Man sent to prison for painting stolen ATV

Defendant was caught, along with pregnant girlfriend, with significant amount of heroin paraphernalia in traffic stop earlier this week, deputies say.
Cary Ashby
Jan 19, 2013


A Willard man was sentenced to 18 months in prison Friday for painting a stolen all-terrain vehicle (ATV).

Phillip J. Faulkner, 22, of 144 S. Ohio 99, pleaded guilty Friday to tampering with evidence. As part of a plea deal, the state agreed to dismiss one count of breaking and entering in connection with a Sept. 26 incident.

Huron County Assistant Richard Woodruff and defense attorney Kenneth Lewis jointly recommended an 18-month prison. The attorneys recommended that after Faulkner serves 60 days, he would be released early into a community-based corrections facility (CBCF). Defendants spend four to six months in a CBCF, a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education.

Also, Woodruff said the state "agrees not to pursue any new possession of heroin charges."

The possible heroin case stemmed from a traffic stop about 12:30 p.m. Tuesday at the U.S. 250 bypass. Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin has said deputies seized "a significant amount of heroin paraphernalia," including spoons and syringes with suspected heroin residue, after his police dog indicated on the truck during a sweep.

Faulkner and his pregnant girlfriend were arrested after Querin and another detective followed the vehicle from the Snyder Road area near Monroeville. Querin said he and Detective John Harris first saw Faulkner, the passenger, "hunched over" in the front seat.

"They were stopped for a marked lanes violation," Querin said. "We were told (Faulkner's) been carrying a firearm with him recently."

Faulkner admitted to using heroin that morning, Querin said.

The tampering with evidence conviction relates to a yellow ATV which was stolen from an Ohio 162 residence in rural Monroeville. Woodruff has said Faulkner was found in possession of the ATV and had painted it black.

Deputies responded to the home of Faulkner's parents Sept. 26 because Faulkner had reactions from a possible drug overdose.

"When we got there, he had fled on foot," Querin said soon afterward. "We were very concerned for his welfare and safety because his parents said he was suicidal."

Querin and three deputies eventually found Faulkner hiding in a camper on Bauman Road in Greenfield Township. The officers also recovered the ATV in a ravine east of the Faulkner residence and another ATV suspected of being stolen from Shelby.



flip is a grown man he does what he wants to do nobody can make him do anything he dont want to...hes grown and makes his own choices...dont blame other ppl for his dumba$$ self...and do u know there r 2 diff family of Barnett's? that are not related? so when u talk about the trouble ones be sure to say them not the others that r not always in trouble...and plz lets hear what ur name is? becuz i bet you have some messed up family or others that share ur name that make it look bad just give ur last name and see if ur backyard is clean!!

lets tell the truth

I'm a Faulkner and proud to say my last name!!! And your right he is grown and does what he wants I hope someday my bubby grows up... for all of you people that want to slam him or my family or me whatever floats your boat everyone please stop with the drama we are all grown adults here thanks!


Well surprise surprise. A Faulkner defending a Faulkner. Here's a real knee jerker for ya!

Mr. Touchdown

When you are 22 years old...You aren't a kid anymore!Anyone can get in trouble if they choose to steal,sell drugs,do drugs, & commit felonies!He is a repeat convicted felon...With his record...How can he possibly get charges thrown out & sentences reduced & plea bargains without being a snitch? Taking responsibility means righting your wrongs & staying off drugs & not thieving!People in our area are really getting fed up with all the crime,drugs,& stealing.It's just a matter of time before some thief breaks into the wrong house & gets their heads blown off.No-one deserves to have their stuff stolen that they spent their hard earned money on.At the rate Faulkner is goin he probably won't live past 30...IMO...If anyone really did care about this young man...his family,attorney,judge,prosecutor,etc...They would let his butt sit in prison as long as possible,no reduced sentences,no charges thrown out,no plea bargains...& let him detox in prison & get him the help he needs to kick his drug addiction.


his parents do care about him... he has sat in jail... it is his OWN fault...

Kottage Kat

Here we go
Clampet family reunion time

lets tell the truth

kottage cat i do believe love_the_way_you_lie and felony joy are phillips friends or was his friends they obviously know him they are not family that i know of so no your wrong its not family reunion time! and btw no one that has got on this paper and slammed phillip or his family have owned up to who they are or said their names so why dont you look twice smart a$$... enough said phillip going to prison i hope and pray he cleans up and comes out a better person he can only change himself it has nothing to do with family... he cant fix the mistakes he has made he can just do his time but however he can fix the person he has become and live a great life he is young still still time to get help and change!


So let me get this straight. He was caught and in trouble w the law in September and you said the same thing. That he will learn from his mistakes and change. Now he's in trouble w the law again. So what's the excuse this time? Slipped and fell on some heroin needles?


He should be happy he gets jail time and not a bullet between the eyes for being a no good druggie thief!!


I wonder if he was the one that stole our new Kawasaki? 4x4 the summer before last? Where do they dump them when they are done with them?


fyi he was in PRISON the summer before last.. so it wasnt flip.


CBCF? Did the legal department get a rubber stamp with that on it? If so, surely it must be worn out by now!


Just as I thought. Same people defending a person who is constantly in trouble. This loser was in trouble years ago, then again this past September and then again in January. Time to lock this piece up and throw the key away. Nothing more than a person who is part of the large group of trash that is decaying this area.


I just want to let you know I like the way you think and carry your self. Real man of words!!


Just keeping it real. :))

lets tell the truth

Lol well hate to burst your bubble but he only has to serve 30 days in prison bc he has 30 credited already... Then he goes to CBCF for 4-6months!!! So he won't be locked up too long!!! Arnmcrmn... I'm sure you only know of him from this paper well until you know him or his family and walk in his shoes you need to watch what you say karma is a BITCH and she will come back and bite you in your as* someday!!!


Karma doesn't work like that.....and I don't believe in karma anyhow. Karma is doing wrong to someone and the getting the same treatment you gave, right back at you. Saying this guy is part of the decay of the area is just the cold hard truth. Actually this man owes the tax payers something in return because he is constantly using up our local law enforcement with his stealing and drug problem. I said in September this guy would be in the paper again. Stay tuned, this isn't his last run either.


it doesn't necessarily have to be doing wrong...but in this case it is.. and karma will bite mrs faulkner in the ass and i can't wait to sit back and watch haha


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@ love the way.....there you go....keeping it real classy. You must be in the same boat as this guy? Relative? knocked up gf? Keep it trashy....errr.....classy love the way you lie.


The only people who call cops pigs are people who get busted all the time (or should), or people who don't care about the law and just think they can do whatever they want and the rules don't apply to them. Good people appreciate our law enforcement, and know they are here to protect us.


Why is it always on the Reflector site where some white trash is getting bashed and other white trash set up accounts to defend said white trash. Its actually quite comical. You're all the same. Silly crackers.

Dr. Information

@rickross......dude, its Huron County. These people are sitting at home running drug deals, sucking off the government boob, while blaming everyone else for their problems. Karma HAS come back on all these trashy people. It is comical.


Thats funny, I have to wait until I'm at WORK to read this crap because I cant AFFORD a computer at home. Must be nice to be one of Barrys kids.


Whomever "they" are, "they" certainly don't speak English as taught in public schools around this area.

Lillie Chaos

How can anyone defend this guy? He needs to be off the street. I hope to see a lot more of these guys off the street and out of the county. There is a lot of history here.

Jack Frost

OK Faulkners, this is my real name and you and your family are Huron County's best example of what's wrong in Huron County, and BTW, when your precious brother gets released from his little 4 month at cbcf, I'll be waiting at the gate for the little punk to come out. Yes we have unsettled business and that's the safest place for him right now.