Local schools to share in casino funds

Gambling proceeds paying off for Huron County school districts.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 11, 2013


Local schools are beginning to reap the benefit of Ohio's new casinos.

This week, the Ohio Department of Taxation just released the first list of scheduled school payments from casino funds.

"The schools will receive two payments per year, this is the first," Huron County Auditor Roland Tkach said.

The Reflector this week published a breakdown of how much money each local school district will receive.


swiss family

good maybe with this bonus money, the school board will not have to beg for another levy to pass... unless of course they use this money to add another principal, or secretary or something like that...

Brock Lee

a few thousend bucks doent go very far


yay!!! atleast they get something...i hope they use it well...let the kids brew up some ideas and then let the classes vote! or atleast make a lasting impression on them...we all reap the benefits.