Huron County set to receive $143,000 more in casino funds

Local share of proceeds from gambling is up, thanks to opening of Columbus casino.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 9, 2013


Huron County is set to receive another $143,000 in casino funds.

County Auditor Roland Tkach made the announcement Monday.

That total is up from $103,000 received in October, thanks to the opening of the Columbus casino.

To find out how the county can use that money, read the story published in Tuesday's Reflector. You can pick up a copy of that issue at the newspaper office or subscribe to the e-paper for less than $1 per week and read it now.


Dr. Information

One would hope the county doesn't see this as a bonus and just goes out and blows it. How about banking this money for a rainy day(s).


In the print copy Mr. Tkach addresses that very issue and agrees with you.


Looks good.

I also heard that the state is running a surplus.

Maybe Mr. Boose can get some of the funding restored?

R U Kidding me

awsome just in time to run a sobriety checkpoint for the super bowl they caught a guy not wearing his seat belt last time.


Give it to the school.


county got a little money! Lobster tonight for our politicians!

jack langhals

Hey,a good thing !

hit the road jack

Funny you should bring this up,I was at harrahs in cleve. today and a guy told me they made (after all expenses) in oct. 10 million.


Start paying off that $520,000 loan (plus interest) that the Huron County Commissioners took out to pay for the courthouse vestibule that was nixed.

hit the road jack

That was a real bright idea wasn't it.


No Comment...yet


I thought I heard that some of this money has to go to the towns located in Huron County? Am I wrong?

hit the road jack

You forgot how govt. works now with the messiah in charge,spend what you can so someone else doesn't get the chance to spend on something needed.