Norwalk teen may face charges after reportedly lying to mom

Girl said she was going to dad's, but she never showed up.
Aaron Krause
Jan 12, 2013


A 16-year-old girl accused of lying to her mother and going to a friend's house without permission might face an unruly juvenile charge, Norwalk Police Capt. Eric Hipp said.

The girl's mother called police Thursday night and the girl was named a missing juvenile.

The mother told police her daughter called her from home about 3:45 p.m. Thursday and asked if she could go to her father's house. The mother gave her daughter permission to do so and told her to return home afterward. However, the mother checked with the girl's father and learned she never showed up. The woman checked with a couple of friends, but they had not seen the teenager.

At about 8:10 p.m. Thursday, the mother reported her daughter just returned home.

Hipp said the girl claimed she went to the house of a friend she wasn't supposed to be with. Hipp added the girl appeared to be OK and was cooperative. Police sent a report to Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler's office for the consideration of charges.



Give me a break. She lied to her mother and now the cops are involved!? I have an idea.. Why not be a mother and bust her a**, ground her for a week and do what should be done. Calling the cops because she lied to you?! What's next? Calling because she doesn't eat her peas? And I know people will say "but she was missing, that's why she called". Fine. You called to make sure she was safe. Now bust her a** and leave the cops alone. They have better things to do than worry about your 16 year old that lied to you- which never happens now or in the past because kids are so truthful to their god. When will the stupidity end?

Welcome to Toon Town

It gets a little bit overwhelming when it happens 3-4 times a month. Also gets overwhelming when nothing happens but when she does get her a** whooped the cops get called on the mother. What can you do, you have people downing you all the time because of how the girl acts and now have you downing her. Are you a parent? She's trying to prevent her daughter from being like all these people making the headlines. Yes, this is minor. But when she's on probation and fails a urinalysis then you know she's out doing wrong.


Yes I am a parent. 2 girls. 1 is 20 and one is 26. If you get overwhelmed because they lie to you 3-4 times a month then what happens when something major happens? I don't condone the lying. I busted my girls a**es and grounded, plus whatever other punishment I thought was correct for "the crime". They now know right from wrong, are polite wonderful young ladies that I am proud of. I think if you tell the cop that you disciplined your child CORRECTLY you don't have to worry. It's the parents that beat their children that are the ones that need to worry. If she is on probation and fails a drug test then you let the system do what is needed. People are downing the parent maybe because she isn't doing anything. If the child is that troublesome then YOU tell the judge and he will put her in a place that will deal with her. At this point by your own words she can't handle her and is down to calling the cops for her lying. So let the system help do the job obviously she isn't able or willing to do. And if A LOT of people are downing you because of the way your kid(s) act, then obviously something isn't right. You as a parent are the only thing these children have. People need to stop being so da*n politically correct and do what we are suppose to do. That is to discipline, guide, correct and be the best parent to our children. Call the cops for drugs, etc. NOT because the kid wasn't where she was supposed to be. I stand by my statement. Bust her a** and ground her or whatever. If you can't deal with this as a parent use birth control. It's not all fun and games. The parent who's child has a deadly disease should be overwhelmed. Not the one with the 16 year old that lies.


I completely agree with you. It's called being a teenager. Maybe the parents should look at themselves instead of constantly saying I just don't know what to do anymore. How about try parenting a different way and stop calling the cops over stuff that you as the parent can take care of. Sounds to me that the mother just don't want to deal with her daughter so call the cops so you don't have to do your parenting duties.


I agree 100% with Cooker. This is Lazy Parenting. Call the Cops on your own Kid because you can't control them. What's next, NPD reserving cells for "Time Outs"?

It's a Jeep thing

Why are parents worthless now? This is why all teens are arrogant and have no respect. Smack a kid around once in a while. Show discipline. And yes I do have a child


I believe it says she called the police and the girl was reported missing not that the police were called because she lied. At least the mother had enough sense to call the police later to notify them that the daughter had been found. I don't see how the police deciding to take up an issue with that is the mother's fault.


Who pressed charges? The mom or the cops? And why the hell isn't daddy helping to bust his brat's a$$?

hor mone

I cain't talk to her.

Brock Lee

you doent listen to her either