Wanted Ruff arrested, but not the one for which a reward is being offered

Ronald Ruff arrested at gunpoint on three local warrants for receiving stolen property; Randy Ruff remains at large, wanted for grand theft charge and jumping bail.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jan 10, 2013


A rural Willard man was arrested Wednesday at gunpoint on three local warrants for receiving stolen property.

Ronald D. Ruff, 34, of 2560 Niver Road, is being held at the Huron County Jail without bond, according to Sheriff’s Major Greg Englund.

The warrants were issued by Norwalk Municipal Court Judge John Ridge.

“Deputies were assisted by Willard police,” Englund said. “Two of our officers observed him in Willard near Woodland and Main streets.

“The officers performed a felony traffic stop and Ronald Ruff was taken into custody at gunpoint,” Englund said. “He was not armed and somewhat cooperative.”

The receiving stolen property charges are fourth-degree felonies.

“There was a female acquaintance of Ruff who was driving the vehicle, but she was not charged,” Englund said.

The arrest took place at 4:02 p.m.

Englund said Ronald’s relative, Randy Ruff, remains at large on the original charge of grand theft.

“A number of law-enforcement agencies have dealt with these two for years,” Englund said.

Local bail-bondsman Zac Crumrine is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of Randy Ruff.

Ruff, 40, a former Detroit resident who has been living in the Willard area, is wanted on an original charge of grand theft, Crumrine said. His address is listed at Sandusky Street in Plymouth, according to the warrant.

"My company is out a $30,000 bond for him," Crumrine said. "He's definitely armed. ...He's got guns and he said he's not going back to prison."

If you have any information, call Crumrine at (419) 577-0078 or any local police department.



Sitting In The ...

Which award is being offered ? I believe you meant reward.

Yall Make Me Sick

I don't see where it says award?

Whiskey Tango F...

Lets charge the passenger as well. If she is driving him around she is not far from the same crimes. Guilt by association. Get the judge to do something. The laws can't make you not commit the crime, but the punishment can sure make you wish you hadn't! Maybe the prison is a little too soft and comfy. I would think we could help to make their stay a little less than accomodating.


It doesn't matter which "Ruff", they are the same. Finally, one that is "held without bond". Only a couple more relatives to go.


Good thing the police didn't shoot HIM in the foot.




I know!


Zac Crumrine offering $1,000 reward ? Does he have $5.00 let alone $1,000 ?