Norwalk Furniture opens Las Vegas showroom

Showroom is another step in Norwalk's expansion on the West Coast.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 29, 2013


Norwalk Furniture has opened a 3,300-square-foot showroom in Las Vegas.

The showroom is located in Building A of the World Market Center, space A225, which will be open during the markets and week days, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The new space projects an urban attitude and places a focus on the more than 850 fabrics and leathers that Norwalk offers as part of its highly customized upholstery.

"Like High Point, our Las Vegas showroom will offer retailers fashion forward upholstery displays dressed in the most current fabric and color trends," says Reyna Moore, Norwalk Furniture vice president of marketing and merchandising.

"It presents a consumer presentation to both inspire our dealers as well as to appeal to the clients of interior designers who visit the space on a year-round basis," Moore added.

The showroom is another step in Norwalk's expansion on the West Coast, following the hiring of Carrie Norris as vice president of business development in the spring of 2011.

"Our double-digit growth since 2009 is due to the strong partnerships with independent retailers who want an affordable custom upholstery source made in America, which can deliver a wide range of options in fabrics, trims and wood finishes in a timely fashion," Moore said. "This showroom is intentionally inspiring, colorful and touched with whimsy."



I apologize for being nit picky, but Vegas isn't really on the West Coast. It's certainly farther west than, say, Norwalk, but it's not on a coast... last I checked, at least.


@ ScootBaby:

I understand your point.

Conversely, some out-of-state people wanna debate me when I refer to OH being in the Midwest. They think its part of the East.


NF: Best wishes for much success!

Cliff Cannon

Here's hoping Dan White never gets sick of riding in airplanes. Because, in my humble, less than knowledgable opinion, with out his almost constant travels. Norwalk Furniture, does not make the very impressive come back it continues to make. Thanks Dan, as well as here's hoping & praying Vegas is profitable this time

The General

Vegas showgirls love my "mooseknuckle"