Newly sworn-in congressman visits Norwalk

Jordan condemns federal spending.
Aaron Krause
Jan 12, 2013


Congress keeps maxing out its credit card and that's a concern, a newly sworn-in congressman representing Norwalk said this week.

"Everyone else has to function under a budget except the federal government," U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Urbana) said while visiting the Maple City.

The government needs to get serious about reigning in spending and put in place policies to spur economic growth, Jordan said.

Jordan spent time this week in Norwalk visiting with constituents and groups, including the Norwalk Rotary.


A story about Jordan's visit was published in Saturday's Reflector.



Estrella Damm

The federal government is pathetic.

jack langhals

You mean we actually let one of those Nut Cases in town?They all know the problem but do nothing about it !


IMO, the U.S. federal govt. either needs a Constitutional balanced budget amendment (like the majority of states) or hold annual spending limits to a specific percentage of GDP.

For those that believe in Progressive "Obamanomics," I urge you to practice it in your personal life:

Borrow and spend your way to wealth.

hit the road jack

They have been,thats why we're in the financial shape we're in.


I wonder how long it will take the special interest groups to corrupt him . . .

Brock Lee

our goverment is so corrup it wont be long before he gives in like all the others if you cant beat em join em


I say we give him a chance instead of assuming he won't or can't make a difference. I know it is fun to be witty and sarcastic, but at some level we all want this country moving in a positive direction. I am glad that he visited Norwalk. He isn't even campaigning so he is truly doing his job, meeting with constituents and taking their concerns back to Washington.


Jim since you dislike Federal spending & may look at this thread like another local representative please observe. We the people nation-wide want ALL represenatives to take pay cuts & reductions in their medical, just like the vast majority of Americans have done. Jim to long have you & your kind enjoyed a lifestyle that is unfair to the people you are supposed to represent. It isn't right to continue in that fashion. Thank you.


I met this man once. He is a good man who thinks a lot like the rest of us. His problem (and ours) is that he can't do anything about the situation in government. He is only one man and unless he can get others to see things through his eyes, nothing will change.


I sure am glad he told us what is wrong! Never heard that before, wow. I can see why he got elected!

all fact or all...

Here we go again with blaming Obama, This guy stands up and preaches about to much govt. spending..why did the repubs condone the 2 wars with no way of funding it. That was OK, did any stand up and refuse pay hikes during these hard times. NO! Why don't they have the same health plan that is good enough for our military families? These men die serving their country and Boehner and his cronies do nothing and get hefty pay checks, perks and great health care. Oh and lets not forget the 10 trillion deficit Bush so kindly gave Obama..Oh and let's not forget the Tea Party Repubs, Thanks guys! If your going to blame out there, give everyone their just credit.


all fact or all fiction writes:

"...why did the repubs condone the 2 wars with no way of funding it."

#1. Why did so many Congressional Democrats support them initially?

#2. The Civil War, WWII and Vietnam were all unfunded wars. Nothing new.

Not to worry, the Democrats won't quit spending and the Republicans don't have the political will or power to stop them. Fiscal canyon here we come!

Tired Of Governmental Corruption's picture
Tired Of Govern...

Why not blame Barry, he is the worst president we've EVER had.