Willard cops re-assigned desk jobs after woman gets shot during drug raid

Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is investigating the shooting.
Cary Ashby
Jan 4, 2013


Two Willard police officers have been assigned to administrative duties after a Toledo woman was shot in the foot during a drug raid last month. A part-time Greenwich officer who also responded to the scene remains on active duty.

Willard Police Detective Jeremy Draper and Officer Brian Slone are handling administrative duties pending the results of the investigation by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI).

Chief Mark Holden requested BCI handle the probe of the Dec. 19 incident at 631 Pleasant St., Willard, where Erica Devlin, 19, of Toledo, was shot in the foot and a pitbull dog was shot.

"They're still working; they're just not working patrol," Chief Mark Holden said. "They were the only ones in our department (who fired their guns)."

Part-time Greenwich Police Officer Sean Nolen also responded and fired his gun.

A story with more details about the shooting and subsequent investigation was published in Friday's Reflector.


Yall Make Me Sick

Why would a person from Toledo be around a house that is getting raided anyways? I don't care if you're from Willard originally. WHY YOU AT A HOUSE THAT IS GETTING RAIDED???? That's the ? Ya it's normal for people to see a raid going down pull over get out of car & watch. I do it all the time. PLEASE try again! When people involved even admit on Facebook that they was at the house at the time of the raid. Don't try to lie your way out of it now. To late.




Okay so i live in the area, and i happen to know those "Charging Pitbulls" SEPHERA AND ECHO, all i want to know is how does a highly trained marksman, responsible for protecting our streets leave bullet holes in wall over five foot high on a two foot dog??? If the dogs charged him think of it, why is the back right leg amputated, and if the girl was out by her car , thirty to fourty feet away, how did she get shot? these trigger happy cops got out of there cars and let loose over 7 rounds for two dogs ????????????? does any one see a problem with this, i agree drugs are bad, need taken off streets, but to this extent !!!!!! WOW pills doctors sell and weed that is legal two hours away, wow what killer drugs, what about the roberies , junkies, murders unsolved, think there is a lot more to worry about... i dont know but this is stupid and everyone that wasnt there and dont know wants to down grade cops dogs, ppl, ,,,,,,,, im not takin no sides , but whats wrong is wrong and what is right is right........................................ have a great day get well doggie and girl, by the way them dogs wont hurt a fly, believe if a dog wanted a man and was trained dopoe dealer dogs as you all say , they would of got there mark, lack of training on cops , and dogs i guess, or are dogs not aloud in there own yard ? so many ?s would you want your dog to guard your home, kids family, mine does and if you came to my house unwanted , you'd get your ass eaten..................................... simple as that

Lillie Chaos

I agree that it is a shame the dog and girl were injured BUT the first and foremost fact of owning a dog is taking responsibility for that animal. The dogs were obviously not under anyone's control.


'Okay so i live in the area' - We can tell by your brutal attack on the English language. I doubt anyone wants to come to your home, wanted or not, so you can continue to feed your crazy dogs whatever you choose.


Up with Hope and down with Dope!


Fact is she was at that house that has had drug related issues in the past. And I really find it amazing that people justify or even try to twist the facts so there trashy friends and family look innocent. Willard has a lot of drug issues and as far as I’m concern it’s about time Willard citizens start protecting their property and children. Not from the cops but the low life’s that threaten our property and our way of life.

Lillie Chaos

If speed limit is 35 in Willard you better be driving 35. You never know where you will see a patrol car but you will see them. They are out and about doing whatever they can to slow down the drug flow. You don't see obvious dopers out on the street. No purse snatches, no rash of break ins. Willard PD is out in obvious force. No one appointed me judge or jury in this situation but I do see real improvement in Willard.


good ol boys never meaning no harm...still sad they shot the girl and dog


I just cannot feel sorry for anyone hurt in any drug raid across our troubled nation. These two men are great cops and care a ton for Willard. If you have never met them, then you really do not know what you are talking about. They are asked daily to protect this town and do their job, yet the moment something doesn't go "status quo", the same people who defend users, and bash cops get on these forums and cry foul. Im glad they are doing their job and glad they are trying to clean up Willard. Bottom line, do not put yourself in these situations and you wouldn't get accidentally shot. Keep up the good work Willard PD!!!!!!

Proud Willard Resident
Dr. Aaron Carmean


WOW! If this is your display of compassion by saying, "I just cannot feel sorry for anyone hurt in any drug raid across our troubled nation." then you must be one heck of a dentist!! YIKES!! Why don't you just go on ahead and gas a few of them when they are in your chair. I'm sure you can tell by the way their teeth look. I have no problem with your support for the PD and I do not condone drugs but, you need to consider that first statement Doc. In your view, if ANYONE is hooked on this dope we should just shoot them!! Really??? WOW! What about a innocent person?? Are you saying no one in the line of fire is innocent? Really?? WOW!!

believe it

In a drug raid, most likely anyone that is close to the line of gun fire or in the vicinity is just a guilty as anyone else. No one hangs out at a drug house just for the fun of it. And it's obvious that just putting drug users and dealers in jail for a while doesn't work since they just do it again once they're so we might as well just take them out and be done with them. One person at a time.


Good point. So if old grandma and grandpa, who are old and clueless about the scumbag, or the kids the scumbag has gets in the way just blast them. I mean geez, they are in a drug house so who cares if they know what is going on or if they knew it was a drug house or not. OH, by the way, if grandpa's german shepard charges the door while protecting the grandpa from a loud intrusion then just blast him too since german shepards are used as gaurd dogs. Also, since DUI offenders often repeat their crimes lets just shoot them too since rehab NEVER works and they should know better.


@white. How many drug raids are we reading about that involve innocent people. I can't think of one. Cops arent raiding 90 year old granny and papa's house because Jonny Jr has some weed on him. They are raiding homes that are loaded with loot from sales and loaded with drugs OR have some serious intel.

Cops have no clue who or what is on the other side. They may have an idea but, its a total crap shot when they open the door. They don't have a magic ball to see how its all going to play out so they can make adjustments. They make millisecond calls on the fly and many of times it doesn't go "status quo".


Face it Doc. You should have a better education invested in you than to just write the statement "I just cannot feel sorry for anyone hurt in any drug raid across our troubled nation." You also said it in a public forum. Maybe I think what you meant was "I just cannot feel sorry for anyone that is INVOLVED WITH DRUGS and gets hurt in any drug raid across our troubled nation." Yes, innocent people do get hurt and it is wrong that this happens in my opinion. Yes, kids do get mixed up with the wrong crowd and later see their mistakes and turn out to be productive members of society.


Again, I want to remind you that I do not condone the dealers actions. I feel sorry for the cops that lost control of the raid. They made some mistakes.


@white. I dont feel bad for anyone in a drug house. If its a innocent kid, that knows no better....different story, but thats not the case. If the mailman some how got caught in the way, I'd speak differently. I stand behind what I said. I dont care about drug dealers and their associates. They are doing noting but ruining this town. If they get hurt in a raid, its their actions that caused it, not the police.


WOW! That you totally took that out of context! I am pretty sure he did not anywhere say they should be shot, maybe you should take your head outta your behind and read it as it wrote! How innocent is a person at a drug housw... Get Real there was a "reason" I agree these two police officers are very few that truly care about the city of Willard. It happened now let the people investigating do there job!


I got it. Let me know if I'm still reading "out of context" again. So hurt is OK with you as long as know one is shot. Hmmm, I must have misposted. I'll read a little harder next time. Know one ever makes a mistake and is in the wrong place at the wrong time or ever messes up and gets involved with the wrong people. As long as no one is shot then your OK with anyone being hurt. I totally get it that the raid was justified and needed done however, there are rules on the use of force and they were made to prevent scenarios like this. The officers did not follow them correctly in this situation. They were a threat to public safety with the way the handled this. They are lucky someone was not killed and only got SHOT in the foot. The dog deserved to lose a leg too.


@whitebuffalo. I don't endorse violence, and no, I never once said every and anyone should be shot. All I basically said is when you put yourself in and around people breaking the law, bad things are going to happen sometimes and its hard to have compassion. This wasn't the case of an innocent neighbor being accidentally shot, nor the case of a stray bullet hitting a car driving by. This is a case where a woman, who was in a drug infested house, with drug users and dealers that caught a bullet by upstanding policemen trying to do their job. Unfortunately, she was shot in the foot.......sorry, but Im not losing sleep over this.

There is such a saying as "being in the wrong place at the wrong time", but in this case its more like "knowingly being in the wrong place, with the wrong people in a wrong situation.....all by her choice, not mine, not the neighbors, not the Willard PD's.

At least I am man enough to put my name behind what I say. I've always been that way. Now y'all can have fun tearing my posts apart all you want. Im passionate about Willard and the health of this town, and I have big shoulders, so tear away.


I hope you understand that I'm in no way supporting the dirt that is ruining our towns and kids. All I'm trying to say is that rules on the use of force need to be followed. I understand that a raid needs to happen quickly to nail these losers and put them away but caution is also just as important. These losers often use and manipulate the elderly and naive to help their habits. They cannot keep jobs and function in a normal mode so it is not unlikely to find an innocent or naive person involved. It's also not unlikely that these losers use dogs or some other method to attempt to shield themselves. Unfortunately, these officers lost control of the situation but, as an officer performing a raid, they are held to a higher standard and need to be prepared and able to handle a tactical situation to maintain public safety.

chicken noodle

Wow with all the posters that know what happened they must of all been there. It's amazing with that big of a crowd that the two officers had room to work, let alone the dog room to run. It's amazing there weren't more injured like the popcorn vendor or the clown making balloon animals.

Scranton Tibbs

They should assign these 2 to the pistol range.


I Agree...and make convicted drug dealers their targets.


@ BushelBob
Whatever the number of deaths, how many are committed by law abiding citizens? Actually, you and others like you are the problem. As a society, we started to teach our kids that there are no consequences for their actions, we no longer paddle them but rather give them a time out...oh that hurts...
It used to be that when you did something wrong as a child you were punished, if it was at school you got punished at school and then again at home.
The same people that are calling for amending our constitutional rights are the ones that went to schools and screamed until the authority was taken away from the teachers and administrators to PROPERLY discipline the kids, compounding this, the same parents either did not know how or choose not to discipline their kids therefore leaving the kids with no consequences for their actions. This has been carried forward until these kids have gone from pulling Suzie’s hair to blowing her head off. While I believe there is a mental illness issue, there is also a child raising issue...NOT saying the parents are "bad" at all, just the opposite...MOST WERE GREAT PEOPLE, just that they were told they were doing the right thing by NOT spanking and PROPERLY disciplining their kids...and the result is the kids having no real concept of consequences for their actions.


BushelheadedBob, What is the population of the US, 300 million?? I doubt if there is that many people in Canada AND Great Britain. Try looking at things per capita. At least your number would be closer to ringing true.

The issue here shouldn't be gun control, it should be mental health issues. When the "first bi-racial" in the White House started making his cut backs , mental health was one of the things he axed!! Good job!


Yes...but they get phones...

lets tell the truth

I love you Erica!!!dont worry about what these people say about you on here they have nothing better to do with their pathetic life's obviously!!! We your friends/family are the only ones who know about you!! Your a good girl and beautiful stay strong and keep your head up!!! Good luck!!!


This is a prime example of poor police work by the wpd.

BushelBob's picture

Some per capita comparisons: Great Britain has a population of 60 million with a total of 39 gun deaths for 2011, which averages to less than 1 a week. The U.S. has a population of 300 million which is five times as many people as Great Britain, so to find the per capita rate you would mulitipy 39 by 5 to get 195. Does the U.S. have a total annual gun death rate of 195? No. The U.S. gun death rate is in the thousands - per capita at that.

So what's the problem? Why are we Yanks knocking each other off? Why do the Brits not behave as badly as we do? Even their incarceration rate is one/fifth that of Ohio's. Ohio locks up 50 thousand prisoners, while Great Britain also locks up 50 thousand prisoners. But Ohio's population is just over 10 million while Great Britain's is 60 million. The problem seems to be our culture of violence.

What solutions can we come up with? Do other states such as New Hampshire share Ohio's problems? If we can't move abroad to the Mother Country, perhaps we extend our chances of staying alive by moving state?

BushelBob's picture

For clarification, Bushel Bob was your Libertarian Candidate for State Representative in 2010 and Libertarians believe every person has the right to keep and bear arms. Comparisons between Britain and America were given to help all of us to consider our culture of violence and how it impacts upon our right to be secure in our persons and property - especially from government.

That said, the fact remains that thousands of Americans die every year from gun deaths at a per capita rate higher than all of the other former British colonies combined. That is a social fact and political conundrum to be addressed by proposals and debate between all parties until some solutions can be found. In the meantime, 80 Americans died today from gun deaths same as the 80 yesterday and the day before that.