Mailbox incidents under investigation

Norwalk police investigating weekend vandalism.
Aaron Krause
Jan 14, 2013


Norwalk police are investigating two incidents of mailbox vandalism that happened within close proximity of each other Friday night.

On Saturday afternoon, a West Willard Avenue resident reported someone broke her mailbox post and damaged her mailbox sometime Friday night.

The post had already been pulled out of the ground and replaced prior to an officer's arrival. The broken post was laying nearby and photographed. The mail box itself had a small dent on one side, but was otherwise still usable. There was no paint transfer and it appeared the damage was caused by someone striking the mailbox with a baseball bat or other such object.

Meanwhile, a Glover Avenue resident reported his mailbox also was damaged Friday night. It was partially smashed from the side near the front opening of the box. The post the mailbox was attached to was still intact, but had taken a hit from a blunt object recently, as the ground around it was moved, Patrolman Zach O'Neil said.

The damage appeared to have been caused by somebody driving west on Glover Avenue and striking the mailbox with a blunt object, likely a baseball bat, from the passenger side window of a vehicle as it drove by. The damage was photographed and added to the report.

Norwalk Police Detective Sgt. Seth Fry said there were no suspects as of Sunday afternoon.

Anyone with information should call the Norwalk Police Department at (419) 663-6780.


It's a Jeep thing

The mailbox bandit strikes!!!!

Brock Lee

ban baseball bats


No ban


I really wish someone would try out my awesome invention...Rubber Mailboxes! If I lived in the country, I'd put one out just so I can see some dummy swing at it with a bat and have it bounce back and knock their teeth out...or maybe smash their face in. I'd put up a camera, too, so I could share the wrath of my mailbox on Facebook.

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swiss cheese kat



I like the mailboxes wrapped in brick. The only thing you can do there is blow them up! What the heck. It won't be long before the postal service won't be able to afford home delivery anyhow, so the need for mailboxes will go away, just like home delivery of the newspaper. Mark my words!


scooter, I think you are right, to a point. I think eventually we will see a centralized building where you will have to drive to and pick up your mail. When that will happen is anyone guess, but I do see it coming to that.