Norwalk mom gains back her life following drug problem, jail sentence

She credits part of her success to a jail program designed to help people recover from life-controlling issues.
Aaron Krause
Feb 1, 2013

Heather D'Angelo thought she had lost everything when a judge sentenced her to almost six months in the Huron County Jail.

She was "super depressed," with an overwhelming feeling enveloping her.

This 27-year-old Norwalk resident and mother of two had been abusing prescription drugs with alcohol for about six months when she was arrested.

But she's been clean since April, and she credits part of her success to a jail program designed to help people recover from life-controlling issues.

Her success story was published on the front page of Friday's Reflector. To read more, pick up a copy of that issue or subscribe to the e-paper for less than $1 per week and read it now.


Yall Make Me Sick

Congrats keep up the great work!!!


she is a lucky one only doing it for 6 mths! Good Luck


are you sure she was lucky?? if she was a herion addict and broke into homes she wouldn't have served 6 weeks let alone 6 months.. Atleast that is how it seems..but still a nice story, just wondering how it's news worthy? I read a newspaper for news. Hear nothing about the lies of gov officials, nothing about local corruption, how it seems everyone who has a city/county job has a trail of some political connection, brother sister grandson of someone. Someone who donated big. or some "pillar" of the community, Who got a cushy job with no needed skills and at the public dole struts around like they are above the "common" taxpayer. The funniest thing is these soles actually feel they are needed to keep the world going. Look at DMV if it wasn't because of a law to register your car, collect tax, they wouldn't have a job. County inspector? If some law didn't require the state to inspect a silly fence i put up in my yard or what color i am going to paint my garage,and then have to buy a permit, they wouldn't have a job. Basically there are so many smuck's who has employment with income from fee's taxes permits and yet they really feel they are superior and some big shot with there position. Am i the only one thst see's this.??

Yall Make Me Sick

Stop being a Debbie Downer! Just be happy for her. You very seldom hear good coming out of drug addiction stories!!!!!


You got that right Yall.
Good for you Heather!
Good for your children!!
Keep going !!!
God Bless

Yall Make Me Sick

Thank you! Onegirlarmy!


Thumbs up Yall.


yes lucky that she only did it for 6 mths and is going on a year being clean........looks like the odds are on her side......I do know what you are saying. But I was looking at it as her getting clean not as some smuck getting rich...


I just got carried away with all the city political corruption i have been experiencing lately. As far as story.. My god she was addicted to pain killers? and etc. Nothing hard core. Heck Rush Limbaugh has been off his addiction.. Never seen a good article on him in this paper


whaa whaa whaa. Oh poor rush. Oh poor truckin, go ahead, paint your garage pink. Just like your opinions, it won't matter. By the way, congrats to you and your family girl.


Good on you, girl! Best wishes for a good future.

Kottage Kat

God bless you on the journey


good job and keep it up. life is good

All taken

Good job. Hope you can be a role model for many of the drug users in this county. Best of luck to you!!!


Truckin when medicine develops a brain transplant please seek treatment! This young life has been spared from addiction,
Good luck to you and I hope you have continued success in controlling your addiction.

Cliff Cannon

Heather: Please keep being a beautiful success story. If the challenges,that you've faced in growing up as well as your ability to overcome them,doesn't inspire people. Then they either aren't listening, or they don't have a heart. God bless, and ----PLEASE--- continue to use your great courage to help as many addicts,become former addicts as possible !



swiss family

good for you.... I would say though, that with the little I know for certain about addiction.. I do not think that any of the "sponsors" encourage any of the addicts to try to go out and change the world with their knew found knowledge.. I understand that you feel free, for the first time in a long time, and you want to share the good word to as many addicts as you can reach, But I think, and I believe that the programs encourage you to concentrate on you for awhile, because although you are doing great , a setback by seeing one of your "people" relapse, could send you into a tailspin I heard it explained as being like wet cement... right now, you are set in place, with the tools that you need and the strength that you are building, but you are not solid at this point to be a foundation for someone to build on... take time for you... let yourself get a solid foundation before you try to save anyone else, you are worth it...

Kottage Kat

Hope the paper will continue to make periodic reports on the progress she is making.
God bless you heather.