Pickup truck driver killed after running stop sign, colliding with semi

Female passenger also ejected, flown to Toledo hospital.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jan 30, 2013


State Highway Patrol troopers are investigating a fatal crash that occurred Tuesday at the intersection of U.S. 20 and County Road 128 in Sandusky Township.

Daniel J. Magers Jr., 30, of Fremont, was driving a 1999 Dodge Ram pickup truck south on County Road 128 at 2:13 a.m. when he ran the posted stop sign at the U.S. 20 intersection and collided with a westbound 2012 Freightliner commercial semi truck being driven by Russell E. Lucas, 53, of Monroe, Mich., troopers said.

Magers and his front-seat passenger, Shannon M. McGrew, 29, of Rocky Ridge, were ejected from their vehicle upon impact.

Magers was pronounced deceased at the scene.

McGrew was taken to Fremont Memorial Hospital and was later flown by a LifeFlight helicopter to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, troopers said.
Lucas did not sustain any injuries in the crash.

The accident closed U.S. 20 westbound for a while.

Troopers were assisted at the scene by the Sandusky Township Fire Department and EMS, The Lindsey Fire Department and the Ohio Department of Transportation.



Just curious why the byline lists Reflector staff, when the article came from the wire or directly from The News-Messenger. This article even carries the error listing "Sandusky County Fire Department and EMS", when it is actually Sandusky TOWNSHIP Fire Department and EMS. The county does have an EMS, but NOT a fire department, and, as stated at the top of the article, the accident occured IN Sandusy Township. The News-Messenger made this unforgiveable error in the first place, but the Reflector has seemingly commited plagiarism, a more serious offense. According to Wikipedia,
"Plagiarism is the "wrongful appropriation" and "purloining and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions," and the representation of them as one's own original work." Further, "Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty and a breach of journalistic ethics. It is subject to sanctions like expulsion.

Plagiarism is not a crime per se but in academia and industry it is a serious moral offence,[7][8] and cases of plagiarism can constitute copyright infringement."

All this to fill in on a slow news day. Just give credit (and leave blame) where it is due.

Matt Roche

The material used to write this article came from a press release submitted to the Reflector from the Ohio State Highway Patrol. The same release was sent to The News-Messenger and many other news agencies. No plagiarism was involved. Thank you, Scooter58, for the clarification about the township fire department; the error has been fixed.


Thank you, Matt. You may feel free to delete my comment and yours if you like. My beef is primarily with the News-Mess. They should know better, as should the OSP. I grew up there, so I know the situation. I was disappointed to see the error perpetuated, but your explanation makes sense. Thank you again.


If you had half a brain, you would realize that the News Messenger is 5 times the paper the Reflector or Register could ever be! They dont pick and prod and print stories that will be a new debate just to make their egos soar high. The Register is good at bringing things to light, but its their quest for drama that gets me. Just like the Reflectors headline for the laptop thief????? That was only for the wow factor. Was not a very professional thing to do. Also, the News Messenger makes people comment through facebook to keep all the entitlement trash from commenting behind a screen name like some sissy.

It's a Jeep thing

Yall are dumb. Thank you

jack langhals

Hey,Jeep how about some sympathy for everyone !

Estrella Damm

This is the road just west of the by-pass. Can not think that the stop sign was not visible or that a driver would not realize that he is approaching SR 20. Too bad.

Kottage Kat

Everyone is a critic
Prayers to the family