Norwalk to get hardware store

P&R Hardware closed late last year.
Aaron Krause
Jan 21, 2013


Norwalk, specifically the Mid-Town Shopping Center, is the place where Ace Hardware will open a store this spring, shopping center president Greg Bleile said Monday.

The company will open the shop in the storefront formerly occupied by P&R Hardware, which closed late last year.

Ace Hardware officials did not return a message seeking comment Monday. Bleile estimated the new business will add eight to 12 jobs, about four of them full-time.

"I'd say it's a done deal," Bleile said about Ace coming to Norwalk. "We definitely would like to have a hardware store back in the center."

Norwalk Economic Development Corp. director Ellen Heinz said she's excited that a new hardware store will open in the center.

"I'm happy to see anybody re-invest and open up a business in Norwalk," Heinz said.

Kristie Wert, program manager for Main Street Norwalk, said the shopping center isn't located on Main Street. However, it's part of the uptown historic district.

"We're really excited to see something in there to fill that space," Wert said. "It's nice to see that people see that we're growing and we're a vibrant community."

An assistant manager for Family Dollar, which has a store next to the vacated P&R storefront, said she thinks the addition of Ace will bring more business to Family Dollar and other businesses. The woman asked not be identified beyond her title.

"With P&R being gone, there was no hardware store," said Curt Braden, general manager at Marco's Pizza, which is also located in the shopping center. He added that might have affected his business, because if people go to a hardware store in Sandusky, they also might eat there.

Braden said he's happy that Ace Hardware is coming to Norwalk.

"That's just going to help us," he said.

Ace had a presence in Norwalk from in the early 2000s, Bleile said. Before 2000, P&R Hardware was supplied by Service Start. He estimated that about 2000, Ace Hardware started supplying P&R up until about 2008.


Cliff Cannon

Totally awesome ! Since the "hard part " of returning a hardware store to Norwalk ( the massive investment) has been accomplished,by these gifted dreamers. The " easy " part belongs to us: WE NEED TO SUPPORT THIS VENTURE----WHOLEHEARTEDLY ! Please do so.

I for one keep humming that old refrain " Ace is the place..." as I can barely wait for our new hardware store to open.


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Swamp Fox

Great news with the new business. Wished some wouldn't always blame others for their lack of success with their constant age bias, I guess class/age envy is all they got....


I think they need to carry a basic supply of wood materials. Not enough to build a house but enough that if you need something minor you don't have to spend $10 in gas going to Sandusky.


Just go to carter lumber right next to Smiley Automotive. It's kind of hidden by the billboards surrounding it but they have all the wood you need.


make sure you don't go on sunday. You have, however, helped me to discover my new motto.


Lol! Yeah no problem.


I always forget about Carter Lumber! Thanks!


Good news! Another taxpaying employer.

Kinda surprised at the choosing of this location, since most Ace's I've been in had larger square footage.

Hopefully, this Ace will be an improvement over some I've been in where the clerks were inexperienced and not very knowledgeable.

Preferred True Value for that reason.

On the other hand, P&R had some very helpful and knowledgeable people.

Will give 'em a shot when they open. I used to dislike havin' to go to WalMart 'cause P&R was outa stock on a simple item.


Good news indeed. I used to plan my home maintenance projects around P&R's business hours. For the last few years I had to go elsewhere so I was expecting them to close.


great what we need in this town another corporate pos taxing the hell out of screws and nails nobody give the small business enough credit till there ran out of town it was a darn shame now you have to go to the auto parts store and pay 6 dollars for a fine thread screw instead of 10 cents tsc dont sell fine thread and last i remembered neither does ace


It too will go out of business. We can't even support one here in a suburb of cleveland.

Brock Lee

good i miss it


I was glad P&R CLOSED..It is a hardwear store not a craft store. And they where unfriendly and did not know anything I ask for. I ended at china world or I mean wally world.


You must have wanted some weird stuff.Between P&R and the lumber yard I remodeled a whole house !


The last few months of being open it became obvious the end was near for P&R. Stock was limited. I always got the answers I sought from the employees. If they didn't have what I needed they told me where I could get it. I hope when "Ace is the place" they are as helpful as Bob and Sam were at P&R.

Cliff Cannon

@ JIMBO2 : In my haste to celebrate the return of a hardware store to Norwalk. I neglected to mention what you did---THE key componets--- to a great hardware store;The people. So must totally agree you: Here's hoping the new store has people who are not only as "helpful " as Bob & Sam were,but that they have their class as well.


This is good news...good to see somebody fill a need. I used P& R quite often.


Gawd..whadda bunch crybabies. O.k. just make sure you screen the old help if they get re-hired.


A very simple tactic I learned when I was in charge of hiring at one of the the places I worked.

Show the potential employee a card with two very simple pictures on it. One is a O the other is a O with a line down the middle. You say, "These both are holes in the ground. Which one is your butt?"

If they answer with either one, don't even let them fill out a "real" application. Give them a generic.