Informant, cops testify about heroin deal

Admitted heroin addict testified she bought 3 grams of drug from suspect outside of her home.
Cary Ashby
Jan 10, 2013


An experienced confidential informant and admitted heroin addict testified Wednesday she bought 3 grams of heroin from man outside of her home.

The defendant, Keith D. Wilson, 42, of Mansfield, is charged with one count of trafficking in heroin in connection with a Sept. 12 controlled "buy-bust." The woman, who was wearing a wire for the Huron County Drug Task Force, drove from the Huron County Sheriff's Office to her home in Willard to meet the suspect.

"He had to put his hand in the (car) window to hand me the dope," the informant said. "He came down and met me at my car."

She recalled waiting for him in her vehicle until he came out of her residence.

"He ran down to the driver's side," said the woman, whose window was open.

The Willard woman is heard having cell phone conversations with Wilson and Detective Josh Querin as she drove to Willard, according to the recording played for the jury.

The informant has done at least five controlled drug buys for three local law enforcement agencies in the last couple of years. She testified she gave Wilson $320 for the heroin for the transaction that was supposed to cost $310, but he didn't give her any change.

A man, reportedly identified as Wilson, is heard on the recording counting the bills.

"I need some change," the informant said about the same time.

"Did you text the defendant (earlier) about the pricing?," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler asked the informant.

"Yes," she said.

Quoting $155 per gram of heroin, the woman said "it's the regular price" and the amount would supply a heroin user "for more than two days." The informant, who has used heroin on and off for eight years, testified she met Wilson in Mansfield over the summer through a mutual friend.

Querin and three other investigators were sitting nearby in an unmarked sheriff's vehicle. Wilson was arrested shortly afterward.

Sarah Root, of Mansfield, was inside the residence after Wilson returned from going outside.

"He thought maybe the cops were outside (and he) looked out some windows," she said. "I figured he was in some kind of trouble, but I didn't know it was a drug bust. I figured he was wanted on a warrant."

One of the investigators watching the suspected transaction was Wakeman Police Officer Eric Bardar. He said he saw Wilson "sprint up the stairs" to the residence after the incident with the informant and enter the house. Bardar estimated this was about the time officers came around the corner of the residence.

"We knocked for a while and nobody answered," the officer said.

After he heard someone moving around inside, Bardar said he came up the ruse to say it was Domino's Pizza at the door. He testified Wilson opened the door and was arrested at gunpoint.

Upon searching the residence, officers found cash in a woman's purse that matched the serial numbers of the money given to the informant for the buy-bust, Bardar said.

Monroeville Police Officer Troy Kimball said he saw the purse "trying to be concealed in an end table" and earlier saw Wilson "come down the (outside) stairway and approach the vehicle."

Root denied the purse was hers, but she said Wilson handed the money to him, which went into the purse.

Testimony continues today.


black crowe

so...wilson sells dope to a woman outside of her home after he comes out of said home? then they go back into the home together? he won't answer door until he thinks it's pizza? root doesn't know it's a drug bust after wilson just sold heroin?this whole story sounds like a bad tv pilot. to quote pete from "oh brother where art thou"... "everett , that don't make no sense"


I think the article was terribly written. I also find it disturbing about the admitted heroin addict that is allowed to roam free just because she rolls over on someone. I want ALL heroin off the street. But I have no respect for that kind of informant. Just another junkie getting high with absolutely no worries about getting in trouble.


Yeah, very poorly written. So she was at her house in her car when he came out of her house? Wow.


This county is very corrupt.. and probably the only county that pays these snitches money so they can go get high.. and that's exactly what it is.. point blank. very pathetic.


yes exactly, and the informant is a well known junkie of good ol willard ohio miss sarah trapp!