Student hit by car

It's the second time in four days that a Norwalk student was hit on the way to school.
Joe Centers
Jan 14, 2013


A Norwalk Middle School student was hit by a car on Norwood Avenue near Christie Avenue just before 7:30 this morning.

The student was taken to Fisher-Titus Medical Center by North Central EMS. The injuries did not appear to be serious.

“We don't know that for sure," Norwalk City Schools Superintendent Dennis Doughty said. "He was talking to us. He was very responsive.”

With 3,000 students, student safety is a major concern, Doughty said.

“We stress safety and kids don’t always do," he said. "We know that. Fortunately, our adults look out for it and that is a plus. Everybody needs to be very careful.”

A Main Street School student was involved in an accident Friday morning when she was "bumped" by a car. She was not injured and continued her walk to school.

See Tuesday's Norwalk Reflector for complete story.


It's a Jeep thing

Probly same driver...successful at this attempt.


We better ban cars for the childerns safety.
They kill more people then guns do.


I like ginny...? then we all ride horses...?? then we would have "kickin" accidents, ? that wouldn't work either.... How about virtual classrooms. Now there is an idea. No cars no buses no walking, Everyone just STAY home

black crowe

cross at the intersection...basic safety town lessons


Either Safety Town isn't working or they better have a refresher course for older children. I feel bad for both the drivers in these bumps!


Maybe we should be like other cities, when the winter is upon us, it's alot darker in the morning. Change the school hours one hour back as well.. Accidents like this won't be happening..


I am afraid it is a product of this new thought that "I am MORE important than anyone else". I see it everyday taking my own kids to school. Parents drive like maniacs after dropping off or picking up their own kids...I mean if little Suzy or Jimmy is in the car, who cares if I speed thru the parking lot and almost hit someone elses kid. Or the children that think just because they ARE children going to school they do NOT need to look both ways, use a crosswalk, or wait to cross the street. Everyone just needs to be a little more responsible and slow down. Try and look out for each other.


Norwalk "seriously" needs a PSA about motorists watching for children goin' to school. Mayor???

Traffic is usually heavy on Norwood with people headin' for work at that hour.

Slow the (bleep) down and watch!

Brock Lee

ride the bus

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run for the hills

For the very uninformed...The child unfortunately ran out in front of the car. Numerous people saw the accident and can verify it. It wasn't the drivers fault as he didn't have enough time to stop. Luckily for all involved, the driver was not up to speed as he had just turned the corner.


You're correct, we don't know all the circumstances.

But, when I see children near the curb, I slow waaaaay down and keep an eye on 'em, while pretty much expecting 'em to do something "stupid."

And yes, I've had many a "little darling" step out in front of me or try to beat me with their bicycle.

It's a different form of defensive driving.


I am hoping the student is ok and I do feel bad for the driver... BUT with that being said... I drive that route everyday taking my child to school, and I see cars in such a hurry!!!! That child WAS at the crosswalk, but probably had to dart out since NO cars ever slow down enough or stop for that matter, for that child to cross... If that car was just turning... he should have given right of way to the pedestrian, as that is what we learned in drivers ed. Now, don't get me wrong, YES, these kids now a days do have a , "they will stop for me attitude", and do just walk right out without looking,(I don't believe this is the attitude of this child that was involved though). That I do believe is not a fault of "safety town", but their parents. Again, I do hope everyone is ok in this situation and please PARENTS,taking your kids to school, be careful... slow down and with the cold weather... SCRAP YOUR DARN WINDOWS more than a little eye hole to see thru!!! STOP being lazy and think about what could happen in the blink of an eye!!!

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run for the hills

Pittysakes-Before you post, please read the police report. Unless the crosswalk is 3 houses down, he was not at the corner. Unfortunately, it happened, but it is what it is, an accident.


run for the hills- go drive by the intersection and see where the crosswalk is.