Cops: Student ran into path of car

Reports released; no citation issued.
Cary Ashby
Jan 17, 2013


Authorities have released their reports about the Norwalk Middle School seventh-grader who was hit by a mid-size car Monday morning.

The student, 12-year-old Jonah Mersereau, 12, was on the sidewalk on the west side of Norwood near Christie Avenue at 7:17 a.m. About that same time, Steven C. Ziemke, 50, of 13 Fairwood Ave., was driving northbound in a 2008 Mercury Milan.

Mersereau ran behind a stopped vehicle in the southbound lane and ran into the path of Ziemke's car, according to the report by Norwalk Police Officer Kevin Schaffer. Witnesses reported to police the pedestrian ran in front of the vehicle.

Norwalk Firefighters reported providing basic life support for the boy and prepared him for transport with a C-collar and backboard. North Central EMS transported Mersereau to Fisher-Titus Medical Center with minor injuries.

No citation was issued. There was minor damage to the center front of the car.

This was the second time in four days a local student has been hit by a car.

A Main Street School student was involved in an accident Friday morning when she was "bumped" by a car in front of the Huron County Courthouse. She wasn't injured and continued her walk to school. The driver checked on the girl, who said she was fine.



Maybe they could install a cross walk person in the area where this keeps happening. They have them at different corners for elementary schools.


Are you volunteering to do this? The schools cannot afford to operate now and are planning to put a levy on the next ballot.


Yep...all those who cry about school violence, crossing guards, etc should look to themselves...did you vote YES or NO on the last school levy? Everytime you vote NO...these are the kinds of things that are CUT first! You can NOT have your cake and eat it too!

Rod Farva

What happened to looking both ways? Dont they teach that kind of stuff in kindergarten?


I didn't have the opportunity to vote for the levy because I'm not a Norwalk resident. I use to live there when I was in high school but I moved away to better my life.