Authorities raid Norwalk home, find heroin and arrest suspect

During the search, authorities report finding heroin packaged for sale, drug money and guns; Suspect was previously convicted in well-publicized grave-robbing case.
Cary Ashby
Jan 30, 2013


A suspected heroin dealer was arrested without incident as Norwalk police used its special response team (SRT) Monday night.

Heath R. Denger, 36, of 36 Glover Ave., was charged with possession of heroin and tampering with evidence. Drug investigators from METRICH, a 10-county drug task force, were involved in the raid and using a search warrant.

“Mr. Denger threw a plastic bag containing heroin under his basement steps as SRT members entered his home,” Detective Sgt. Seth Fry said.

During a search of the residence, investigators reported finding suspected heroin packaged for sale, heroin-related packaging material, drug paraphernalia, two unloaded rifles, an unloaded shotgun and money suspected of being related to drug trafficking. Police seized $157 in cash as evidence.

“It was about $280 in heroin,” Fry said about the street value of the drugs.

“We received information (Denger) was trafficking in heroin from his residence,” he said about tips from concerned citizens and confidential informants.

“We had intelligence dating back to 2011. This was a long-term investigation,” Fry said. “This investigation is ongoing and additional arrests are likely.”

The detective said the SRT was used because of Denger’s “extensive criminal record” and officer safety.

“We didn’t know who was going to be in the house besides him,” Fry said.

Denger has previous convictions for breaking and entering, burglary, attempted escape, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and multiple thefts.

On Sept. 25, 1990, Denger was convicted for vandalizing a burial place. Detectives said several suspects were involved in the well-publicized grave-robbing case.


Brock Lee


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Y'all just made this man look like a fool. yea, he may be messed up in drugs but his heart is 100X bigger than his habit. People always criticize on what they are told and not what they actually know. He stepped into the role as Daddy to two children that are not biologically his when one was three and the other was 5 months. With that being said, all i am asking is that you think before you comment. If it does not pertain to you and is not effecting your life, do not comment. Heath is my cousin and he has done so much to help me out growing up and it hurts to see him messed up in this wicked drug. He is not a bad guy and i wish people would realize that. All his previous convictions are way in the past, leave them there. Everyone has a past, deal with it. The 1990 conviction was 23 years ago, he was 13. that should not of even been brought up! He was just with the wrong people at the wrong time and he didnt even touch that grave site but he took the wrap for the other suspects because they were his friends and he cared about them. So like i said before, if this does not pertain to you and does not effect your life in anyway, please do not comment and make yourself look ignorant!


Drug DEALERS affect ALL of us. They are bringing down our communities, and hurting families. You are asking us to "think before we comment". Really? Why didn't this guy think before he decided to become a drug dealer/user? WE are not the problem here. HE is AND enablers such as yourself. It's people like you who enable these losers to keep using/dealing. Stop being so emotional about it and DO something about it. HE is the one that has to decide to get help and by the way you have painted this picture of him, looks to me like he is comfortable with what he is doing with his life. I understand how seeing his face plastered in the paper would hurt you but that is a result of HIS poor decisions. Defending him does NOTHING and certainly doesn't make him a better person. His BEHAVIOR says it all. Do us all a favor and stop enabling drug dealers/users.


157$ is Gangsta son. Betta recognize.

Kottage Kat

Heath is not a good role model.
I have a problem with anyone who allows drugs in a home where there are children
I worked with his wife and she has her cross to bear
Heath made himself look like a fool, Sid not need any help on that one.
He was not thinking of ANYONE except himself
Did you get him help?
You are beating a dead horse and preaching to the choir on this one


It's about time they get this low life DIRTBAG off the streets! Maybey our kids will be safer!!! Throw the key AWAY!!!!

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Good role model or not, if you asked him to do something and he could help you out he would do anything in his power to do it. and if i had the money to get him into a facility i would do it in a heartbeat. i see first hand plus the research i did on it and how this drug effects people and i understand all of the things it does to your body. This drug is the devil himself on earth, they are not the same people when they are on it. Im not trying to start a fight or anything but our family has enough to deal with.

swiss family

"wildcat" if he would do anything that you asked of him, like you claim he would .. why don't you ask him to get off drugs, quit selling drugs, quite hanging around all of the criminals he seems to be hanging with, and ask him to stay completely OUT of trouble??????? I am willing to bet, that even though you ask him to do it, and you claim he would do anything you mask him to do... HE WON'T DO THAT.. which makes him a criminal...


swiss really he is my uncle and you cant stop somebody from stsyiong completetly out of trouble it is impossible. if it is i would like to know how and once your additicted you cant just say stop doing drugs it dont work that way it nvr will. my aunt has a great job and his kids are awesome. i spend all summer with him and i dont regret it. he made a mistake and everyone does so if you have a problem keep it to your self

swiss family

@ Brady... you might be right, you can't stop someone from staying completely out of trouble.. BUT if that person really wanted to stay out of trouble, they certainly could. If people would share their own personal stories on here I am sure you would find that on this blog site, there are recovering addicts of all kinds, and many who have stayed clean and sober for many years... NOT because anyone "MADE" them do it, but because THEY wanted it more than anything else in their life.You are also mistaken about addiction, and not just being able to Quit cold turkey like that. I had a very great friend, who smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day, and one day his grandson walking into his cigarette that he had , lit in his hand, and burned his grandson.. he STOPPED smoking at that instant and never smoked again.. so you can quit just like that.. it is difficult, but not impossible as you say.

You also say he "made a mistake" that is funny.. you see a mistake is turning right instead of left.. or getting whole milk when you wanted 2% or getting cocoa puffs instead of cocoa crispies.. those are mistakes, but you really are stretching it, when you call, buying, packaging and selling heroin a mistake... you can not even call breaking and entering, or burglary, or attempted escape, or unauthorized use of a vehicle or even multiple thefts, and grave robbing mistakes.. they are life CHOICES... not mistakes, and if you can not see the difference, then I would have to include YOU as part of his problems.. and definitely NOT part of his solution..

Kottage Kat

Defending bad choices, how many People are affected by his.
How many are hooked because of his choice to deal.
you will be typing forever, druggies are not model citizens.
Shamefully the judicial system in this county has only compounded the problem, when they should be ridding us of it
We can blather all day, until the courts and judges use their power sensibly and in the best intrest of the law abiding citizens
This will continue


Haha wow defending Heath as good person? That's a good one. The dudes always been a low life criminal. He's the reason his step-daughter is addicted to painkillers at the old age of 16. Been in and out of prison so many times he's probably lost count. This won't be nothing to him. Just another day in paradise.


ok you stalker how would you know that and she is not adddicted if she ever taken one she has had medicine when she was in a fourwheeler accident she is my cusion and i will stick up for her she cdan fight her own battles but people like you dint neeed to tslk crap on here u are hiding cuz ur to scared to tell everyone who u r u are scared.


Wow, what a defense.. I just have previously and currently care for a non biological child. I don't do drugs or steal from graveyards??? I actually WORK n summit to urine testing. Sorry women who has no prospect for a man but a druggie/theft/bum. Shacking up with you does NOT mean "heart of gold"


ok just because u think ur mr. perfect i have something to tell you ur not u have made mistakes he got caught up with the wrong people when he was young yeah that was a problem but his wife loved him alot and i dont see y his wife has anything to do with this she is a awesome person know the person before you talk crap

Kottage Kat

I worked with his wife. Enough said
I also was friends with his Aunt Kathy
She sowed in tears for Heath until the day she died.
He has broken hearts, and just was and is today selfish and irresponsible.
No nomination for sainthood from this ole gal
Have seen the path of destruction he has left.

Game time

Glad this guy is off the streets and no longer supplying Heroin. However, a two year investigation and the cops end up with 157.00 cash and a very very small amount of Heroin. Something doesn't quite make sense here...