Norwalk woman faces felony in ID theft case

Suspect ordered to stay away from victim, a female relative.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jan 29, 2013


A Norwalk woman made her first court appearance for a criminal case involving identity theft.

Earlier this month, Mollie R. Warner, 20, of 27 Woodlawn Ave., was indicted by a Huron County grand jury on one count of identity theft.

The felony charge is in connection with a Nov. 29 incident involving a female relative, with whom she is prohibited from having any contact.

Warner pleaded not guilty Monday in Huron County Common Pleas Court.

Her trial is set for April 11.





Wow , She really doesn't have a clue .


I wonder if she used her TWIN sister's identity.


20 years old with a felony charge what on earth does she have to smile about?


Maybe she's trying for an insanity plea?


I am suprised she didn't throw the peace sign with some duck lips. She has NO clue! Hate to tell her this is not a facebook photo, nothing to be happy about! I am sure though it has something to do with steal identity, to get money to buy drugs??? She will say I am super sorry and I need help, I wanna get clean. It will all be swept under the rug


...another Huron Co. glam shot

It's a Jeep thing

Better keep that smile for big momma...


Entitlement generation


you people really ought to get a life.
"oh let me make ignorant remarks on a case i haven't the slightest clue about!"
find something productive to do with your time rather than this.

+ no wonder norwalk is going to hell. w/ scumbags like you people.
i'm so thankful i no longer live anywhere near you imbeciles.


We're pretty thankful also. Thanks for leaving.


- thankful also
+ ignorant

you're welcome.


"slightest clue"? Well lets see, she stole an identity, got caught and looks HAPPY about it! I do not think if I was arrested I would be that happy about it.




If I got caught, I wouldn't be smiling. I'd be crapping my pants like the purse snatcher.




Smuggling in ribbed heroin balloons?

Kottage Kat

Her mom probably has ordered ( 2 )
8x10's for the family
Cheaper than Walmart


This is old news that was just recently surfaced! She's lived and learned since then, and I couldn't be more proud of her. Everyone needs to hit bottom at some point and this was hers! Let it go. You're all supposed to be adults...and poking Fun at others. Lol!!!

Mr. Touchdown

The real low is when your picture shows up in the Norwalk Reflector for everyone to see. That's gotta be worse than the slap on the hand the court gives you.




If she's still hanging around my sister, she hasn't learned anything and she's not better. I guarantee that. They are professional liars. I'm sorry to tell you that, but I know she hangs around with her. My sister admits to using, and if you're hanging with someone who uses, you can't be around it without doing it.


you could navigate an air craft carrier through that gap.


@ dtw2013. Where is it written "everyone needs to hit bottom" I don't believe i have EVER hit bottom. Have i made some wrong choices sure but NOT to a mere criminal choice. or like you say feel my choices made me hit bottom. Just where do people feel it's "normal" to steal or do drugs as a life lesson that "must" be done. That is like saying before you can get in shape you must first spend years being fat.. Then change your life??? I just don't get it.

Brock Lee


It's a Jeep thing

Is that crunkbear? Lol. Also. We have to have some sort of entertainment in this town. Might as well poke fun.


Wow, ya'll are some losers. hahah! This must be the highlight of your day!


Its funny that i see people getting upset about us poking at the local criminals/Drug addicts. how would you feel if you where a victim of one of those crimes? And if we have nothing better to do what does it say about you?


I'm upset because this person you're "poking fun at" is my family. You do not know her, you don't know what she's been through, you do not know how far she's come from this. You know what you've read and what you see. Do you people honestly not have anything better to do than wait for the hot new story on the f***ing Norwalk Reflector so you can throw in your 2 cents about something you know nothing about? Get a life & get at me when you actually know what's going on.


maybe you call it her rock bottom.
hope she can get back up whatever the case.
pass this along...
with a smile like that in conditions such as these..
maybe she should take along a little bit of self awareness...
and understand...this is not glamor or becoming or one bit cool.
just saying