Bader delivers clear message -- 'If we can't do business here, we will find some other place to do it'

Huron County Airport property is the direction for growth, raceway owner says.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 19, 2013


Bill Bader Jr. said he's tired of playing the waiting game.

Bader, president of Summit Motorsports Park, and his father attended the Mansfield Speedway auction with a check in-hand on Friday. Though this opportunity wasn't right for Bader, he said he's looking and expansion might not include Norwalk.

"I want to grow," he said after the auction. "My frustration level is spilling over and I am tired of playing the waiting game. We're looking at all our options."

Bader has previously said, and reiterated on Friday, that the Huron County Airport property is the direction for growth.

Read what Bader had to say in the story published on the front page of Saturday's Reflector.


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Long Duck Dong

Someone please give cry baby Billy a tissue.


You got that right!!


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I agree with you norwalk has done nothing to keep biz here . And I stated that in my comment .


And getting rid of the airport would only hurt more businesses, such as the ones in the county that benefit from it. I'll bet the farmer who owns the land to the south would be willing to sell it to Bader for his expansion. But my guess is that Billy isn't wanting to pay fair market price for any land and he thinks he can convince people to GIVE him the airport just because he's a "nice guy".

me arse

The methodman and badattitude72 are just afraid that Arby's might go out of business if Billy ends up leaving.


Let's see....what really generates real income for this county?


Hmmmmm . . . 100+ FULL-YEAR businesses that operate with PAID workers vs. 1 PART-TIME, SEASONAL business that operates with only a handful of paid workers and many VOLUNTEERS. My vote is for the 100+ businesses who benefit from the airport that are the businesses that generate the most income for the county.


Yawn. Few of those "100 businesses" are Huron County businesses, and those that are not do not bring in near the revenue of any of Huron County's private businesses. The airport, being a liability laden taxpayer/county owned facility does not produce enough revenue or profit to make the cost and liability worth it.


Sorry Football, your lack of intell is showing. I've also read the information thqat is put out. Just the aerial agricultural application business that bases out of the airport annually sprays over 3/4 million dollars of fertilizer/chemicals on about 30,000 acres of local farm fields. The result of the applications yields 2 to 3 times normal yields. Besides Sunrise, and their employees, the additional profits that OUR local farmers receive from those additional yields are spent in our area buying all sorts of equipment, groceries, misc products, as well as also paying county sales tax which comes back into the county coffers. This one business is an annual multi million dollar operation, and it is due to the AIRPORT, and it's central location in huron county.


Their are more employees than you think . And what you call volunteers are groups that are raising money for a function yes the individual isn't seeing the money the group as a whole is for what ever function they are saving up for .And if followed all these articles you would know their were more full time year round job intentions if he ever got the property


Bader's own report discloses an anual payroll of around $500,000 divided among 400+ employees. If there are so many paid employees as you claim, he sure doesn't pay them very well.


Over 10000 for a part time seasonal job. Seems reasonable. No surgeries or churches being built. That'll be 10 dollars, thank you. Windy, you blow.


You forgot to take into account the 10 or so FULL-TIME employees. Meth, you suck.

Paranoid Illusion

you would not be "reefer"ing to heroin, would you...??? lol


Then go to the county and make an offer for the property that would make it feasible to move the airport.

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I'm more upset about the extinction of twinkies than the thought of losing the raceway.

Kottage Kat

Double post

Kottage Kat

Pushing the LIKE button


Bye Bye Billy!

tired of stupidy

The court told the homeoners around the vermilion hunt club that they knew the shooting range was there when they bought there house so get along. I say Mr Bader knew the airport was there whem they bought the drag strip so get along.Mr Bader Why dont you build a traffic tunnel under the runway to Rt 20. lots of other airports have them.


See ya later billy goat!! Your raceway is terrible and needs to move somewhere else. The renegade dirt tracks in the area are better than your over priced joke of a raceway park!!


How do you not know he hasn't made an offer friends of the Huron county airport keep crying. The track brings in allot of revenue to the city .During the nationals you cant get a motel/hotel room from sandusky to mansfield during the night under fire you cant get a room in this town during the Halloween classics the night before the gates opened Walmart was nothing but motor homes and race trailers and they were all inside buying stuff for the week not to mention K mart and many other stores had motor homes and trailers . so before you go crying he wants to put more money in his pocket think of previous articles about this and what his plans were which would create more jobs in this fast growing ghost town of jobs the city nor the county cant keep company's here and they sure as hell are not trying to help any of the small businesses grow and create jobs I know first hand i own a small biz and all of this talk of grants for us to grow are bull and the int rates on loans are through the roof i would be out of biz if i took out a loan trying to expand and create new jobs so sell him the waste of tax money called the airport and let him create more revenue and jobs for the city and the county because our elected officials sure are not trying all they have done is run company's off


Summit is only one seasonal business. There are over 100 full-time, non-seasonal businesses that benefit from that airport. Would you like all 100 businesses to suffer for the benefit of one? Remember the old saying, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." The airport has become self-sufficient, so it is NOT a drain on the taxpayers. Please take off your tunnel-vision goggles, they're cutting off the oxygen to your brain.


Please name these businesses and how the are directly affected by the airpot


That information has already been posted on this article. I will be happy to re-post it just as soon as you list all of the businesses and exactly how much each one benefits financially from the racetrack.


"whhhaaa! if I don't get my way, I'll take my ball and go home!" Did someone steal your ball in Mansfield, Billy?


Educate yourself bluesy: Summit is good for the Huron County taxpayer as it brings in revenue. You must not live in Huron County or you are one of the many that are supported by the rest of us perhaps?


I was going to Norwalk Raceway Park before Billy was born Fball. The airport serves a purpose. And yes, I live in Huron County. My vote has as much say as your's does.


,” Bader added. “My point is, if we’re going to spend $800,000 at a minimum and then maybe another $100,000 to clean it up and I don’t know, maybe another $300,000, $400,000 or $500,000 so it’s raceready"
How much to tear out the airport and build from scratch Bader?
Let alone the cost of purchasing the airport property which would have to be sufficient to offset the relocation cost.
This whole issue is from him seeing a possibility of getting cheap land from the county.