More jobs coming to Huron County?

National company with local facility is mulling expansion.
Aaron Krause
Jan 30, 2013


Pepperidge Farm is considering expanding its operations and officials have identified Willard as a possible site.

That's the news Willard plant manager Don Tomaszewski delivered Tuesday.

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jack langhals

Wow,a good thing !


Wonder why Willard can get and expand their companies? They don't have a grand airport, just their little airstrip like Norwalks'. Fewer people, I believe...also. So, what gives? I am so happy to hear this news!


Great! btw, MTD has used the airport for years. No problem.

Cliff Cannon

The more the merrier ! Good luck Willard in the quest for these jobs.


Meanwhile, back in Norwalk: Ol' "Jobs, jobs, jobs" Duncan touts Lil' Caesar’s, Rural King and replacing a hardware store among the highlights of his Admin's local employment expansion.


Meanwhile, back in Norwalk........Contango.....swamp people? Sure sounds like it, made me chuckle.