, which after all has changed dramatically in the past 10 years, and it would be a nice way to showcase the incredible structure and staff out there...the real merchants would already have trinkets made up with tee shirts and necklaces etc.. to promote the strange happenings here and People might flock here to see what is going on... then it should all calm down by the 4th of July so get as much cool whip as possible and have ma picnic and party..... but it was just a thought...

swiss family

oh... and when they make the Jello structure, they could put a UAW jacket in there that has a tag that says there... what do you think


ur a nut !!! :D