Sheriff hoping jail jumper will be charged locally

Man already faces aggravated robbery charge in Lucas County.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 12, 2013


The Huron County Sheriff's Office has completed its investigation of a man with a history of "jail jumping."

"Jail jumping" is a term used at the sheriff's office for an inmate who attempts to harm himself or herself, with the goal to receive medical attention and escape incarceration.

One of the most-recent jail jumpers was Jamichael Randleman, 21, of New London.

For a story in Saturday's Reflector, Lt. Chris Stanfield outlined four incidents where Randleman tried to harm himself at the jail. Just one of those incidents cost taxpayers at least $5,000.

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What ever happened to the charge when he snatch the gun from Deputy Lindsey Miles?

Rod Farva

Give him something higher to jump from



with a piece of rope maybe??


looks like young grady from sanford and son.


another randleman figures

swiss family

I am not sure if his attempts are a way to get out of jail time, and spend it mainly in the hospital instead, or if he is trying to get injured and then be able to sue the county so he turns his punishment into a windfall for himself???

If in fact he is trying to get into a situation where he can sue the county... I suspect that with the cold air of winter, usually vermin like rats and mice try to get inside to keep warm.. I would imagine that the Jail is susceptible to this as well.. Maybe they need to leave rat poison out to kill any of the unwelcome rats, and if he decides to eat some, and he "goes to the big jail in the sky" it would seem to me that he got what he wanted so his family should thank the deputies instead of suing them...

Brock Lee

he can not get hurt in a rubber room


County Jail, where you can have catered meals, free healthcare, a free gym membership, and cable TV all on the taxpayer's dime.