A lot of volunteer time, money invested in BMX track

Huron County commissioners are selling the Shady Lane Drive property that is currently home to the BMX track.
Joe Centers
Jan 5, 2013


The Huron County commissioners are selling 2 acres of Shady Lane Drive property that is currently home to the BMX track.

The lease between the county and BMX group expired Dec. 31.

While the land is appraised at $50,000, Scott Nickoli said the track itself is worth about "a quarter of a million dollars." Nickoli was one of about a dozen parents who built the track from the ground up as part of the Firelands Area BMX Group. A story about the track's history and proposed sale was published in Saturday's Reflector.



The BMX parents volunteer their time and resources to build this track and the Huron County Commissioners non-renew their lease so they can sell the property. Why does this not surprise me one bit? Studies say that many more kids are obese. The track is a great place for the them to ride (off the streets) and get some exercise, too, so the "Three Stooges" try and sell it. Something smells fishy . . . AGAIN!


That was one of Silcox's last moves to show a temper tantrum on not being re-elected.


When finances are tight, individuals often sell assets in order to garner revenue. Govts. are no different.

Hey HCC! Got any other publicly owned property or items you can unload?


Here you go then. Buy it.


there kids must be grown so they dont need it any more...